Availability of Sample Clauses

Availability of funds in conjunction with individual need and eligibility guidelines, including WIOA Section 134(c)(3)(E) and 20 CFR Part 680.600-660, SUBRECIPIENT shall determine the combination of services appropriate for individual clients.
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Availability of. To determine if an Antigen is available to become the [***], Licensee shall provide SGI with a [***], including to the extent available, the [***], which Licensee desires to [***] for purposes of this Agreement. Within [***], SGI shall notify Licensee in writing whether the Exclusive License is available with respect to such Antigen. If the Exclusive License is available for such Antigen, such Antigen shall [***]. The Parties hereby acknowledge and agree that an Antigen [***] (a) [***] or (b) [***].
Availability of. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the facility is available from the date of this Agreement to the Termination Date, and the Borrowers may borrow, repay and reborrow at any time prior to the Termination Date. The Commitments hereunder shall expire on the Termination Date and all outstanding Advances and all other unpaid Obligations shall be paid in full on the Termination Date.
Availability of. Subject to the availability of funds and production facilities, the employer will make available to employees, without cost, production facilities and funds necessary to produce recorded works for use in the University’s educational program.

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  • High Availability Registry Operator will conduct its operations using network and geographically diverse, redundant servers (including network-­‐level redundancy, end-­‐node level redundancy and the implementation of a load balancing scheme where applicable) to ensure continued operation in the case of technical failure (widespread or local), or an extraordinary occurrence or circumstance beyond the control of the Registry Operator. Registry Operator’s emergency operations department shall be available at all times to respond to extraordinary occurrences.

  • Undrawn Availability After giving effect to the initial Advances hereunder, Borrowers shall have Undrawn Availability of at least $10,000,000;

  • Service Availability You understand that Service availability is at all times conditioned upon the corresponding operation and availability of the communication systems used in communicating your instructions and requests to the Credit Union. We will not be liable or have any responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage thereby incurred by you in the event of any failure or interruption of such communication systems or services resulting from the act or omission of any third party, or from any other cause not reasonably within the control of the Credit Union.

  • RDDS availability Refers to the ability of all the RDDS services for the TLD, to respond to queries from an Internet user with appropriate data from the relevant Registry System. If 51% or more of the RDDS testing probes see any of the RDDS services as unavailable during a given time, the RDDS will be considered unavailable.

  • Non-Availability of Funds Every payment obligation of the State under this Charter is conditioned upon the availability of funds continuing to be appropriated or allocated for the payment of such obligations. If funds are not allocated and available for the continuance of this Charter, the Commission may terminate this Charter at the end of the period for which funds are available. No liability shall accrue to the Commission, nor the State, or any of its subdivisions, departments or divisions, in the event this provision is exercised, and neither the Commission nor the State shall be obligated or liable for any future payments or for any damages as a result of termination under this paragraph.

  • Funding Availability This Contract is at all times subject to state appropriations. The Department makes no express or implied representation or guarantee of continued or future funding under this Contract. The Department has, as of the date of the execution of this Contract, obtained all requisite approvals and authority to enter into and perform its obligations under this Contract, including, without limitation, the obligation to make the initial payment or payments required to be made under this Contract on the date or dates upon which such initial payment or payments may otherwise be disbursed during the current contract period, (i.e., Sept ember 1, 2015, through August 31, 2017). The Grantee acknowledges the Department’s authority to make such payments is contingent upon the Texas Legislature's appropriation to the Department of sufficient funds and the availability of funds to the Department for such purpose. If the State of Texas or the federal government terminates its appropriation through the Department or fails to pay the full amount of the allocation for the operation of any grant or reimbursement program hereunder , or the funds are otherwise unavailable, the Department may immediately and without penalty reduce payments or terminate this Contract, in whole or in part. Upon termination of the Contract or reduction of payments, the Grantee shall return to the Department any unexpended funds already disbursed to the Grantee. Neither the Department nor the State of Texas shall incur liability for damages or any loss that may be caused or associated with such termination or reduction of payments. The Department shall not be required to give prior notice for termination or reduction of payments.

  • Funds Availability Funds from items deposited through the Service will be available in accordance with the Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy disclosure, as amended from time to time, which is incorporated herein by reference. You agree that the imaging and transmitting of checks alone does not constitute receipt by Credit Union. Also, acknowledgment of receipt or delivery does not constitute an acknowledgment by Credit Union that the transmission of a check or items does not contain errors or that funds will be available. Checks deposited though Mobile Deposit are not received by the Credit Union until we have acknowledged receipt and provided credit to your account.

  • Availability of Funds The County may terminate this Agreement or a portion of the services referenced in the Attachments and Exhibits based upon unavailability of Federal, State, or County funds, by providing written notice to Contractor as soon as is reasonably possible after the County learns of said unavailability of outside funding.

  • System Availability System Availability percentage is calculated as follows:  Total MinutesintheMonth −Downtime   System Availability%age =  Total MinutesintheMonth *100    System Availability SLA (“SLA”) 99.5% System Availability percentage during each Month for productive versions Credit 2% of Monthly Subscription Fees for each 1% below SLA, not to exceed 100% of Monthly Subscription Fees Excluded Downtime Total Minutes in the Month attributable to: (i) a Scheduled Downtime for which a Regular Maintenance Window is described in Section 4 below, or (ii) any other Scheduled Downtime according to Section 4 for which the customer has been notified at least five (5) business days prior to such Scheduled Downtime or (iii) unavailability caused by factors outside of SAP’s reasonable control, such as unpredictable and unforeseeable events that could not have been avoided even if reasonable care had been exercised. Scheduled Downtime Scheduled Downtime for the applicable Cloud Services to which customer has subscribed is set forth in Section 4 below entitled “Maintenance Windows for Cloud Services”.

  • EPP service availability Refers to the ability of the TLD EPP servers as a group, to respond to commands from the Registry accredited Registrars, who already have credentials to the servers. The response shall include appropriate data from the Registry System. An EPP command with “EPP command RTT” 5 times higher than the corresponding SLR will be considered as unanswered. If 51% or more of the EPP testing probes see the EPP service as unavailable during a given time, the EPP service will be considered unavailable.