The Vice Sample Clauses

The Vice. President (Academic) shall authorize the placement of the final advertisement using relevant print and online avenues, and the University’s website, outlining the position and its requirements, including any required flexible work schedules, and directing candidates to apply to the University Librarian. The final advertisement shall include reference to this Agreement and the University’s Employment Equity statement. No additions or alterations to the qualifications, specific areas of competence and instructional responsibilities authorized by the University Librarian shall be made in the advertisement without prior consultation and the agreement of the LAC.
The Vice. General Managers shall assist the General Manager in carrying out his duties.
The Vice. Chancellor may construe a failure by a staff member to undergo a medical examination as prima facie evidence that a medical examination would have found the staff member unable to perform their duties and unlikely to be able to resume them within twelve months. In this case, the Vice-Chancellor may act in accordance with sub-clause 57.11. However, such a failure by a staff member in these circumstances will not constitute misconduct nor lead to any greater penalty or loss of entitlements than would have resulted from an adverse medical report.
The Vice. President Academic shall initiate the selection process at least twenty-six (26) weeks prior to the December 31st date preceding the date of vacancy. This date may be altered by mutual consent of the President and the Association. The application closure date shall not be before October 15th.
The Vice. President Academic shall maintain the seniority list for each Department. The Vice-President Academic will provide each Department with a copy of the seniority list with copies sent to the Union by October 31 of each year. The seniority list will include all courses being taught up to and including December 31 of that year. The seniority list will be used for all appointments issued after January 1 of the following year. The Union shall advise the Vice-President Academic of any discrepancies by December 1.
The Vice. President Academic shall advise the Member and the Xxxx of his or her decision in writing.
The Vice. President Academic shall provide annually a report to Senate on average class sizes, by Department and programme. The Employer shall provide an annual report to the Union on the average class size together with the course registrations for each Employee. Social Work and Education course registrations shall not be included in the calculation of average class size.
The Vice. President Academic shall review the list of courses (staffed and unstaffed) and verify that the list is consistent with the staffing allocation. The Vice-President Academic shall forward the list of unstaffed courses to Human Resources. Human Resources shall create two lists of courses: (i) a list of courses previously taught by members on the seniority list, and (ii) a list of all the remaining courses.