Development Agreement Sample Clauses

Development Agreement. As soon as reasonably practicable following the ISO’s selection of a transmission Generator Deactivation Solution, the ISO shall tender to the Developer that proposed the selected transmission Generator Deactivation Solution a draft Development Agreement, with draft appendices completed by the ISO to the extent practicable, for review and completion by the Developer. The draft Development Agreement shall be in the form of the ISO’s Commission-approved Development Agreement for its reliability planning process, which is in Appendix C in Section 31.7 of Attachment Y of the ISO OATT, as amended by the ISO to reflect the Generator Deactivation Process. The ISO and the Developer shall finalize the Development Agreement and appendices as soon as reasonably practicable after the ISO’s tendering of the draft Development Agreement. For purposes of finalizing the Development Agreement, the ISO and Developer shall develop the description and dates for the milestones necessary to develop and construct the selected project by the required in-service date identified in the Generator Deactivation Assessment, including the milestones for obtaining all necessary authorizations. Any milestone that requires action by a Connecting Transmission Owner or Affected System Operator identified pursuant to Attachment P of the ISO OATT to complete must be included as an Advisory Milestone, as that term is defined in the Development Agreement. If the ISO or the Developer determines that negotiations are at an impasse, the ISO may file the Development Agreement in unexecuted form with the Commission on its own, or following the Developer’s request in writing that the agreement be filed unexecuted. If the Development Agreement is executed by both parties, the ISO shall file the agreement with the Commission for its acceptance within ten (10) Business Days after the execution of the Development Agreement by both parties. If the Developer requests that the Development Agreement be filed unexecuted, the ISO shall file the agreement at the Commission within ten (10) Business Days of receipt of the request from the Developer. The ISO will draft, to the extent practicable, the portions of the Development Agreement and appendices that are in dispute and will provide an explanation to the Commission of any matters as to which the parties disagree. The Developer will provide in a separate filing any comments that it has on the unexecuted agreement, including any alternative positions it may have...
Development Agreement. Upon execution of this Notice to Proceed, Subrecipient shall enter into a development agreement with the Project Developer (“Development Agreement”). The Development Agreement shall include a Rider to Development Agreement, substantially in the form to be provided by the Department. The Developer entity specified in Section 1 above, shall not be removed or substituted with a different Developer entity without the prior written consent of both the Department and Subrecipient, and the Development Agreement shall contain a provision to this effect. No Developer may be listed on any state or federal debarment list and must be in good standing with the Department and the State of California.
Development Agreement. That certain Development Agreement dated of even date herewith by and between the Company and Developer providing for the development of the Project on the Property, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit C and incorporated herein by reference. Development Fee. As described in Section 6.8.
Development Agreement. In the event that a REIT Transaction relates to the development and construction of a Hotel Property, then the terms and conditions of any such development and construction, including the project oversight and developer management fees, shall be pursuant to the terms set forth in that certain form of Development Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit B.
Development Agreement. If StadCo mortgages, hypothecates, encumbers, creates a security interest in, or otherwise places or permits a lien to be placed upon StadCo’s interest in the Development Agreement, all of the provisions set forth in this Agreement relating to Leasehold Mortgagees shall also apply to the mortgagee of or holder of such encumbrance, security interest or lien in the Development Agreement, and such mortgagee or holder shall be entitled to all of the rights, privileges, and protections set forth in this Agreement, as if such provisions were included in the Development Agreement.
Development Agreement i. Sections 3.3 and 14.6 of the Development Agreement have been revised to incorporate SSE's requested edits in its letter dated May 17, 2021, to clarify Developer's rights and obligations with respect Development Parcels, as follows:
Development Agreement. Concurrently with the execution of this Agreement, the Authority, StadCo, [the Developer] and the Team have entered into the Development Agreement pursuant to which the Stadium and related Improvements, to be owned by the Authority, are to be constructed on the Land.
Development Agreement. A true, correct and complete copy of the Development Agreement.
Development Agreement. DRAFT This Agreement is a Development Agreement to be implemented in accordance with RCW 36.70B.170 through RCW 36.70B.210. It shall become a contract between Xxxx and the County upon the County’s approval by ordinance or resolution following a public hearing as provided for in RCW 36.70B.170, and execution by all parties, subject to the provision of Section 2 below.
Development Agreement. This means the Technology Product Development Agreement between Immersion and Logitech dated the same date as this Agreement.