Community Service Sample Clauses

Community Service. Service to the wider community includes active participation in a wide variety of governmental, societal and community institutions, programs and services, where such participation is based on the candidate’s academic or professional expertise.
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Community Service. Full-time Employees are encouraged by the Parties to engage in community service. Such service, if it be of a lasting nature, should be reported to the individual’s Head or Director, or University Librarian, as the case may be. Community service is seen as being beneficial to the full-time Employee and to the University, as well as to the wider community. Community service includes participation in activities and organizations outside the University where the full-time Employee’s academic, professional, and/or research interests and competencies form the basis for such participation.
Community Service. USNH encourages employees to become involved in our community—to provide voluntary support of programs that positively impact the quality of life within our employees’ community. The following guidelines apply to community service through a non-profit community program of a personal interest, or as part of a campus-sponsored activity.
Community Service. You may be requested to perform some form of community service within the residence facility.
Community Service. Employees, with the approval of the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, may elect to take time without pay to participate in a community service activity. Before deciding to deny a request, the Superintendent will consult with the Division A.R. except for a procedural violation; denial of such a request is not subject to a grievance.
Community Service. Teachers who are required to serve on National Guard Duty, or who have been authorized by the District to serve in a community service, shall be excused from their teaching obligations for those days they are authorized to serve. If a teacher is compensated by a community agency or agent, he/she shall reimburse the District for the cost of the substitute. If the teacher receives less compensation than the cost of the substitute, the District shall be responsible for the difference. If the teacher receives more compensation than the cost of the substitute, the teacher shall be entitled to any compensation in excess of the cost of the substitute. Teachers must recognize that the cost of the substitute may be a limiting or prohibiting factor in considering leaves under this provision.
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Community Service. All faculty who participate in a community service event will receive a stipend of 1/6th of the current supplemental contact hour rate per event from the College (e.g., activities such as speaking engagement at another school including K-12, presenting research or musical participation). Funds paid to Forum members for this service will be capped at a total of not more than $10,000 per calendar year for all members.
Community Service. Including, but not limited to, significant professional activities contributing to the good of the public sector which are associated with the faculty member's area of academic or professional expertise and which are rendered without remuneration.
Community Service. If an employee is a volunteer firefighter, or is an Emergency Medical Technician the employee may be immediately released from duty in order to respond to an emergency call. Any compensation earned while performing such volunteer service shall be remitted to the District in an amount not to exceed the salary which would have been earned had the employee been on duty. Procedures for such use shall be on file in the principal's office.
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