Work Scheduling Sample Clauses

Work Scheduling. Except at the request of an affected employee, no employee shall have the number of hours they are normally scheduled to work reduced as the result of the use of non-permanent employees such as, but not limited to: seasonal, intermittent, student interns, interns, interim, established term, or temporary employees, due to the performance of such employee’s duties by the nonpermanent employee.
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Work Scheduling. ‌ All work performed under the resulting Mini-bid Agreement shall be coordinated with the Authorized User Representative in advance (prior to arrival at the facility) to ensure that the Lift Equipment is available and that access to the site can be provided. In addition, when arriving at the Facility, all Contract personnel shall report to the Authorized User Representative in such a manner as pre-determined by the Authorized User Representative, and when exiting the facility, the Contractor’s personnel shall again report to the Authorized User’s Representative. Such attendance and reporting shall be documented in a manner defined by the Authorized User. Should it be required to remove Lift Equipment from service, the elevator mechanic shall coordinate the removal with the Authorized User Representative. The number(s) of Lift Equipment units removed from service at one time shall be pre- approved by the Authorized User Representative, and typically not more than one (1) Lift Equipment unit shall be removed from service at a time. The time of day that each Lift Equipment unit can be shut down for routine maintenance shall be scheduled with the Authorized User Representative to minimize the disruption caused by the Lift Equipment being out of service. In instances where the performance of the service requires the Lift Equipment to be out of service for a period exceeding sixty (60) minutes, the Contractor shall notify the Authorized User Representative. The Contractor shall provide to the Authorized User Representative the reason for keeping the Lift Equipment out of service for longer than sixty (60) minutes, and the estimated timeframe to return the Lift Equipment back to service. If Lift Equipment designated as essential is out of service for a period exceeding sixty (60) minutes, the Authorized User Representative may designate alternate Lift Equipment as essential through notification of the Contractor, and this designation shall remain in effect until all Lift Equipment is placed back in service.
Work Scheduling. A. The standard number of working hours during any standard work week will normally be 40 hours, except as noted in Appendix III.
Work Scheduling. In accordance with Schedule 4 of the 2016 TCS, the purpose of your work schedule is to set out in clear and transparent terms the service commitments expected of you while in the post, and the parts of your training curriculum which can be achieved in the post. Additionally, you will be required to meet with your educational supervisor to agree and to include in your personalised work schedule other objectives that should reasonably be covered during this employment. The work schedule is not contractually binding in itself, but you have a duty to make all reasonable efforts to follow it. The process for discussion and review of work schedules is set out in Schedules 4 and 5 of the 2016 TCS. Scheduling of Activities The work schedule will set out the hours and range of activities that are necessary to fulfil your duties and responsibilities under this contract, and include the duration and locations at which these activities are scheduled to take place. Additional hours (up to the maximum set out in Schedule 3 of the TCS) may be contracted for separately from time to time. The rates for basic pay are set out in Appendix 2 of this Contract . Any variations in your scheduled weekly commitments should be averaged out over the length of the rota cycle, the length of your placement or 26 weeks, whichever is the shorter, so that your average commitment is consistent with the provisions of the Working Time Regulations 1998 as amended from time to time. Where emergency work takes place at regular and predictable times and / or in predictable amounts, it will be accounted for prospectively within the work schedule. You may be required to participate in an on-call rota to respond to unpredictable emergencies. Where you have approved external duties included in your work schedule, you will provide 6 weeks’ written notice to your employer of the dates upon which the external duties will be carried out. Shorter notice periods may be agreed by local arrangement or by agreement between you and your manager. Spare Professional Capacity The 2016 TCS, Schedule 3, outlines contractual limits on working hours and rest periods. While in this employment, you should not ordinarily undertake work outside of this contract. Where you do wish to undertake any such work as a locum, you must first offer your services to the NHS as set out in the paragraphs pertaining to locum work in Schedule 3 of the TCS. Hours which attract a pay enhancement To recognise the unsocial nature of any wo...
Work Scheduling a. Management shall determine the work schedules that are necessary to cover the required work after obtaining suggestions from staff on preferable work schedules.
Work Scheduling. Except for employees covered under the provisions of Article 12.02 and 12.06, the following provisions will be applicable to all employees:
Work Scheduling. The Employer will schedule all work subject to the following:
Work Scheduling. The scheduling of the hours and the work days shall be at the sole discretion of the District. The number and specific scheduling of work days for unit members shall be fixed annually by the District and shall appear on the individual’s annual Notice of Employment, which will be distributed no later than September 1st.
Work Scheduling. It is agreed to and understood by the parties to this Agreement that:
Work Scheduling. 1. The standard work week commences at 12:01 a.m. each Monday and ends at 12:00 p.m. midnight of the following Sunday.