Grievance and Arbitration Sample Clauses

Grievance and Arbitration. 13.01 Either the Employer, the Union or any employee has a right to lodge a grievance with respect to any matter arising out of this Agreement or concerning the interpretation, application or alleged violation of this Agreement. 13.02 Any employee believing that he has been unjustly dealt with or that the provisions of this Agreement have not been complied with, shall have the right to place such grievances in the hands of the Union for review and adjustment by the Employer, if necessary. Such grievances shall be processed as follows: STEP ONEBetween the employee concerned, his Union representative and the Manager and/or Owner. The grievance must be filed within eighteen (18) working days after the event giving rise to the grievance occurs and within this period of time it shall be discussed at this Step. The Manager shall give an oral decision within four (4) working days from the date discussion took place. If the Union wishes to appeal to the next Step, the grievance shall be reduced to writing and shall contain the provision of the Agreement which has been allegedly violated. Notice of appeal shall be filed with the Manager within six (6) working days from the Manager's oral decision. STEP TWOBetween the employee concerned, the Union representative, the Manager, and/or the Owner. Fortino's Supermarkets or a representative to be designated by it shall receive a copy of thegrievance and shall participate in the discussion at this Step at the request of either the Employer or the Union. Fortino's Supermarkets or its representative shall advise the Employer with respect to any matter in issue and the Employer shall give due and serious consideration to such advice, provided always that the decision shall be made by the Employer. The discussion at this Step shall be held within seven (7) working days of the date of the appeal. The decision of the Employer at this Step shall be in writing and be made within four (4) working days of the date of the meeting. 13.03 In the case of a dismissal, a grievance may be filed by an employee who feels he was unjustly dealt with. Such grievance must be filed within five (5) working days from the date of dismissal and shall commence at STEP TWO. In any subsequent disposal of this case during the grievance procedure, the Employer may re-instate the employee with full back pay, suspend the employee for a definite period or sustain the discharge. 13.04 Grievances concerning rates shall be handled in accordance with the above ...
Grievance and Arbitration. Casual employees have access to the grievance and arbitration procedures. (Reference Article 9 Grievances and Article 10 Arbitration.)
Grievance and Arbitration. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of any portion of this layoff provision shall be resolved solely through the grievance and arbitration procedure.
Grievance and Arbitration. This Article does not apply to disputes concerning promotion or tenure, which are covered by the appeals procedures of Articles 12 and 13.
Grievance and Arbitration. The provisions of Article Eleven of the Master Agreement, “Grievance and Arbitration” shall apply.
Grievance and Arbitration. With the exception of disputes subject to the expedited procedures described in Section 2 below, the following grievance and arbitration procedures apply to arbitrable disputes (notwithstanding the process below, the Union will follow the arbitration provisions contained in the Basic Agreement):
Grievance and Arbitration. Casual employees have access to the grievance and arbitration procedures. (Reference Article 9 - Grievances and Article 10 - Arbitration.)
Grievance and Arbitration. The provisions of Article Nineteen of the Collective Agreement, “Settlement of Disputes” shall apply.
Grievance and Arbitration. 9.01 Informal ResolutionThe parties agree that disputes can frequently be resolved by informal discussion between the parties or between staff members and their immediate supervisors. Before a grievance is initiated, a staff member shall seek an informal resolution of the dispute with the immediate supervisor, with or without an Association Representative in attendance. An informal resolution of a dispute shall not be used as a precedent by either party.Part A - Grievance Procedure9.02 DefinitionThe University and the Association recognize that grievances may arise from:
Grievance and Arbitration. 6.1 General Provisions‌The number of business days outlined in Article VI - Grievance Procedures for theprocessing and presentation of grievances shall establish the maximum time allowed for the presentation and processing of a grievance. If any due date that is calculated using calendar days falls on a weekend or holiday, then response shall be due on the next business day. However, extensions of time may be granted in writing by mutual agreement between Inter-Con SecuritySystems, Inc. and the SPFPA. While it is the intent of the Company to respond to grievances in a timely manner, if the Company fails to respond within the time period allotted for a specificstep, the grievance may be treated by the Union as denied at that step and the Union may proceed to the next step. If the Union fails to respond or move the grievance to the next step in the process within the time period allotted for a specific step, the grievance will be treated by the Company, Union and the Employee as withdrawn and removed from the grievance process.6.2 Grievance Procedures‌All grievances shall be processed and presented in accordance with Article VI of this Agreement. Grievances shall be resolved or unresolved ateach step.6.3 Step One (1)‌The Company agrees to meet with the Union during regular business hours or at a mutually agreed upon convenient time, for the purpose of processing grievances presented bythe Union or Employees subject to this Agreement. The Union and the Company agree that issues concerning Employees who are in a non-work status pending the meeting will be given priority and the meeting will be scheduled without delay to minimize employee impact. Union personnel will not participate if they are "on the clock" at the time of the meeting, however, the Company agrees to give the Union two (2) business days to arrange for a Shop Steward or other Union Official to attend. The Company will not compensate Union personnel participating in a meeting for their time during themeeting.The Company and the Union agree that the Employee will document the complaint in writing with the Employee’s immediate supervisor (the “Immediate Supervisor”) within five (5) calendar days of the date the incident occurred. The Immediate Supervisor will pass the written complaint on to his or her immediate supervisor (the “Second Supervisor”), who will meet with the Employee to discuss the complaint. The meeting with the Second Supervisor to discuss the complaint must be documented in writing...