Commissioning Sample Clauses

Commissioning. Commissioning tests of the Interconnection Customer’s installed equipment shall be performed pursuant to applicable codes and standards. The ISO and Connecting Transmission Owner must be given at least five Business Days written notice, or as otherwise mutually agreed to by the Parties, of the tests and may be present to witness the commissioning tests.
Commissioning. Functional testing and certification is complete. Forms and documentation which record the certification and performance of building systems, utility systems and equipment are fully executed and posted to the Princeton Collaborative System.
Commissioning. The systems listed on the Commissioning Checklist, included in the CM/GC Forms Packet, must be commissioned.
Commissioning. 2.1 The Writer will write and deliver the Script not later than the date specified in the Deal Memo or in the absence of such a date in accordance with a schedule to be agreed in writing between the Writer and the BBC.
Commissioning. The systems listed on the Commissioning Checklist included in the Forms Section must be commissioned.
Commissioning. UPS WorldShip software must be commissioned using Your UPS Account or a UPS Account assigned to a third party that has authorized You to use such UPS Account in association with Trade Direct Cross Border, Ocean and Air Services requested by the third party (UPS Account and Third Party UPS Account cumulatively referred to as the “Trade Direct UPS Account”).
Commissioning preparation of a system or systems to allow hydrocarbons or other process fluids to be safely introduced into the system or systems for processing. In this phase testing will focus on systems, including utilities.
Commissioning. A. Personnel: Field engineering, maintenance, safety, administrative and manual labor personnel carried forward from the construction force will augment the PC/C team during commissioning activities. In addition to personnel provided by Owner for supervision by Contractor pursuant to Section 4.4 of the Agreement, Contractor will supply all personnel as required to commission and start-up the Project and for continuous operation of the Project.
Commissioning. Sustainable Project Services pursuant to Section 4.1.3 § Fast-track design services § Multiple bid packages
Commissioning. Professional shall participate in and cooperate with, design phase, construction phase, and post-occupancy commissioning (including peer review), validation, and other third-party quality assurance and quality control processes, if any.