Appendix 1 definition

Appendix 1 contains the statement of work or “SOW”;
Appendix 1. The project description and specifications; and model/reference photos. • Appendix 2: Technical Drawings • Appendix 3: Response Form Tender submission letter and qualifications [to be completed by Tenderer] • Appendix 4: Response Form Total price [to be completed by Tenderer] • Appendix 5: Response Form Solemn Declaration [to be completed by Tenderer] • Appendix 6: Other parts of the Supplier’s Tender] [if relevant]

Examples of Appendix 1 in a sentence

  • Interconnection Customer shall submit a completed copy of the Large Generating Facility data requirements contained in Appendix 1 to the LGIP.

  • Only the contribution of the Interprofessional Team Member is to be used in calculating the portion of the Net Change in Attachment which is to be used for calculating the Variable Payment under this Agreement, as described in Appendix 1.

  • Provided the Clinic performs its obligations under this Agreement, Manitoba will provide a funding contribution as described in Appendix 1.

  • For the Distributor For the Developer Date: Date For the Customer For Danish Escrow Institute Date: Date Appendix 1 Content of the escrow obligation A description of the Developer’s service is enclosed.

  • Annual leave is paid at the employee’s current ordinary wage rate as set out in Appendix 1.

More Definitions of Appendix 1

Appendix 1. The list of Technical Consulting and services Party A shall provide the following technical consulting and services to Party B:
Appendix 1 contains the statement of work or “SOW” as provided by the Supplier;
Appendix 1. Panther Drive System Products covered by this agreement.
Appendix 1 means the electronic form on which «Customer Name» reports its Contract System Costs and other necessary data to BPA for the calculation of «Customer Name»’s Base Period and Exchange Period ASCs pursuant to the ASC Methodology.
Appendix 1 means the information at Appendix 1 of this Contract which constitutes the summary of the ESFA funding, the value of the funding provision for specified periods, and the monthly breakdown value of the detailed funding provision.
Appendix 1. VL8 POOL - VESSEL EVALUATION SYSTEM [VES] 2015 The evaluation of vessels entering the XX0 Xxxx consists of 3 parts: The 1st part uses the vessels’ speed and consumption figures in order to calculate their Daily Bunker Cost basis the Pool’s weighting of the time a vessel spends in Ballast / Laden / Load / Discharge / Idle conditions. The Daily HFO and MGO Consumptions for each vessel are calculated for the respective conditions basis:
Appendix 1 means Appendix 1 to CITES and “Appendix 1 specimen” means a specimen of a species listed in Appendix 1;