– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. 15.01 The normal hours of work for an employee are not a guarantee of work per day or per week, or a guarantee of days of work per week. The normal hours of work shall be seven and one-half (7½) hours per day, and seventy-five (75) hours in any bi-weekly period.
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– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. (1) Work schedules will be established for each calendar week, designating the days and hours of work for each employee. Such schedules shall be posted not later than 3:00 P.M. Wednesday of the preceding week.
– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. 15.01 The following provision designating regular hours on a daily tour and regular daily tours over the work schedule determined by the Employer shall not be construed to be a guarantee of the hours of work to be performed on each tour or during each tour schedule.
– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. F-1 (a) Tours of duty schedules shall be posted six (6) weeks in advance of the commencement date of such schedule and shall to cover a four (4) week period. All work available in a unit at the time will be assigned with the posting of the schedule. If the schedule is posted late or with needs, the hospital will provide written rationale to the Union.
– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. 15.01 The normal working hours for a full-time nurse shall be seventy-five (75) hours for every two (2) week period being an average of thirty-seven and one-half (37 1/2) hours per week, exclusive of meal periods.
– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. F.1 Schedules shall be posted at least two (2) weeks in advance and shall cover at least a one (1) month period. Requests for time off or scheduling adjustments to the posted schedule must be submitted in writing to the immediate supervisor at least three (3) weeks in advance of the requested date, except in cases of emergency. In cases of emergency, the employee must make her request at the earliest possible date. Employees may request an exchange of scheduled tours of duty provided such requests are submitted, in writing to the immediate supervisor, co-signed by the employees and are approved by the immediate supervisor. It is understood that such changes shall not result in overtime payment
– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. 20.01 Daily and Weekly Hours of Work
– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. 22.01 Nothing herein shall be construed as a guarantee of hours of work per day or per week or days of work per week. A working week is defined as Sunday to Saturday.
– HOURS OF WORK & SCHEDULING. E-1 When a new schedule is approved by the Hospital, work schedules will be allocated based on the nurses' seniority.