Scheduling Sample Clauses

Scheduling i) The designated employer will provide the employee with their schedule of shifts in accordance with the collective agreement for both homes. [Insert the split/sharing of shift numbers here] Similarly, the employee will submit all requests for time off including vacation to the designated employer in accordance with the collective agreement.
Scheduling a) Concurrently with the work of the Contract, A-E shall prepare a progress work schedule and within five (5) working days from the date of receipt of individual assignments from County, A-E shall submit to County two (2) copies of a progress work schedule which shall delineate dates of commencement and completion of the various phases of Projects/Services assignments. A-E schedule shall include required County review period(s) set forth herein. An approved copy of the progress schedule will be returned to A-E.
Scheduling. (a) Lessee will provide Lessor with requests for flight time and proposed flight schedules as far in advance of any given flight as possible. Lessee or the designated authorized representative(s) of Lessee shall submit scheduling requests under this Agreement to the designated authorized representative(s) of Lessor. Requests for flight time shall be in such form (whether oral or written) mutually convenient to, and agreed upon by, the parties. In addition to proposed schedules and flight times, Lessee shall upon request provide Lessor with the following information for each proposed flight prior to scheduled departure: (i) proposed departure point; (ii) destination; (iii) date and time of flight; (iv) the number of anticipated passengers; (v) the nature and extent of luggage to be carried; (vi) the date and time of a return flight, if any; and (vii) any other pertinent information concerning the proposed flight that Lessor or the flight crew may request.
Scheduling. 5.3.1 Develop a Work Progress Schedule for Project Team review and Owner’s approval that coordinates and integrates activities on the Project, including Contractor’s services, A/E’s design services, the work of other consultants and suppliers, and Owner’s activities with the anticipated construction schedules for other contractors. The WPS must identify all major milestones through Project Final Completion. The WPS shall be created and maintained in accordance with Owner’s Specifications Section 01 32 00 using Owner-specified format and software.
Scheduling. If more employees in a work unit would normally be scheduled or are scheduled to work on a holiday than necessary, and there are conflicts in requests for the holiday off, the Appointing Authority shall grant the holiday off on the basis of State Seniority within or among class(es) as determined by the Appointing Authority, provided that the Appointing Authority retains the right to schedule employees with the ability and capacity to perform the job. Of the employees who do not request the holiday off at least twenty-one (21) calendar days prior to the holiday, the most senior employees based on State Seniority, within or among classes as determined by the Appointing Authority, shall be assigned to work the holiday.
Scheduling. 1. Receive, approve and process requests for service. Review and refine daily trip itineraries. Assess distances and routing to ensure efficient travel patterns. Initiate client call backs regarding any trip discrepancies and or schedule changes.
Scheduling. The Appointing Authority shall provide no less than seven (7) calendar days’ notice to the Council and the affected employee(s) prior to making a permanent change in the days of work, hours of work, or the length of the work day of full-time employees. However, employees being returned to work as part of a workers’ compensation placement are not entitled to this notice.
Scheduling. (a) A vacation planner showing the employee’s seniority shall be posted from March 1st to April 1st of each year to allow the employee to indicate her vacation preference. An approved vacation calendar shall be posted by April 15th. No changes shall be made to the calendar unless the Employer and the employee mutually agree to the change.
Scheduling. (Scheduling conditions to be determined locally (i.e. weekends off, consecutive shifts worked, etc.)
Scheduling. 1. Schedules for Resident Troopers will be bid by seniority, most senior first, at each facility. Troopers will bid upon two reasonably equal three-month periods that shall begin on the first day of the pay period that includes March 1st and September 1st of each year.