Work Schedule Sample Clauses

Work Schedule. The Employer shall post a work schedule in ink for all employees, specifying start and finish of shifts and including surname and first initial, not later than 12:00 noon on Monday for the workweek which begins the following Monday. If the work schedule within any day is changed after posting without reasonable cause, the matter may be subject to the grievance procedure. An employee shall be guaranteed pay for the specific days in a workweek upon which he is scheduled to work, except as set forth in Article 3, Section B. It shall be the responsibility of each employee to check his work schedule. In the event a new schedule is not posted, the previous week’s schedule shall apply.
Work Schedule. (A) Where an employee has an established schedule, a change in workdays or shifts will be posted no less than 14 calendar days in advance and will reflect at least a two workweek schedule; however, the state will make a good faith effort to reflect a one month schedule.
Work Schedule. Landlord shall deliver to Tenant, for Tenant's review and approval, a schedule (the "Work Schedule") setting forth a timetable for the preparation and approval of all space plans and working drawings and for the planning and completion of the installation of tenant improvements to be constructed in the Premises (the "Tenant Improvements"). The Work Schedule shall set forth each of the various items of work to be done by or approval to be given by Landlord and Tenant in connection with the completion of the Tenant Improvements. The Work Schedule shall be submitted to Tenant for its approval and, upon approval by both Landlord and Tenant, such schedule shall become the basis for completing the Tenant Improvements. If Tenant shall fail to approve the Work Schedule, as it may be modified after discussions between Landlord and Tenant, within five (5) days after the date such Work Schedule is first received by Tenant, then Tenant shall be deemed to have approved such Work Schedule.
Work Schedule. The 9/80 workweek begins on the same day of the week as the employee’s eight (8) hour work day and regularly scheduled 9/80 day off. The start time of the workweek is four (4) hours and one (1) minute after the start time of the eight (8) hour workday. The end time of the workweek is four (4) hours after the eight (8) hour workday start time. The result is a workweek that is a fixed and regularly recurring period of seven (7) consecutive twenty-four (24) hour periods (168 hours).
Work Schedule. Consultant shall be available to work as many hours as required to complete the Work immediately upon receipt of the signed Agreement from the City and shall complete each task in a timely manner as specified. Consultant shall not be held responsible for delays caused beyond its reasonable control.
Work Schedule. A 4/10 work schedule is four (4) ten hour days in a seven (7) day period, for a total of forty (40) hours per week.
Work Schedule. The Employer and the Association endorse the principle that non-traditional working patterns may provide the best means for the discharge of professional responsibilities. In such context, the Employer agrees that schedule adjustments as approved by the President/designee shall be made to adjust for unique requirements of the ASF Member's assignment. Additionally, the Employer and the Association agree to the following concepts regarding schedule adjustments:
Work Schedule. The contractor shall be available to begin work upon full execution of the agreement. Normal support coverage hours will be Monday thru Friday between 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST), unless other arrangement s are mutually agreed upon. Extended support coverage hours will cover the period of time not considered “normal support coverage” including weekends. The actual schedule may be adjusted on project needs by sponsor.
Work Schedule. This is an employee’s assigned workdays, work shift, and days off.
Work Schedule. (A) Except in emergency situations, normal work schedules showing the employees’ shifts, workdays, and hours will be posted on applicable bulletin boards no less than 10 calendar days in advance and will reflect at least a one-month schedule. With the prior approval of the supervisor(s) and provided there is no penalty to the state, employees may mutually agree to exchange days or shifts on a temporary basis.