Schedule 2 definition

Schedule 2 means Schedule 2 of this Licence unless otherwise stated;
Schedule 2 means the schedule which forms a part of this Agreement and contains special instructions related to the Goods and Services;
Schedule 2 means Schedule 2 to ITEPA.

Examples of Schedule 2 in a sentence

  • Please insert details of the original Declaration of Trust in Schedule 2.

  • Charges applied for those services in the SOW are set out in Schedule 2.

  • The amount of any discount, commission or other compensation to be paid by the Company to the Agent in connection with the sale of the Placement Shares shall be calculated in accordance with the terms set forth in Schedule 2.

  • The provisions of Schedule 2 shall apply in respect of the TClarke Share Plans and certain bonus and employment arrangements.

  • The Contract Price for each Call-Off Contract, shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Framework Agreement Schedule 2, or where this Framework Agreement permits the selection of a Supplier through a Secondary Procurement method based on competitive quotes, the price will be the lowest evaluated quote.

More Definitions of Schedule 2

Schedule 2. All applicable Units shall become nonforfeitable and fully vested in accordance with the schedule set forth below: Completed Vested Years of Employment Percentage ------------------- ---------- Less than 2 0% 2 but less than 3 20% 3 but less than 4 40% 4 but less than 5 60% 5 but less than 6 80% 6 or more 100%
Schedule 2 to the Intercreditor Agreement, "Schedule 2" to the Asset Pledge Agreement, "Schedule 2" to the Share Pledge Agreement, "Schedule 2" to the Quota Pledge Agreement and "Schedule 2" to the Receivables Pledge Agreements are supplemented by "Schedule 2" to this Term;
Schedule 2 means Schedule 2 of this Lease;
Schedule 2 means the "Nintendo of America Inc. Price Schedule for the Game Boy Color Licensed Game Paks" attached to this Agreement and incorporated by reference into this Agreement.
Schedule 2 means Schedule 2 to this Scheme
Schedule 2. Porsche Drive – Rental Program Terms and Conditions.
Schedule 2 means Schedule 2 Artsmark complaints procedure, published on our website here: