Plans and Specifications Sample Clauses

Plans and Specifications. (a) The Architect and Engineers retained by the Owner shall, under the direction of the Developer and after consultation with the Owner, prepare basic design plans (the "Basic Plans"). As a part of this process, the Developer may engage engineers, including the site engineers, to perform test borings and other soil testing at the Property for purposes of properly locating the Property on the Project. The Developer, the Architects and Engineers shall consult with the Owner during the process of preparing the Basic Plans. The Developer, Architect and the Engineers shall have access to the Project for all such tests and surveys.
Plans and Specifications. The Plans and Specifications for the Project are as listed in the GMP Supporting Documents. CM/GC shall perform Construction Phase Services in accordance with the Plans and Specifications and the other Contract Documents.
Plans and Specifications. Triumph shall have the right to review any plans and specifications for the Project and any material changes to said plans and specifications solely to confirm that the Project described in the plans and specifications is consistent with the project described in the Grant Application, such confirmation not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Triumph shall have fifteen (15) days from each receipt of the plans and specifications or proposed material change to notify Grantee of its confirmation or denial that the Project described in the plans and specifications is consistent with the project described in the Grant Application. If Triumph issues a denial, such denial shall be in writing and shall state the specific manner in which the Project described by the plans and specifications is not consistent with the project described in the Grant Application. If Triumph fails to deliver such confirmation or denial within such fifteen (15) day period, the plans and specifications or proposed material change shall be deemed confirmed by Triumph. If Grantee fails to obtain such confirmation as provided herein, that failure shall be sufficient cause for nonpayment by Triumph.
Plans and Specifications. The Work shall be performed pursuant to and in accordance with the following described plans and specifications, as well as any revisions made thereto: As described in the IFB Solicitation #T751, including the specifications set forth therein, which is incorporated herein as if copied in full. Additional Work: Should Owner choose to add additional work, such additional work shall be described in a separate written amendment to this Agreement wherein the additional work shall be described and the parties shall set forth the amount of compensation to be paid by Owner for the additional work. Contractor shall not begin any additional work and Owner shall not be obligated to pay for any additional work unless a written amendment to this Agreement has been signed by both parties.
Plans and Specifications. Prior to making any Alterations, Tenant, at its expense, shall (i) submit to Landlord for its information (and approval to the extent herein provided), detailed plans and specifications, if customarily prepared for similar Alterations or required in order to file for any required governmental permits (including layout, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler and structural drawings), of each proposed Alteration (other than Decorative Alterations with respect to the Ancillary Space), (ii) with respect to an Alteration affecting any Independent System, submit proof that such Alteration has been designed by an engineer approved by Landlord, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed, for the affected Independent System, (iii) with respect to an Alteration affecting a Building System, submit the plans and specifications for review by Landlord’s designated building engineer at Tenant’s cost, (iv) obtain all permits, approvals and certificates required by any Governmental Authorities, and (v) furnish to Landlord duplicate original policies or certificates of worker’s compensation (covering all persons to be employed by Tenant, and Tenant’s contractors and subcontractors in connection with such Alteration) and comprehensive public liability (including property damage coverage) insurance and Builder’s Risk coverage (issued on a completed value basis) all in such form, with such companies, for such periods and in such amounts as Landlord may reasonably require, naming Landlord, the Indemnitees and any other parties designated by Landlord as additional insureds. Upon Tenant’s request, Landlord shall reasonably cooperate with Tenant in obtaining any permits, approvals or certificates required to be obtained by Tenant in connection with any permitted Alteration (if the provisions of the applicable Requirement require that Landlord join in such application), provided that Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for any actual, third party, out of pocket cost, expense or liability in connection therewith. Tenant’s requests for Landlord’s approval of an engineer shall be deemed granted if not denied within 15 days after written request therefor to the extent provided in Section 5.1(b).
Plans and Specifications. Seller represents and warrants to Buyer that (i) the plans and specifications that Seller has delivered to Buyer for its review before the date of this Contract and/or during the Review Period are and shall be a true and complete copy of the plans and specifications for the construction of the Hotel, (ii) such plans and specifications have not been amended or supplemented in any material respect and (iii) such plans and specifications have been prepared by or otherwise approved by the Franchisor. Seller shall obtain the approval of the Franchisor and Buyer with respect to all material changes to such plans and specifications after the date hereof. Such plans and specifications and all revisions thereto, as approved by the the Franchisor and Buyer, shall constitute the “Plans and Specifications” for purposes of this Contract.
Plans and Specifications. Landlord shall provide Tenant with notice approving or disapproving any proposed plans and specifications for the Tenant Improvement Work within the Required Period (defined below) after the later of Landlord’s receipt thereof from Tenant or the mutual execution and delivery of this Amendment. As used herein, “Required Period” means (a) 15 business days in the case of construction drawings, and (b) 10 business days in the case of any other plans and specifications (including a space plan). Any such notice of disapproval shall describe with reasonable specificity the basis for Landlord’s disapproval and the changes that would be necessary to resolve Landlord’s objections.
Plans and Specifications. To the extent in the Transferor Partnership's possession, a copy of the plans and specifications, and a copy of all unexpired guaranties and warranties made by any person for the benefit of the Transferor Partnership with respect to all or any part of the Property in connection with the construction and equipping of the Property.
Plans and Specifications. The plans and specifications for the construction of the Hotel that were submitted to Buyer before the execution of this Contract (the “Plans and Specifications”) have been approved by the Franchisor and have not been modified in any material respect except as approved by the Franchisor.