THE WORK Sample Clauses

THE WORK. The Work comprises the completed construction required by the Contract Documents and includes all labor necessary to produce such construction, and all materials and equipment incorporated or to be incorporated in such construction.
THE WORK. The Contractor agrees to complete all Work as specified or indicated in the Contract including Extra Work in conformity with the Contract, Project WIN  , for   in the Municipality of  , County of  , Maine. The Work includes construction, maintenance during construction, warranty as provided in the Contract, and other incidental work. The Contractor shall be responsible for furnishing all supervision, labor, equipment, tools supplies, permanent materials and temporary materials required to perform the Work including construction quality control including inspection, testing and documentation, all required documentation at the conclusion of the project, warranting its work and performing all other work indicated in the Contract. The Municipality shall have the right to alter the nature and extent of the Work as provided in the Contract; payment to be made as provided in the same.
THE WORK. The intent of the Agreement is to provide for the construction and completion in every detail of the Work described. Contractor, shall provide all materials, labor, tools, equipment, supplies, safety equipment, transportation and supervision necessary to perform, and shall perform, the Work in a good and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the Contract Documents or reasonably inferable by Contractor as necessary to produce the results intended by the Contract Documents and generally described in Appendix C (all hereinafter called the "Work"). The Contractor shall provide all items, articles, materials and operations or methods to fully and completely construction the Work as detailed on the Contract Documents, including all labor, equipment and incidentals necessary for full completion of the Work. All Work shall be performed in a thorough, first-class and workmanlike manner, conforming to all applicable laws and in accordance with the Contract Documents, including all addenda.
THE WORK. 1.1 Contractor shall provide, furnish and perform all necessary permitting and support services, construction, clean-up, and all other services of any type, provide and furnish all necessary supplies, materials and equipment (except those to be provided by County, if any) and all necessary supervision, labor, and services required for the complete construction and all necessary installation, start-up and testing required for Bid No. 21-09 for Amador County Generator Install – District Attorney & Pioneer Veterans Hall, as more particularly described in the Contract Documents (hereinafter, the all-inclusive obligations of Contractor set forth in this sentence shall be referred to as the “Work”). The Work shall be done and the materials furnished in accordance with the Plans, Drawings and Specifications (defined below).
THE WORK. The term "Work" means the construction and services required by the Contract Documents, and includes all other labor, materials, equipment and services provided, or to be provided, by the Contractor to fulfill the Contractor’s obligations.