Default hereunder Sample Clauses

Default hereunder. The occurrence of any default of any kind whatsoever under the terms, covenants and conditions of this Stock Pledge Agreement; or
Default hereunder. (i) Upon 24-hour notice from Seller, Buyer shall afford representatives of Seller full access to and opportunity to examine all reasonable information and/or documents requested by Seller concerning Buyer's Pellet consumption and/or Pellets held in bailment hereunder at any time during Buyer's regular business hours during the term of this Agreement and for a period of one year thereafter.
Default hereunder. Lessee and Lessor agree that this Lease is a “Finance Lease” as defined by the Uniform Commercial Code Article 2A, the Uniform Personal Property Leasing Act. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lessee hereby grants to Lessor a security interest in the Property and in any of Lessee’s rights in any associated software, as security for all Lessee’s obligations to Lessor of every kind and nature. Lessee authorizes and ratifies Lessor’s filing of financing statement(s) (and Lessee agrees to pay the cost of filing the same in all public offices where filing is deemed by Lessor to be necessary or desirable) and naming of Lessor as lienholder and/or owner on any vehicle title(s). Lessee hereby acknowledges that all of the leased Property was selected by Lessee from supplier(s) chosen by Lessee. Lessee is familiar with all supply contract rights provided by the supplier(s) and is aware that the supplier(s) may be contacted for a full description of any rights Lessee may have under any supply contract. So long as Lessee is not in default under this Lease, Lessor hereby assigns to Lessee, without recourse, all of Lessor’s rights arising under any warranties applicable to the Property provided by the manufacturer or any other person. All proceeds of any warranty claim from the manufacturer or any other person shall first be used to repair the affected Property.
Default hereunder. At Beneficiary's option, Beneficiary's consent to a further encumbrance or transfer shall be subject to an increase in interest rate, modification of loan terms, and/or the payment of a fee.
Default hereunder. If the Company materially defaults in the performance or observance of any term, condition or covenant contained in this Debenture and such default continues for a period of 15 Business Days or more after written notice thereof has been delivered by the Holder to the Company.

Related to Default hereunder

  • Default H-GAC may, by written notice of default to the Contractor, terminate the whole or any part of the Agreement, in any one of the following circumstances:

  • Occurrence of Default Any Transfer hereunder shall be subordinate and subject to the provisions of this Lease, and if this Lease shall be terminated during the term of any Transfer, Landlord shall have the right to: (i) treat such Transfer as cancelled and repossess the Subject Space by any lawful means, or (ii) require that such Transferee attorn to and recognize Landlord as its landlord under any such Transfer. If Tenant shall be in default under this Lease, Landlord is hereby irrevocably authorized, as Tenant’s agent and attorney-in-fact, to direct any Transferee to make all payments under or in connection with the Transfer directly to Landlord (which Landlord shall apply towards Tenant’s obligations under this Lease) until such default is cured. Such Transferee shall rely on any representation by Landlord that Tenant is in default hereunder, without any need for confirmation thereof by Tenant. Upon any assignment, the assignee shall assume in writing all obligations and covenants of Tenant thereafter to be performed or observed under this Lease. No collection or acceptance of rent by Landlord from any Transferee shall be deemed a waiver of any provision of this Article 14 or the approval of any Transferee or a release of Tenant from any obligation under this Lease, whether theretofore or thereafter accruing. In no event shall Landlord’s enforcement of any provision of this Lease against any Transferee be deemed a waiver of Landlord’s right to enforce any term of this Lease against Tenant or any other person. If Tenant’s obligations hereunder have been guaranteed, Landlord’s consent to any Transfer shall not be effective unless the guarantor also consents to such Transfer.

  • Event of Default Any of the following shall constitute an "Event of Default":

  • Notice of Default or Event of Default promptly, and in any event within five days after a Responsible Officer becoming aware of the existence of any Default or Event of Default or that any Person has given any notice or taken any action with respect to a claimed default hereunder or that any Person has given any notice or taken any action with respect to a claimed default of the type referred to in Section 11(f), a written notice specifying the nature and period of existence thereof and what action the Company is taking or proposes to take with respect thereto;

  • Default or Event of Default No Default or Event of Default hereunder has occurred or is continuing or will occur as a result of the giving effect hereto.

  • Consequences of Event of Default 8.2.1 Events of Default Other Than Bankruptcy, Insolvency or Reorganization Proceedings. If an Event of Default specified under subsections 8.1.1 through 8.1.13 of Section 8.1 shall occur and be continuing, the Banks and the Administrative Agent shall be under no further obligation to make Loans or issue Letters of Credit, as the case may be, and the Administrative Agent may, and upon the request of the Required Banks, shall (i) by written notice to the Borrower, declare the unpaid principal amount of the Notes then outstanding and all interest accrued thereon, any unpaid fees and all other Indebtedness of the Borrower to the Banks hereunder and thereunder to be forthwith due and payable, and the same shall thereupon become and be immediately due and payable to the Administrative Agent for the benefit of each Bank without presentment, demand, protest or any other notice of any kind, all of which are hereby expressly waived, and (ii) require the Borrower to, and the Borrower shall thereupon, deposit in a non-interest bearing account with the Administrative Agent, as cash collateral for its Obligations under the Loan Documents, an amount equal to the maximum amount currently or at any time thereafter available to be drawn on all outstanding Letters of Credit, and the Borrower hereby pledges to the Administrative Agent and the Banks, and grant to the Administrative Agent and the Banks a security interest in, all such cash as security for such Obligations. Upon the curing of all existing Events of Default to the satisfaction of the Required Banks, the Administrative Agent shall return such cash collateral to the Borrower; and

  • Default by City City shall not be in default under this Agreement unless City fails to perform an obligation required of City under this Agreement within twenty (20) days after written notice by Tenant to City. If the nature of City's obligation is such that more than twenty (20) days are reasonably required for performance or cure, City shall not be in default if City commences performance within such twenty (20) day period and thereafter diligently prosecutes the same to completion. In no event may Tenant terminate this Agreement or withhold the payment of rent or other charges provided for in this Agreement as a result of City’s default.

  • Default and Consequences of Default 18.1 Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue daily from the date when payment becomes due, until the date of payment, at a rate of two and a half percent (2.5%) per calendar month (and at the Supplier’s sole discretion such interest shall compound monthly at such a rate) after as well as before any judgment.

  • Consequences of a Servicer Default If a Servicer Default shall occur and be continuing, either the Indenture Trustee or the Noteholders whose Notes evidence not less than a majority of the Outstanding Amount of the Controlling Class as of the close of the preceding Distribution Date (or, if the Notes have been paid in full and the Indenture has been discharged in accordance with its terms, by the Owner Trustee or the Majority Certificateholders as of the close of the preceding Distribution Date) by notice then given in writing to the Servicer and the Owner Trustee (and to the Indenture Trustee if given by the Noteholders or the Certificateholders) may terminate all of the rights and obligations of the Servicer under this Agreement. On or after the receipt by the Servicer of such written notice, all authority and power of the Servicer under this Agreement, whether with respect to the Notes, the Certificates or the Receivables or otherwise, shall pass to and be vested in the Indenture Trustee pursuant to and under this Section 7.02. The Indenture Trustee is hereby authorized and empowered to execute and deliver, on behalf of the Servicer, as attorney-in-fact or otherwise, any and all documents and other instruments, and to do or accomplish all other acts or things necessary or appropriate to effect the purposes of such notice of termination, whether to complete the transfer and endorsement of the Receivables and related documents, or otherwise. The Servicer agrees to cooperate with the Indenture Trustee and the Owner Trustee in effecting the termination of the responsibilities and rights of the Servicer under this Agreement, including the transfer to the Indenture Trustee or the Owner Trustee for administration by it of all cash amounts that shall at the time be held by the Servicer for deposit, or that shall have been deposited by the Servicer in the Collection Account, or the Note Distribution Account or thereafter received with respect to the Receivables that shall at that time be held by the Servicer.

  • ACTS OF DEFAULT Each of the following shall be deemed a default by Lessee and a breach of this Lease: