Construction Work Sample Clauses

Construction Work. Landlord will Substantially Complete the Construction Work.
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Construction Work. All of LCZ’s plans and specifications for the initial capital improvements to the Premises must be approved by CITY in advance, including construction start date and construction schedule, with review by the Parks and Recreation Department, Building and Safety Department, Public Works and Utilities Department, and Planning Department and any other necessary, related CITY commissions or committees, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The design and materials of any permanent structure and fencing seen from the exterior must be approved by CITY. LCZ’s contactor’s or agent’s temporary access, haul routes, staging, parking for construction crews, and equipment storage during construction shall also be approved in advance. Any construction on the Premises, during the initial capital improvements or in the future, shall comply with all legal requirements and meet CITY design standards and specifications, including any landscaping requirements. LCZ shall apply for and obtain any and all necessary permits, certifications, licenses, variances, and approvals required by any applicable law or regulations that relate to construction on the Premises, during the initial capital improvements or in the future. Any development shall also be generally subject to any CITY, state, and federal ordinance, statutes, or rules and regulations. Preconstruction photo documentation shall be required by LCZ’s contractor. Any contractor performing the work shall be adequately insured and bonded pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 52-141. LCZ shall cause any contractor that performs all or any part of the construction work on the Premises or any other improvements to take all reasonable steps to avoid excessive dust, rubble or odors from the Premises. The work shall also be performed in a good and workmanlikemanner and in accordance with good construction practices. Special care shall be taken during construction to avoid any unnecessary impact or disruption to the public’s use of the public gardens and fountain adjacent to the Zoo. LCZ shall be responsible for repairing any paving or sidewalks significantly damaged or impaired by construction, including any damage to Memorial Drive.
Construction Work. The City reserves the right to permit to be laid electric conduits, water and gas pipes and lines, cables, sewers, and to do and permit to be done any underground work that may be deemed necessary or proper by the City in, across, along, or under any Rights–of-way. Whenever, by reason of establishing a grade or by reason of changes in the grade of any Rights-of-way, or by reason of the widening, grading, paving, or otherwise improving present or future Rights-of-way, or in the location or manner of construction of any water pipes, electric conduits, sewers, or other underground structure located within the Rights-of-way, it shall be deemed necessary by the City to remove, relocate or disconnect any portion of the Distribution System of the Company hereto for such public purpose, such removal, relocation or disconnection shall be made by the Company as ordered in writing by the City without claim for reimbursement. If the City shall require the Company to remove, relocate or disconnect any portion of its Distribution System or in any way to alter the placement or location of the Distribution System, to enable any other Person to use said Rights-of-way of the City, as part of its permitting or approval process, the City shall require the Person desiring or occasioning such removal, relocation, disconnection or alteration to reimburse the Company for any loss, cost or expense caused by or arising out of such removal, relocation, disconnection or alteration of any portion of the Distribution System. The Company further agrees that it will not intentionally interfere with, change, or injure any water pipes, drains, or sewers of said City unless it has received specific permission from the City or its duly authorized representative. Notwithstanding any provisions herein to the contrary, in the event the City reasonably determines a repair or replacement of any Rights-of-way, or other appliances of the Company to be an emergency, the City shall first notify the Company that such repair or replacement is an emergency and the Company shall make such repairs and replacements as soon as practical, or the City may do so, and the Company shall reimburse the City as provided in Section 6.
Construction Work. The regulation at 41 C.F.R. § 60-1.3 defines “construction work” as the construction, rehabilitation, alteration, conversion, extension, demolition or repair of buildings, highways, or other changes or improvements to real property, including facilities providing utility services. The term also includes the supervision, inspection, and other onsite functions incidental to the actual construction
Construction Work. All construction work approved by Landlord to be done by Tenant upon the Leased Premises will be performed in good and workmanlike manner, in compliance with all Governmental Requirements.
Construction Work. In addition to the other rights conferred upon Colonial Downs pursuant to section 1 of the Entry Agreement, Colonial Downs, its duly authorized agents and employees, shall be entitled to access to the Property for the purpose of commencing the construction of the Track Project; provided, however, no such work shall commence until the appropriate permits have been issued by the County. The execution of this Agreement by Delmarva constitutes the consent of Delmarva and Chesapeake Forest, as required by the Entry Agreement, to such entry and construction.
Construction Work. Installation included only the direct work of the WALSH Supplied System and does not include any related work.
Construction Work. Railroad agrees to perform Construction Work to (i) enable Department to complete the Project, and (ii) not unreasonably delay Department's construction schedule.
Construction Work. Railroad agrees to perform Construction Work to (i) enable York City to complete the Project, and (ii) not unreasonably delay York City's construction schedule.
Construction Work. The Land Owner must (at its cost):