Change Order Request definition

Change Order Request means a written request or proposal for a Change Order submitted by either Company or Contractor and including:
Change Order Request has the meaning given in Section 19.0 hereof.
Change Order Request has the meaning set forth in Section 9.4.

Examples of Change Order Request in a sentence

  • There shall be no change whatsoever in the Drawings, Specifications, or in the Work without an executed Change Order, Change Order Request, Immediate Change Directive, or order by the Architect for a minor change in the Work as herein provided.

  • If a Change Order is necessary, the Project Manager for requesting party will prepare a Change Order Request detailing the impacts on scope, schedule, deliverables, resources, and cost.

  • The Change Order Request must be submitted to the non-requesting party for review.

  • A Claim that demands an extension of time or an increase in the Contract Sum does not accrue unless Contractor has previously submitted such demand(s) in a Change Order Request.

  • Contractor or anyone acting for or on behalf of Contractor shall not be entitled to any additional compensation for any labor, materials or equipment performed or ordered after receipt of a duly authorized Change Order Request if the same are not consistent with the Change Order Request.

More Definitions of Change Order Request

Change Order Request the written document provided by the City to Contractor requesting changes to Contractor’s obligations under this Contract.
Change Order Request means a written document initiating a change in the Work.
Change Order Request means a written notice to Owner/Project Manager issued by Contractor indicating that a change order is required in connection with the performance of the work or supply of goods.
Change Order Request or “COR” shall mean a proposed change(s) in contract amount, requirements or time (outside the scope of the construction contract and/or provisions of its changes clause) which becomes a Change Order when approved by the other parties (owner, contractor, and Architect).
Change Order Request means the written document that the State gives to the Provider requesting changes to Provider’s duties under this Agreement.
Change Order Request means a written notice from the Client to DataFix to add certain requirements/services which are outside of the scope of the Agreement and to which additional fees are applicable;
Change Order Request means the request of Change Order issued to PacifiCorp by Developer pursuant to Article 13 and Appendix BB, substantially in the form set forth in Exhibit D-2.