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In the Building. Subject to the provisions of this Section 39, if the MyoKardia Lease terminates during the Base Term and this Lease remains in full force and effect, the first time during the Base Term that Landlord intends to agree to a written proposal (the “MyoKardia Space Pending Deal”) to lease the Available Space (as hereinafter defined) to a third party, Landlord shall deliver to Tenant written notice (the “MyoKardia Space Pending Deal Notice”) of the existence of such MyoKardia Space Pending Deal. For purposes of this Section 39(b), “Available Space” shall mean the Myokardia Premises, which is not occupied by a tenant or which is occupied by a then existing tenant whose lease is expiring within 6 months or less and such tenant does not wish to renew (whether or not such tenant has a right to renew) its occupancy of such space. Tenant shall be entitled to exercise its right under this Section 39(b) only with respect to the entire Available Space described in such MyoKardia Space Pending Deal Notice. Within 10 days after Tenant’s receipt of the MyoKardia Space Pending Deal Notice, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord written notice (the “MyoKardia Space Acceptance Notice”) if Tenant elects to lease the Available Space. Tenant’s right to receive the MyoKardia Space Pending Deal Notice and election to lease or not lease the Available Space pursuant to this Section 39(b) is hereinafter referred to as the “Right of First Refusal.” If Tenant elects to lease the space described in the MyoKardia Space Pending Deal Notice by delivering the MyoKardia Space Acceptance Notice within the required 10 day period, Tenant shall be deemed to agree to lease the Available Space on the same general terms and conditions as this Lease except that the terms of this Lease shall be modified to reflect the terms of the MyoKardia Space Pending Deal Notice for the rental of the Available Space; provided, that if the term of the Lease with respect to the Available Space would expire after the Base Term of the Lease with respect to the original Premises, the Base Term of the Lease with respect to the original Premises shall be extended so as to be co-terminous with the term of the Lease with respect to the Available Space. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, in no event shall the TI Allowance or Landlord’s Work apply to the Available Space. If Tenant fails to deliver a Myokardia Space Acceptance Notice to Landlord within the required 10 day period, Tenant’s rights under this S...
In the Building. (15) There are two thermostats for heating, or air conditioning, one is behind the bar, the other is in the stage area. They can be adjusted up or down but please return them to original setting when you leave the building.
In the Building. The Lessor shall not be obligated to make the building's technical common equipment available or keep it in operation outside of normal operating and business hours. The following defects were detected at the time of the transfer of possession (if a separate transfer record was prepared, it shall apply): according to transfer record.
In the Building. Below are the rights of first offer and rights of first refusal known at this time:
In the Building. Tenant shall not introduce anything into the Acid Neutralization Tank (x) in violation of the terms of the MWRA Permit, (y) in violation of Applicable Laws or (z) that would interfere with the proper functioning of the Acid Neutralization Tank. Landlord, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, agrees to reasonably cooperate with Tenant in order to obtain the MWRA Permit and the wastewater treatment operator license. Tenant shall be solely responsible for any costs incurred pursuant to this Section.
In the Building. (hereinafter referred to as "the Flat") for the price of Rs. .................. including Rs. being the proportionate price of the common areas and facilities appurtenant to the premises, the nature, extent and description of the common/limited common areas and facilities/limited common areas and facilities which are more particularly described in the Second Schedule hereunder written. The Flat Purchaser hereby agrees to pay to that promoter balance amount of purchase price of Rs. .................................. (Rupees ) having been paid to the Promoter on or before the execution of this agreement in the following manner:
In the Building. Tenant shall not introduce anything into the Acid Neutralization Tank (x) in violation of the terms of the MWRA Permit, (y) in violation of Applicable Laws or (z) that would interfere with the proper functioning of the Acid Neutralization Tank. Tenant shall reimburse Landlord within ten (10) business days after demand for any actual costs incurred by Landlord pursuant to this Section 12.11.
In the Building. The Balgonie Multiplex is not liable for any accident or injury that may occur to anyone in attendance at the renter’s event. The renter is responsible for removing all food, liquor, decorations, and personal effects and clean-up of all kitchen equipment including: counters, sinks, stoves/ovens, cups, dishes, utensils, coffee urns, that are used by the renter. Any renter wishing to use outside caterers for their function, must prepare and store ALL FOOD at the Balgonie Multiplex. LOSS OF THE DAMAGE DEPOSIT MAY OCCUR IF:  ANY EVIDENCE OF SMOKING/TOBACCO/VAPING IS FOUND IN BUILDING.  CONFETTI/RICE IS FOUND IN THE BUILDING.  LOST KEY FOR FACILITY.  IMPROPER CLEANING OF THE KITCHEN IN THE HALL. Authorized Rental Representative Renter Signed this day of , . The Multiplex provides as required a public address system. Included in rental (please request at the time of booking) podium, set up and take down of tables and chairs. ABSOLUTELY NO decorating on the walls or from the ceiling! Only battery operated candles will be allowed in hall - no open flames. Hooks are provided for your use on the molding board and the front walls. Special instructions: Non -refundable Deposit (½ of facility rental) + Damage Deposit Amount Paid - Remaining balance payable on rental date. BOOKINGS ARE NOT GUARANTEED UNTIL THE NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOIST + DAMAGE DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED AND CONTRACT IS SIGNED AND RETURNED TO THE TOWN OFFICE.

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  • The Premises Landlord hereby leases to Tenant and Tenant hereby leases from Landlord the premises set forth in Section 2.2 of the Summary (the “Premises”). The outline of the Premises is set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto, and an outline of the Project is set forth in Exhibit A-1 attached hereto. The parties hereto agree that the lease of the Premises is upon and subject to the terms, covenants and conditions herein set forth, and Tenant covenants as a material part of the consideration for this Lease to keep and perform each and all of such terms, covenants and conditions by it to be kept and performed and that this Lease is made upon the condition of such performance. The parties hereto hereby acknowledge that the purpose of Exhibit A is to show the approximate location of the Premises in the “Building,” as that term is defined in Section 1.1.2, below, only, and such Exhibit is not meant to constitute an agreement, representation or warranty as to the construction of the Premises, the precise area thereof or the specific location of the “Common Areas,” as that term is defined in Section 1.1.3, below, or the elements thereof or of the accessways to the Premises or the “Project,” as that term is defined in Section 1.1.2, below. Except as specifically set forth in this Lease, Tenant shall accept the Premises in its presently existing “as-is” condition and Landlord shall not be obligated to provide or pay for any improvement work or services related to the improvement of the Premises. Tenant also acknowledges that neither Landlord nor any agent of Landlord has made any representation or warranty regarding the condition of the Premises, the Building or the Project or with respect to the suitability of any of the foregoing for the conduct of Tenant’s business, except as specifically set forth in this Lease. However, notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord agrees that base Building electrical, mechanical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and plumbing systems located in the Premises shall be in good working order and the roof shall be water tight as of the date Landlord delivers possession of the Premises to Tenant. Except to the extent caused by the acts or omissions of Tenant or any Tenant Parties (as defined in Section 10.13 below) by any alterations or improvements performed by or on behalf of Tenant, if such systems and/or the roof are not in good working order as of the date possession of the Premises is delivered to Tenant and Tenant provides Landlord with notice of the same within ninety (90) days following the date Landlord delivers possession of the Premises to Tenant, Landlord shall be responsible for repairing or restoring the same at Landlord’s sole cost and expense. Subject to any repairs or restoration required by the immediately preceding sentence, the commencement of business operations from the Premises by Tenant shall presumptively establish that the Premises and the Building were at such time in good and sanitary order, condition and repair. For purposes of Section 1938 of the California Civil Code, Landlord hereby discloses to Tenant, and Tenant hereby acknowledges, that the Premises, the Building and the Project have not undergone inspection by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp).

  • Building With respect to each parcel of Real Estate, all of the buildings, structures and improvements now or hereafter located thereon. Business Day. Any day on which banking institutions located in the same city and State as the Agent’s Head Office are located are open for the transaction of banking business and, in the case of LIBOR Rate Loans, which also is a LIBOR Business Day.

  • Leased Premises Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee leases and takes from Lessor, the Leased Premises subject to the conditions of this Lease.

  • Demised Premises Owner hereby leases to Tenant and Tenant hereby hires from Owner those portions of the tenth (10th) and eleventh (11th) floors indicated by outlining and diagonal markings on the floor plans initialled by the parties and annexed hereto as Exhibit "1" and Exhibit "2", respectively, in the building known as 55 Broad Street, in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York (said building is referred to as the "Building", and the Building together with the plot of land upon which it stands is referred to as the "Real Property"), at the annual rental rate or rates set forth in Section 1.03, and upon and subject to all of the terms, covenants and conditions contained in this Lease. The premises leased to Tenant, together with all appurtenances, fixtures, improvements, additions and other property attached thereto or installed therein at the commencement of, or at any time during, the term of this Lease, other than Tenant's Personal Property (as defined in Article 4), are referred to, collectively, as the "Demised Premises".

  • Subleased Premises Sublandlord hereby subleases to Subtenant, on the terms and conditions set forth in this Sublease, the Subleased Premises. Sublandlord shall deliver the Subleased Premises to Subtenant on the Sublease Commencement Date with all building systems serving the Premises in good working condition, broom clean, but otherwise in such "AS IS, WHERE IS" condition as exists as of the date of this Sublease, free of all occupants other than Subtenant. Subtenant acknowledges that Sublandlord has made no other representations or warranties concerning the Subleased Premises or the Building or their fitness for Subtenant's purposes, except as expressly set forth in this Sublease. The taking of possession of the Subleased Premises shall be deemed Subtenant's acknowledgement that the same have been delivered in a good and tenantable condition. Sublandlord agrees that Subtenant shall have access to the Sublease Premises prior to the Sublease Commencement Date, beginning at 5 p.m. on January 29, 2002 to and including March 31, 2002, to make Subtenant Improvements, including telephone and cable work. Sublandlord represents that all improvements, additions, alterations and other work done by it to the Sublease Premises was done with the Master Landlord's consent and with all necessary permits and approvals.

  • Building Use Agency facilities may be used for Union activities according to current building use policies, so long as the facility is available and proper scheduling has been arranged.

  • Sublease Premises On and subject to the terms and conditions below, Sublandlord hereby leases to Subtenant, and Subtenant hereby leases from Sublandlord, the Sublease Premises.

  • Premises Building Project and Common Areas 1.1 Premises, Building, Project and Common Areas.

  • TENANT PARKING Tenant shall have the right, without the payment of any parking charge or fee (other than as a reimbursement of operating expenses to the extent allowed pursuant to the terms of Article 4 of this Lease, above), commencing on the Lease Commencement Date, to use the amount of unreserved parking spaces set forth in Section 10 of the Summary, on a monthly basis throughout the Lease Term, which parking spaces shall pertain to the on-site and/or off-site, as the case may be, parking facility (or facilities) which serve the Project. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant shall be responsible for the full amount of any taxes imposed by any governmental authority in connection with the renting of such parking spaces by Tenant or the use of the parking facility by Tenant. Tenant’s continued right to use the parking spaces is conditioned upon Tenant abiding by all rules and regulations which are prescribed from time to time for the orderly operation and use of the parking facility where the parking spaces are located (including any sticker or other identification system established by Landlord and the prohibition of vehicle repair and maintenance activities in the parking facilities), and shall reasonably cooperate in seeing that Tenant’s employees and visitors also comply with such rules and regulations. Tenant’s use of the Project parking facility shall be at Tenant’s sole risk and Tenant acknowledges and agrees that Landlord shall have no liability whatsoever for damage to the vehicles of Tenant, its employees and/or visitors, or for other personal injury or property damage or theft relating to or connected with the parking rights granted herein or any of Tenant’s, its employees’ and/or visitors’ use of the parking facilities.

  • Buildings The Employer will provide and maintain all state-owned buildings, facilities, and equipment in accordance with the specific written order(s) of the Michigan Departments of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and/or Military and Veterans Affairs. Where facilities are leased by the Employer, the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to assure that such facilities comply with the order(s) of the Michigan Departments of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and/or Military and Veterans Affairs.