The Allowance Sample Clauses

The Allowance. In the Leases, Landlord agreed to contribute $1,050,000 (the "Allowance," as defined herein) toward the cost of Landlord's Work. Tenant has requested Landlord to increase the Allowance to $1,250,000, which Landlord has agreed to do. Accordingly, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Leases, the Allowance is hereby increased to $1,250,000.00, which amount shall, along with Landlord's willingness to make the TI Loan, be Landlord's total contribution, in the aggregate, toward Landlord's Work.
The Allowance. The reference to “$40.00 per rentable square foot” in the second sentence of Section 4 of the Work Letter Agreement is hereby deleted and replaced with “the sum of (x) $40.00 per rentable square foot and (y) $50,000”.
The Allowance. As an inducement to Lessee to enter into the Lease, ------------- but subject to paragraph 3.2 below and as otherwise provided in the Lease and this Exhibit D-3, Lessor agrees to reimburse Lessee for: (1) the cost of construction of the Tenant Improvements identified on the approved Final Plans; (2) costs of any permits or licensing fees; (3) payment of the fees of the Architect, Engineer and Lessee's space planner (the "Planner") (at a cost not to exceed twenty cents ($.20) per Adjusted Rentable Square Foot of the Leased Premises for the services of the Planner) for the Tenant Improvements; and (4) any other costs approved by Lessor including planning and design costs ("Tenant Improvement Costs") up to a cost not to exceed twenty dollars ($20) for each Adjusted Rentable Square Foot in the Leased Premises (the "Allowance"). If the Allowance is not used for Tenant Improvement Costs, the unused portion shall revert to Lessor and shall not be available for any other purpose by Lessee.
The Allowance. Value for an Allowance Item includes the direct cost of labor, materials, equipment, transportation, taxes and insurance associated with the applicable Allowance Item. All other costs, including design fees, Design-Builder’s overall project management and general conditions costs, overhead and fee, are deemed to be included in the original Contract Sum, and are not subject to adjustment, regardless of the actual amount of the Allowance Item.
The Allowance. If the Work involves progress payments, Landlord shall apply the amounts deposited by Tenant first. If, after final completion and payment for the Work, the actual amount of Tenant's Cost exceeds the estimated amount, Tenant shall pay the difference to Landlord within three (3) days after Landlord so requests. If such estimated amount exceeds the actual amount of Tenant's Cost, Landlord shall provide a refund of the difference. Tenant's Cost shall be deemed "rent" under the Lease (and all remedies for the non-payment of rent shall be available to Landlord therefor), and Tenant's obligations under the Lease to keep the Premises and Building free of liens shall apply to any liens arising from any failure to pay Tenant's Cost hereunder.
The Allowance. Landlord will make available to Tenant up to Eight Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Four Hundred Forty Dollars ($898,440.00) (the “Allowance”) for the “hard” and “soft” costs of its initial improvement of the Premises, plus the lesser of Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000.00) or one-half (1/2) the actual out-of-pocket cost incurred by Tenant to acquire and install a transformer and to distribute power to the Building. Within thirty (30) days after Tenant’s submission of appropriate paid invoices, Landlord will also reimburse up to Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Seven Dollars ($7,487.00) of Tenant’s actual out-of-pocket costs for a preliminary space plan:

Related to The Allowance

  • Shoe Allowance Maintenance Technician and Facility Aide are required to wear toe protective/safety footwear. Upon completion of probation, such Employees will be provided with the following reimbursement for the purchase of toe protective/safety footwear upon production of a receipt: Full-time Employees: reimbursement up to $90.00 per year Part-time Employees: reimbursement up to $90.00 every two (2) years Dietary staff and Housekeeping/Laundry staff are required to wear slip-resistant shoes. Upon completion of probation, such Employees will be provided with the following reimbursement for the purchase of slip resistant shoes upon production of a receipt: Full-time Employees: reimbursement up to $60.00 per year Part-time Employees: reimbursement up to $60.00 every two (2) years

  • Expense Allowance Out of the proceeds of each Closing, the Company also agrees to pay Xxxxxxxxxx (a) a management fee equal to 1.0% of the gross proceeds raised in each Offering; (b) $35,000 for non-accountable expenses (to be increased to $50,000 in case of a public Offering); (c) up to $50,000 for fees and expenses of legal counsel and other out-of-pocket expenses (to be increased to $100,000 in case of a public Offering); plus the additional amount payable by the Company pursuant to Paragraph D.3 hereunder and, if applicable, the costs associated with the use of a third-party electronic road show service (such as NetRoadshow); provided, however, that such amount in no way limits or impairs the indemnification and contribution provisions of this Agreement.

  • Car Allowance During the Term, the Executive shall be entitled to an $850 a month car allowance in accordance with NFM’s car allowance policy, in lieu of expenses associated with the operation of his automobile.

  • Shift Allowance In addition to the wage specified in sub-clause (1), read with sub- clause (12), a normal shift worker shall, in respect of his shift hours worked in any week, be paid an additional 12,5% on such wage.

  • Tool Allowance The Company agrees to arrange with a Tool Supplier for the purchase of tools required in the performance of a trade for each Skilled Trades employee. The Company further agrees to pay for a tool allowance annually up to three hundred ($300.00) dollars. Employees will be allowed to carry over to the next year, any unused portion of the annual $300.00. In addition, the Company agrees to pay the cost of license renewals for Skilled Trades when required by law.

  • Training Allowance Operators who are required by the Employer to provide training to a specified level and to certify to the competency of the employees so trained shall receive twelve dollars ($12) per day while training. In such cases, the most senior qualified operator with the capability to provide training in the required class of equipment shall be given the opportunity to provide such training.

  • Boot Allowance The District will pay $180 toward the purchase and/or repair of work boots for District Employees listed in the District’s Work Apparel Policy and/or at the discretion of the employee’s department manager. Payment will be made by the first full paycheck of the employee’s date of hire and annually thereafter. Boots must meet applicable OSHA standards for the duties assigned.

  • Cleaning Allowance The University will pay for the cleaning of Department issued uniforms and necessary work clothing requiring cleaning worn by employees assigned to non-uniformed positions.

  • Vehicle Allowance (a) Vehicle allowance for all kilometres travelled on the Employer’s business shall be paid to employees who are required to use their own vehicles in the performance of their duties.

  • Mileage Allowance 1. The mileage allowance is forty-four cents ($.44) per mile, or the federal rate whichever is less.