Approval of Plans and Specifications Sample Clauses

Approval of Plans and Specifications. Neither review nor approval by or on behalf of Landlord of any Tenant’s plans nor any plans and specifications for any Tenant Alterations or any other work shall constitute a representation or warranty by Landlord, any of Landlord’s beneficiaries or any of their respective agents, partners or employees that such plans and specifications either (i) are complete or suitable for their intended purpose, or (ii) comply with Applicable Laws, it being expressly agreed by Tenant that neither Landlord, nor any of Landlord’s beneficiaries nor any of their respective agents, partners or employees assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever to Tenant or to any other person or entity for such completeness, suitability or compliance.
Approval of Plans and Specifications. The Owner agrees to approve the plans and specifications for such reconstruction or repair if the reconstruction or repair contemplated by such plans and specifications is economically feasible, and will restore the PROJECT, or the damaged portion thereof, to substantially the same condition as prior to such loss or damage and such plans and specifications conform to the applicable laws, ordinances, codes and regulations. The owner agrees that all proceeds of any applicable insurance or other proceeds received by the owner or the CM as a result of such loss or damage shall be used solely for payment of the costs, expenses, and other charges of the reconstruction or repair of the PROJECT.
Approval of Plans and Specifications. Lessee shall have final approval of all plans and specifications before construction begins. Such approvals shall not be unreasonably withheld and shall be returned to Lessor within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt from Lessor.
Approval of Plans and Specifications. BTS Company shall be responsible for constructing the tower platforms, ice bridges, towers, fencing, grounding systems, power and telephone connections to a central demarcation point within the tower compound, and a concrete equipment pad as specified by site diagrams for Horizon's equipment and battery backup ("Tower Facilities"). BTS Company shall prepare and deliver to Horizon for its approval three copies of prototype, standard plans ("Plans") and construction specifications ("Specifications") for the construction of prototype Tower Facilities. The Plans and Specifications shall be delivered to Horizon at least fourteen (14) business days prior to obtaining the building permit on a Site. Within ten (10) days after receipt of the Plans and Specifications, Horizon shall either approve such Plans and Specifications or deliver to BTS Company detailed written objections thereto. Horizon shall approve the Plans and Specifications if they meet the minimum specifications set forth by Horizon in its Search Ring; provided, however, that Horizon shall not be required to approve the Plans and Specifications if BTS Company's Plans and Specifications contemplate tower height or loading in excess of what was contemplated in Horizon's Search Ring minimum specifications, and such excess would cause a material delay in BTS Company obtaining governmental approvals with respect to the applicable Site, and such delay would materially delay Horizon's anticipated installation date for its Equipment on such Site.
Approval of Plans and Specifications. Landlord's architect, in consultation with Tenant, shall prepare a space plan for the build-out of the Premises consistent with the standard of improvement described in Paragraph 2 (a) above. Such space plan must be finalized and approved by Landlord and Tenant no later than January 30, 1998. Tenant will have at least five (5) business days to approve plans and any subsequent revision. Thereafter, Landlord's architect will prepare working drawings for the Tenant Improvements based upon the approved space plan, and the same shall be submitted to Tenant. Tenant shall approve such Plans and Specifications within five (5) business days of receipt or designate by written notice to Landlord the specific changes required to be made to the Plans and Specifications, which changes, if approved by landlord, shall be made by Landlord as soon as reasonably possible. This procedure shall be repeated until the Plans and Specifications are finally approved by Tenant (the "Final Plans and Specifications");
Approval of Plans and Specifications. Except as otherwise expressly set forth in the Lease or the Workletter (if any), all work and all space plans, construction drawings, details, changes to the drawings must have the prior written approval of Landlord before any construction begins. Construction and design-build drawings for OTI-l, 2, 3, & 4 are to be approved in writing by the Management Office before drawings are submitted for permit. Overlaying of the ceiling lighting, mechanical, and fire sprinkler drawings is to be done before any work starts, to eliminate any conflict of installation between these trades.
Approval of Plans and Specifications. Tenant shall prepare and deliver to Landlord for Landlord's review and approval three (3) sets, plus one (1) reproducible set, of all of the final working drawings for the Tenant Improvements ("TI DRAWINGS") which shall cover the work generally described on attached Schedule 1. Upon completion of Landlord's review, Tenant shall have five (5) days in which to resubmit, if necessary, revised TI Drawings to Landlord for Landlord's review and approval. Landlord shall not have any obligation to approve any TI Drawings that (i) do not conform to applicable statutes, ordinances or regulations or is disapproved by any governmental agency, (ii) requires building service beyond the level normally provided to other tenants in the Business Center, (iii) overload the floor, (iv) may, as determined by Landlord, in Landlord's sole and absolute discretion, adversely impact the structural integrity of the Building or any of the Building systems, (v) can be seen from the exterior of the Building, (vi) increase any of Landlord's costs, or (vii) are, in Landlord's sole opinion, of a nature or quality that is inconsistent with the objectives of Landlord for the Business Center. If Tenant and Landlord are unable to agree on the TI Drawings, such dispute shall be resolved by the Landlord, DeRevere & Associates, whose determination shall be final. Following such approval of the TI Drawings, both parties shall sign and deliver to each other duplicate copies of the TI Drawings. Thereafter, changes may be made only in strict accordance with the construction contract for the Tenant Improvements, and Landlord shall have approval rights therein to any material changes. The term "APPROVED DRAWINGS" shall include such changes. Upon receipt of a request by Tenant to approve the TI Drawings for any part thereof, Landlord shall have ten (10) business days following receipt of the request together with all reasonable supporting documentation in which to review in good faith the submitted drawings and other documents to determine whether they meet the standards for the Building. On or before the expiration of the review period, Landlord shall prepare and submit to Tenant in writing any comments, suggestions, modifications or objections it may have to the submitted drawings or documents.
Approval of Plans and Specifications. As soon as practicable after receipt of the final Drawings and Specifications prepared by Landlord’s Architect and incorporating the Plans Information, but in no event more than five (5) days after receipt thereof, Tenant shall return to Landlord such Drawings and Specifications with its suggested modifications and/or approval. If, upon receipt of Tenant’s modified Drawings and Specifications, Landlord wishes to take exception thereto, Landlord may do so within five (5) days after the date upon which Landlord receives Tenant’s modified Drawings and Specifications. If Landlord takes exception, then Landlord and Tenant shall negotiate in good faith to promptly resolve any disagreements and make modifications to the Drawings and Specifications are which are acceptable to Landlord and Tenant. The parties shall attempt to reach agreement as soon as possible, and in all events within ten (10) days after the date upon which Landlord receives Tenant’s modified Drawings and Specifications. Without limitation, it shall not be unreasonable for Landlord to object to any modifications proposed by Tenant which are not consistent with the Approved Design Plan, which would increase the cost to complete Landlord’s Work, or which would increase the construction period necessary to complete Landlord’s Work, from that which would be applicable under the Approved Design Plan.
Approval of Plans and Specifications. (a) In the event that Carrier has obtained Plans and Specifications for the construction the Tower Facilities, Carrier shall deliver to Tower Company the Plans and Specifications for the Tower Facilities within five (5) days of the complete execution of the Assignment. In the event that Tower Company does not approve the Plans and Specifications Tower Company shall deliver detailed written objections to the Plans and Specifications within five (5) business days of the receipt of the Plans and Specification. If Tower Company modifies the Plans and Specifications Tower Company shall prepare and deliver to Carrier for approval by Carrier three copies of any modifications to the Plans and Specifications. Any modifications to the Plans and Specifications for each Tower Facility shall be delivered to Carrier within ten (10) business days of the delivery of the Plans and Specifications to Tower Company. If no objection or modified Plans and Specifications are delivered to Carrier within the above-referenced time periods, the Plans and Specifications shall be deemed approved. Within five (5) business days after receipt of the modified Plans and Specifications, Carrier shall approve such modified Plans and Specification or deliver to Tower Company detailed written objections thereto. If Carrier fails to either affirmatively approve or disapprove the modifications to the Plans and Specifications proposed by Tower Company within the five (5) day period, Carrier shall be deemed to have effectively approved the modified Plans and Specifications.