Improvements Sample Clauses

Improvements. The buildings, structures, fixtures, additions, enlargements, extensions, modifications, repairs, replacements and improvements now or hereafter erected or located on the Land (collectively, the “Improvements”);
Improvements. Purchaser is authorized to con- struct on National Forest land, buildings, facilities, and other improvements needed to log Included Timber. Such construction shall be located where approved in writing by Forest Service and shall be constructed and used in a manner that will protect National Forest values. Purchaser shall comply with the rules and regulations governing the operation of premises that are occupied and shall perform the contract in a manner that will not in- terrupt or interfere with the conduct of Forest Service business. Forest Service shall grant written permission before any camp, quarry, borrow pit, storage, or service area, other than as shown on Plans, is opened or operated on National Forest land or administered lands. A camp is in- terpreted to include the campsite or trailer parking area of any employee agent, contractor, Subcontractor or their employees or agents working on the project for Pur- chaser. Such permission, if granted, shall be without charge to Purchaser.
Improvements. Title to all improvements made on the Project Site during the term hereof shall be held, vest and transfer pursuant to the terms of the Facilities Lease.
Improvements. All of Trustor's right, title and interest in and to all buildings, structures and other improvements and any additions and alterations thereto or replacements thereof, now or hereafter built, constructed or located upon the Real Estate; and, to the extent that any of the following items of property constitutes fixtures under applicable laws, all furnishings, fixtures, fittings, appliances, apparatus, equipment, machinery, building and construction materials and other articles of every kind and nature whatsoever and all replacements thereof, now or hereafter affixed or attached to, placed upon or used in any way in connection with the complete and comfortable use, enjoyment, occupation, operation, development and/or maintenance of the Real Estate or such buildings, structures and other improvements, including, but not limited to, partitions, furnaces, boilers, oil burners, radiators and piping, plumbing and bathroom fixtures, refrigeration, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and sprinkler systems, other fire prevention and extinguishing apparatus and materials, vacuum cleaning systems, gas and electric fixtures, incinerators, compactors, elevators, engines, motors, generators and all other articles of property which are considered fixtures under applicable law (such buildings, structures and other improvements and such other property are herein collectively referred to as the "Improvements"; the Real Estate and the Improvements are herein collectively referred to as the "Property");
Improvements. Tenant shall not make or allow to be made any alterations or physical additions in or to the Leased Premises without first obtaining the written consent of Landlord. Any permanently attached alterations, physical additions or improvements to the Leased Premises made by Tenant shall at once become the property of Landlord and shall be surrendered to Landlord upon the expiration or termination of this Lease; provided, however, Landlord, at its option and, pursuant to written notice given to Tenant before the installation of such improvements, may require Tenant to remove any physical additions and/or repair any alterations in order to restore the Leased Premises to the condition existing at the time Tenant took possession, all costs of removal and/or alterations to be borne by Tenant. This clause shall not apply to moveable or removable equipment or furniture owned by Tenant, which may be removed by Tenant at the end of the Term if Tenant is not then in default. With respect to the construction work (not related to the tenant improvement work of Landlord) to be performed in the Leased Premises, Tenant shall be allowed to undertake both "building standard" and "non-building standard" leasehold improvements within the Leased Premises (except where the same relate to base building structural and/or mechanical work) through outside contractors of its own choosing, subject to Landlord's approval, and subject to Tenant providing to Landlord the necessary proof of the insurances reasonably required to be carried by such outside contractors, provided the entry and work on the part of such outside contractors (i) shall be in harmony with Landlord's contractors and their subcontractors and (ii) shall not unreasonably interfere with or delay completion of the work to be performed by Landlord in the Leased Premises or elsewhere in the Building. Tenant shall indemnify and hold harmless Landlord, its agents, officers, directors, employees, contractors, and any mortgagee of Landlord from and against any and all losses, damages, costs (including costs of suit and attorney's fees), liabilities or causes of action for injury to or death of any person, for damage to any property, and for mechanic's, materialmen's or other liens or claims arising out of or in connection with the work done by the Tenant.
Improvements. All improvements now on the above-described real estate shall be delivered to the Buyer at the time of closing in as good condition as they are now in at the time of this contract, ordinary wear and tear excepted; provided, however, if prior to the closing, any of the principal improvements be materially damaged, the Seller shall forthwith give the Buyer written notice thereof; and either party at their election, may void this contract by giving written notice thereof to the other party within five (5) days of receipt of the notice, or prior to the closing, whichever time first occurs, in which case this contract shall be null and void.
Improvements. All buildings, structures and improvements located on or affixed to the Land and all fixtures on the Land which constitute real property under Applicable Law (the “Improvements”; the Land and the Improvements are referred to collectively herein as the “Real Property”);