Drawings and Specifications Sample Clauses

Drawings and Specifications. 9.1 A complete list of all Drawings that form a part of the Contract Documents are to be found as an index on the Drawings themselves, and/or may be provided to Developer and/or in the Table of Contents.
Drawings and Specifications. The Construction Manager will be furnished a reproducible set of all copies of Drawings and Specifications reasonably necessary and ready for printing.
Drawings and Specifications. The Project shall be constructed in accordance with the terms of the Construction Contract as approved by HUD, if any, and with the “Drawings and Specifications,” as such term is referred to in such Construction Contract.
Drawings and Specifications. Upon receipt of the Limited Notice to Proceed or Notice to Proceed issued in accordance with Sections 5.1 and 5.2, Contractor shall commence the preparation of the Drawings and Specifications for all Work relating to such LNTP or NTP. The Drawings and Specifications shall be based on the requirements of this Agreement, including the Scope of Work, Design Basis, GECP, Applicable Codes and Standards and Applicable Law.
Drawings and Specifications. Project Architect shall revise the drawings and specifications upon Final Completion of the construction, to incorporate all Addenda, all Change Orders for the Work and any modifications recorded by the Contractor on the As-Built Drawings and Specifications maintained at the job site. The Project Architect shall label the revised drawings and specifications as “Record Drawings” and “Record Specifications” and shall deliver copies to the Owner for record purposes, as follows: Record Specifications: Provide one (1) bound hard copy set and one (1) electronic set of the fully conformed record specifications incorporating all changes and as-built conditions on CD or DVD in PDF format. Record Drawings: Provide one (1) complete bound print set of record drawings, and one (1) complete electronic set of the full record drawings incorporating all changes and as-built conditions on CD or DVD. All CADD drawing files shall be in AutoCAD DWG format compatible with the latest version of AutoCAD. Drawings should be bundled using AutoCAD’s “Pack-n-go” or “e-Transmit” utility to organize files in the root directory of the CD. All Drawing files must be listed before the support files and must include all required support files, such as Xrefs, Fonts, Image files and Print files. Do not put files in directories; all files must be in the root directory.
Drawings and Specifications. Engineer shall cause all graphic and pictorial documents showing the design, location, and dimension of the work (“Drawings”) and written requirements for materials, equipment, systems, standards, and workmanship for construction of the work (“Specifications”) to conform to applicable requirements of federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, in effect as of the time the Drawings and Specifications are prepared or revised during the latest phase of the Services described herein. Engineer has an obligation to monitor changes to applicable laws, rules, and regulations and to promptly advise Owner of any changes that potentially may impact the Project. Any significant revisions made necessary by legislative enactment of changes in such laws, rules and regulations after this time shall be compensated as Additional Services. Engineer shall cause the necessary copies of such Drawings and Specifications to be filed with any governmental bodies with approval jurisdiction over the Project.
Drawings and Specifications. The CM@Risk shall study and compare the Construction Documents prior to beginning work on each phase or portion of the Work and immediately report to the Design Professional and the Owner any material error, inconsistency, conflict, ambiguity, or omission that is discovered.
Drawings and Specifications. A. INTENT It is the mutual intent of Contractor and County that the Contract is to describe a functionally complete Project and individual systems therein to be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Contract. Contractor will provide for the Contract Sum any Work, including, but not limited to materials, equipment, supplies and testing, that may reasonably be inferred from the requirements of the Contract or from prevailing custom or trade usage as being required to produce the intended result, whether or not specifically called for in the Contract. When words or phrases that have a well-known technical or construction industry or trade meanings are used to describe Work, materials, equipment, supplies and testing, such words or phrases shall be interpreted in accordance with that meaning.
Drawings and Specifications. The general character and scope of the Work are illustrated by the drawings and specifications. Where on any of the drawings a portion of the Work is drawn out and the remainder is indicated in outline, the parts drawn out shall apply also to all other like portions of the Work. If the Contractor deems additional detail or information to be needed, Contractor may request the same in writing from the Division Manager. The Contractor shall carry out the Work in accordance with the drawings and specifications and any additional detail drawings and instructions as issued by the Division Manager. However, Contractor shall immediately notify the Division Manager of any discrepancies in such drawings and/or specifications and confirm such notice in writing within five (5) calendar days.
Drawings and Specifications. The CM shall include with its GMP proposal two complete, bound sets of the drawings, specifications, plans, sketches, instructions, requirements, materials, equipment specifications and other information or documents that fully describe the Project as developed at the time of the GMP Proposal and that are relevant to the establishment of the GMP. The bound supporting documents shall be referenced in and incorporated into the GMP Proposal.