Fails to Deliver Sample Clauses

Fails to Deliver. In the event (a) a “locate” was not obtained by your broker in connection with a sale for a short account notwithstanding your representation to the contrary, XX Xxxxxx may buy the securities for your account and risk, and charge your account for all costs and expenses incurred by it and (b) you fail to make delivery of securities on a timely basis to enable XX Xxxxxx to settle a sale for a long account, you shall pay to XX Xxxxxx any losses, liability or expenses incurred by it.
Fails to Deliver. In the case of the failure of the Client’s counterparty (or other appropriate party) to deliver the expected consideration as agreed, State Street will make available to the Client on information regarding such failure to deliver.

Related to Fails to Deliver

  • Failure to Deliver Applicable

  • Covenant to Deliver Borrower agrees to deliver to Bank each item required to be delivered to Bank under this Agreement as a condition precedent to any Credit Extension. Borrower expressly agrees that a Credit Extension made prior to the receipt by Bank of any such item shall not constitute a waiver by Bank of Borrower’s obligation to deliver such item, and the making of any Credit Extension in the absence of a required item shall be in Bank’s sole discretion.

  • Failure to Deliver Shares If the Optionee (or his or her legal representative) who has become obligated to sell Shares hereunder shall fail to deliver such shares to the Company in accordance with the terms of this agreement, the Company may, at its option, in addition to all other remedies it may have, mail to the Optionee the purchase price for such shares as is herein specified. Thereupon, the Company: (i) shall cancel on its books the certificate or certificates representing such Shares to be sold; and (ii) shall issue, in lieu thereof, a new certificate or certificates in the name of the Company representing such Shares (or cancel such Shares), and thereupon all of such Optionee’s rights in and to such Shares shall terminate.

  • Failure to Deliver Certificates If, in the case of any Notice of Conversion, such certificate or certificates are not delivered to or as directed by the applicable Holder by the Share Delivery Date, the Holder shall be entitled to elect by written notice to the Company at any time on or before its receipt of such certificate or certificates, to rescind such Conversion, in which event the Company shall promptly return to the Holder any original Note delivered to the Company and the Holder shall promptly return to the Company the Common Stock certificates issued to such Holder pursuant to the rescinded Conversion Notice.

  • PRODUCT DELIVERY Delivery must be made as ordered to the address specified on the Purchase Order and in accordance with the terms of the Contract or Contract Award Notice. Unless otherwise specified in the Bid Documents, delivery shall be made within thirty calendar days after receipt of a Purchase Order by the Contractor. The decision of the Commissioner as to compliance with delivery terms shall be final. The burden of proof for delay in receipt of Purchase Order shall rest with the Contractor. In all instances of a potential or actual delay in delivery, the Contractor shall immediately notify the Commissioner and the Authorized User, and confirm in writing the explanation of the delay, and take appropriate action to avoid any subsequent late deliveries. Any extension of time for delivery must be requested in writing by the Contractor and approved in writing by the Authorized User. Failure to meet such delivery time schedule may be grounds for cancellation of the order or, in the Commissioner’s discretion, the Contract.

  • Other Deliveries At or prior to Closing, Parent shall have delivered to the Company (i) copies of resolutions and actions taken by Parent’s board of directors and stockholders in connection with the approval of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereunder, and (ii) such other documents or certificates as shall reasonably be required by the Company and its counsel in order to consummate the transactions contemplated hereunder.

  • CONDITIONS TO DELIVERY OF ISSUANCE NOTICES AND TO SETTLEMENT (a) Conditions Precedent to the Right of the Company to Deliver an Issuance Notice and the Obligation of the Agent to Sell Shares. The right of the Company to deliver an Issuance Notice hereunder is subject to the satisfaction, on the date of delivery of such Issuance Notice, and the obligation of the Agent to use its commercially reasonable efforts to place Shares during the applicable period set forth in the Issuance Notice is subject to the satisfaction, on each Trading Day during the applicable period set forth in the Issuance Notice, of each of the following conditions:

  • Agreement to Deliver Documents For the purpose of Sections 4(a)(i) and (ii) of this Agreement, each party agrees to deliver the following documents, as applicable:

  • Failure to Deliver Common Stock or Replacement Note Xxxxxxxx's failure to timely deliver Common Stock to the Holder pursuant to and in the form required by this Note and Sections 7 and 11 of the Subscription Agreement, or, if required, a replacement Note.

  • Non-Compliant Delivery Overshipments and/or early deliveries may be returned at Supplier’s sole expense, or DXC may delay processing the early delivery invoice until the Delivery Date.