Definition of Tenant Improvements Agreement

Tenant Improvements Agreement means the agreement between Tenant and Landlord for construction of improvements within the Premises, excepting Minor Non-Structural Alterations, attached as Exhibit "G" of this Lease.

Examples of Tenant Improvements Agreement in a sentence

If the Commencement Date is delayed due to a Tenant Delay (as defined in the Tenant Improvements Agreement), the obligations of Tenant under this Lease (including, without limitation, the obligation to pay Rent) will commence as of the date that the Commencement Date would have occurred but for the Tenant Delay.
Any capitalized terms not defined in this Tenant Improvements Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the Lease.
All improvements to the Premises made by or on behalf of Tenant at Tenant's sole cost and expense (except for the Initial Improvements) whether pursuant to the Tenant Improvements Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit C or Section 5A hereto (the "Subsequent Improvements") shall be and remain Tenant's property.
Upon such termination, this Lease shall be null and void, and Tenant and Landlord shall have no further liability and/or obligations to one another under the terms and conditions of this Lease and/or the Tenant Improvements Agreement.
If no Tenant Improvements Agreement is attached to this Lease, no Improvements are being provided by Landlord and Tenant is taking the Premises as is and with all faults.