Marketing and Outreach Sample Clauses

Marketing and Outreach. Marketing efforts shall be targeted to the general community in the State of Indiana. In accordance with 42 CFR 438.104, and the requirements outlined in Section 4.5, the Contractor shall obtain State approval for all marketing materials at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to distribution. The Contractor cannot conduct, directly or indirectly, door-to-door, telephone, email, texting, or other “cold-call” marketing enrollmentpractices. Cold-call marketing is defined in 42 CFR 438.104, which addresses marketing activities, as any unsolicited personal contact by the Contractor with a potential Medicaid enrollee. The Contractor may market by mail, mass media advertising (e.g., radio, television and billboards) and community-oriented marketing directed at potential members. The Contractor shall conduct marketing and advertising in a geographically balanced manner, paying special attention to rural areas of the State. The Contractor shall provide information to potential eligible individuals who live in medically underserved rural areas of the State. Marketing materials shall comply with the information requirements delineated at 42 CFR 438.10, and should include the requirements and benefits of the Contractor’s health plans, as well as the Contractor’s provider network. Such materials shall be in a manner and format that is easily understood and meet the general communication material requirements discussed in this Section 4. The Contractor may offer to potential members tokens or gifts of nominal value, as long as the Contractor acts in compliance with all marketing provisions provided for in 42 CFR 438.104, which addresses marketing activities, and other federal and state regulations and guidance regarding inducements in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The Contractor shall submit to OMPP an annual marketing plan. The annual marketing plan shall be due within sixty (60) calendar days of the beginning of each calendar year. All member marketing and outreach materials shall be submitted to OMPP for approval prior to distribution according to the timeframes set forth in Section 4.5. Any outreach and marketing activities (written and oral) shall be presented and conducted in an easily understood manner and format, at a fifth grade reading level. The Contractor shall not engage in marketing activities that mislead, confuse or defraud members or the State. Statements considered inaccurate, false, or misleading include, but are not limited to, any assertion ...
Marketing and Outreach. Contractor shall identify culturally and linguistically appropriate measures for reaching older adults in need of transportation and determine procedures for implementation of outreach, which may include, but is not limited to, brochures, flyers, and public presentations.In order to ensure effective collaboration and coordination of services, a Contractor shall be required to submit drafts of all printed materials related to outreach and marketing of OoA Senior Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Fixed-Price Per Mile Program services to OoA for approval before publication and dissemination.
Marketing and Outreach. Contractor may choose to create marketing material beyond what is available from VEIC, and to perform outreach activities to promote the HSL program. Should Contractor create any marketing materials, they must be reviewed and approved by VEIC before being distributed.
Marketing and Outreach. Contractor will coordinate outreach and marketing efforts for the One-Stop Career Center System including career services and training, partner services, and services provided by other WANB contractors in the One- Stop Career Center System. Contractor will conduct all marketing and outreach efforts in accordance with WANB’s approved marketing policies.
Marketing and Outreach. Medical Services Entity shall not engage in any marketing or outreach activities relating to Covered Services provided under this Agreement without prior approval from Corporation. All such marketing or outreach activities must comply with state and federal guidelines. Accordingly, the following marketing activities are prohibited, regardless of the method of communication (oral, written) or whether the activity is performed by Corporation directly (or by its Contract Providers, including Medical Services Entity), subcontractors, agents, consultants, or another other party affiliated with Corporation: [; 3.4]
Marketing and Outreach. MoGo, or its contractor(s), subcontractor(s), designees or Associates will prepare all marketing materials and will work with each Local Community to market the Program. Working with the Local Communities, MoGo will also plan and implement a comprehensive community outreach program to build community support and membership. MoGo further may sell advertising spots to appear on the Facilities that have kiosks, and any proceeds in connection with such advertising sales shall be collected solely by MoGo for use in the operations of the Program Expansion; provided, however, that Local Communities may obtain new sponsorship agreements and any funds received by aLocal Community shall be used to offset such Local Community’s obligations with respect to annual operating costs.
Marketing and Outreach. The PARTIES will coordinate marketing and outreach efforts to promote the PILOT PROGRAM and engage the public.
Marketing and Outreach. The board shall review the annual marketing and outreach plan/budget prior to implementation.
Marketing and Outreach. NRMN will prepare all marketing materials and market the Program. NRMN will also plan and implement a comprehensive community outreach program to build community support and membership.
Marketing and Outreach