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Health status. On many health indicators, Arkansans’ health status is below the national average. Life expectancy at birth is 76 years, two years less than the national average. Nearly 38% of Arkansas children are overweight or obese, and this percentage increases to 67% for adults. According to Xxxxxx Family Health’s Health Status report, nearly 10% of the population had been diagnosed with diabetes and in 2008 there were 226 deaths per 100,000 of the population due to heart disease where nationally there were 187. Many Arkansans suffer from poor health and are in need of coordinated care and disease management, often for chronic, complex and co-morbid diseases.
Health status means the determination by a carrier of the past, present, or expected risk of an individual or the employer due to the health conditions of THE INDIVIDUAL OR the employees of the employer.
Health status means the emotional, physical, and mental health status of an individual.

Examples of Health status in a sentence

  • Health status in 1040 adults with disorders of sex development (DSD): a European multicenter study.

  • Health status assessment methods for adults: past accomplishments and future challenges.

  • Health status of children with moderate to severe cerebral palsy.

  • Health status, health care use, medication use, and medication adherence among homeless and housed people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Health status of people with multiple sclerosis: a community mail survey.

More Definitions of Health status

Health status means an individual's mental and physical condition, using the following factors: medical condition, claims experience, medical history, and health service utilization.
Health status means the client’s medical condition based on a diagnosis of the client’s existing illnesses or disabilities, the medical care and medications needed in response to the diagnosis, and an assessment of the client’s ability to perform daily tasks.
Health status means an individual's medical history, diagnosis, condition, treatment, evaluation, or other medical status.
Health status means the determination by a carrier of the underwriting risk of an individual or the employer due to the past, present, or expected health conditions of the employees and dependents of the employer HAS THE SAME MEANING AS SET FORTH IN SECTION 10-16-102 (24).
Health status means a description of the physical and mental condition of an infant or toddler. Health status may include current diagnoses, medications, required regular medical procedures, current medical supplies and technological devices, primary and specially care providers, and immunization status, nutrition and oral health.
Health status. The University shall require candidates participating in the teacher education program to meet the health requirements of the Site and/or state regulatory agency. Proof of compliance may be requested before participation in the program.