Outreach Sample Clauses

Outreach. Both campuses are located in areas of high social deprivation and relatively low academic achievement4 aspiration. The University continues to expand its work with learners from under- represented groups to raise aspirations and attainment amongst those with the potential to enter higher education. Much of our work takes place in local schools, colleges and communities, where we are working to increase the amount of outreach work delivered in a sustained way with learners over a number of years, including with primary learners. In addition, our outreach team are increasingly targeting their 4 26.9% of working age population in Scarborough and 20% of working age population in Hull have a level 4 or above qualification compared to 31.3% nationally. ONS annual population survey, Jan 2010-Dec 2010. activities on the 47 schools, academies and colleges with high proportions of learners eligible for free school meals (pre-16), high numbers of learners from low participation neighbourhoods (identified using POLAR 3 data), and national and socio-economic classification 4-7. Outreach activities include summer schools, in-school mentoring, master-classes and campus visits, as well as the provision of IAG, particularly in the fields of student finance and careers advice where new staff have been recruited. As part of the January 2012 WPSA/Access Agreement monitoring return the University obtained information in relation to: over 4,000 Year 9 learners attending University ACE days; over 3,212 engaged in university educational outreach activity; a further 3,000 attending the Humberside UCAS convention organised by the University; around 433 undertaking medical problem based learning, master classes and summer schools. It is anticipated that the period covered by this agreement will also see an increase in outreach work with potential part-time and mature learners from under-represented groups. In 2014/15 the University intends to:  Maintain and expand collaborative outreach provision with other HEIs  Maintain and where possible expand high impact targeted activities  Continue to maintain funded posts introduced in 2012/135  Continue to enhance the framework of progressive activities6 offered to targeted schools and colleges for learners at KS2,3 and 4  Continue effective monitoring and evaluation of all outreach activity with an increasing emphasis on evaluating and tracking interventions for individual students  Continue to improve the visibility of the support a...
Outreach. Dissemination of information to organizations serving underutilized groups regarding the nature of apprenticeship. Cooperation with local school boards and career technical education systems to develop and/or establish relationships with pre-apprenticeship programs targeting students from the underutilized groups to prepare them to meet the standards and criteria required to qualify for entry into apprenticeship programs. Establishment of formal agreements or partnerships enlisting the assistance and support of pre-apprenticeship programs, community-based organizations, advocacy organizations, or other appropriate organizations, in recruiting qualified individuals for apprenticeship.
Outreach. Partner with healthcare Providers and other social service partners who provide screening for the presence of behavioral health conditions to facilitate access to appropriate Services.
Outreach. 3.1 Select all outreach activities that you conduct that are designed to assure that eligible households are made aware of all LIHWAP assistance available:✔ Place posters/flyers in local and county social service offices, offices of aging, Social Security offices, VA, etc.✔ Publish articles or public service announcements in local newspapers or broadcast media announcements.✔ Work directly with water utilities to identify potential recipients. Include inserts in water vendor billings to inform individuals of the availability of all types of LIHWAP assistance.✔Mass mailing(s) to prior-year LIHEAP recipients or recipients of other government benefits:✔Automated phone campaigns and/or social media outreach Multi-lingual announcements in languages spoken by low income households within utility service area and/or notification in ethnic language news and broadcast media outlets✔Inform low income applicants of the availability of all types of LIHWAP assistance at application intake for other low-income programs.✔Execute interagency agreements with other low-income program offices and/or public health pathways created for Covid-19 outreach to perform outreach to target groups.✔Outreach to faith-based institutions, including those serving low-income people and people of color Other (specify): The annual outreach planning process for LIHWAP features local agencies identifying specific goals and crafting localized strategies suitable to their particular jurisdiction. Local offices submit the annual plan to the state office for review, feedback, and approval. These plans include water and wastewater vendor coordinated outreach, events, targeted outreach efforts to vulnerable populations, advertising, and partnerships planned for the year. The state office approves a final plan and local offices submit a monthly outreach log detailing the activities performed in the month and the results of each activity. Outreach activities are further monitored during the formal program monitoring process. Local activities are supported at the state level by press releases, social media campaigns, mass mailings to recipients of other benefits administered by the Maryland Department of Human Services.If any of the above questions require further explanation or clarification that could not be made in the fields, provide said explanation here.
Outreach. The Local Agencies, in concert with the Steering Committee, will provide access to information for persons interested in the Plan. The Parties expect and intend that public outreach regarding preparation of the Plan will be conducted largely by and through the Stakeholder Committee meetings. In addition, the Local Agencies will continue to hold public meetings to present key decisions regarding the preparation of the Plan to allow the public the opportunity to comment on and inquire about the decisions as such items are presented to their city councils or governing boards. Other outreach efforts will include maintenance of a project website, invited presentations to interested organizations and occasional public workshops.
Outreach. Our outreach programs in partnership with the Department should occur throughout the term of the DBC and will include:  [Good faith efforts performed to date.  During the Proposal phase, DBEs were interviewed and selected for professional services. [DB Contractor shall provide a summary if applicable or remove statement if not applicable]  Holding DBE project informational meetings.  Incorporation of opportunities in project website.  Project and contracting advertisements in local and minority publications.  Collaboration with other organizations to present/advertise project opportunities.  Collaboration with TxDOT's Programs for DBE’s such as PAVED, TBOD and the local TUCP.  Participation at DBE-related events and conferences.  Provision of project plans at plan rooms maintained by minority and women business organizations.  Project Marketing Collateral.  One-on-one Meeting with interested firms.  Project Presentations.]  [DB Contractor shall include any other outreach or activities that DB Contractor has performed or plans to perform throughout the term of the DBC.]