Press Releases definition

Press Releases means the October 22, 2013 press releases regarding the Company issued by (a) the United States Department of Justice and (b) the SEC.
Press Releases means certain press releases relating to financial results or to other developments affecting the System issued by the Funding Corporation since the publication of the most recent Information Statement.
Press Releases. A press release and media support kit shall be prepared by Distributor's Advertising Agent for each product under contract with final text approval authority from Supplier. Distributor to implement the press release through its normal media channels, with the cost of preparation and dissemination for the press release and media support of $1,000.00 payable to distributor prior to the release date. Supplier is encouraged to disseminate the press release through its own channels and so advise Distributor of channels utilized.

Examples of Press Releases in a sentence

  • These notifications take effect from the date of issue of Press Notes/ Press Releases, unless specified otherwise therein.

  • The regulatory framework, over a period of time, thus, consists of Acts, Regulations, Press Notes, Press Releases, Clarifications, etc.

  • Each faith community in the area served should be consulted about how it wishes to deliver spiritual care, support,information and advice to their members.

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  • Press Releases made by the Company from time to time are also displayed on the Company’s website.

More Definitions of Press Releases

Press Releases shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.1 below.
Press Releases means the press release of TXMD and the press release of Purchaser, each in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B. “Pre-Closing Period” has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 9.2(a).
Press Releases means the press releases, in the agreed form, to be issued (i) on or about the date of this Agreement relating to the publication of the Final Prospectus and (ii) any other press release relating to the Offer (including any press release issued in connection with the publication of any Supplementary Prospectus), the issue of which is authorised by the Company;
Press Releases means press disclosures as per applicable Laws, includingdocumentsfiled withStock Exchanges, Registrar ofCompaniesand otherregulatoryauthorities, as applicable.
Press Releases means those corporate press releases of the Company issued since December 31, 2003 and prior to the date hereof, which are posted on the Company’s website as of the date hereof.
Press Releases has the meaning set forth in Section 9.7.