AND THE CONTRACTOR. <<Contractor Name>> <<Street or P.O. Box>> <<City, State, Zip Code>> ACH Address: <<Street or P.O. Box>> <<City, State, Zip Code>> THE PROJECT: <<SBC Number>> <<Campus or Institution Name>> <<Project Title Designated by Owner>> THE DESIGNER: <<Designer Name>> <<Street or P.O. Box>> <<City, State, Zip Code>> THE OWNER AND THE CONTRACTOR AGREE AS SET FORTH BELOW.
AND THE CONTRACTOR. Bushwackers Land Clearing, LLC Calera, OK 74730 (Company Name) (City, State ZIP) PO Box 925 000-000-0000


  • The Contractor A general contractor shall be retained by Tenant to construct the Improvements. Such general contractor (“Contractor”) shall be selected by Tenant from a list of general contractors supplied by Landlord, and Tenant shall deliver to Landlord notice of its selection of the Contractor upon such selection.

  • Contractor Parties A Contractor’s members, directors, officers, shareholders, partners, managers, principal officers, representatives, agents, servants, consultants, employees or any one of them or any other person or entity with whom the Contractor is in privity of oral or written contract and the Contractor intends for such other person or entity to Perform under the Contract in any capacity.

  • Contractors and subcontractors shall establish and maintain a written sexual harassment policy and shall inform their employees of the policy. The policy must contain a notice that sexual harassment will not be tolerated and employees who practice it will be disciplined.

  • Vendors Any vendors engaged by Tenant to perform services in or to the Premises including, without limitation, janitorial contractors and moving contractors shall be coordinated with any work being performed by or for Landlord and in such manner as to maintain harmonious labor relations and not to damage the Building or the Property or interfere with Building construction or operation and shall be performed by vendors first approved by Landlord.

  • Subcontractors The Contractor will not subcontract any work under the Contract without prior written consent of the Department. The Contractor is fully responsible for satisfactory completion of all its subcontracted work. The Department supports diversity in its procurements and contracts, and requests that the Contractor offer subcontracting opportunities to certified woman-, veteran-, and minority-owned small businesses. The Contractor may contact the OSD at for information on certified small business enterprises available for subcontracting opportunities.

  • Sub-Contractors Transfer Agent may, without further consent on the part of Customer, subcontract with other subcontractors for telephone and mailing services as may be required from time to time; provided, however, that the Transfer Agent shall be as fully responsible to the Customer for the acts and omissions of any subcontractor as it is for its own acts and omissions.

  • Vendor upon request and without further consideration, shall perform any acts that may be deemed reasonably necessary or desirable by Customer to evidence more fully the transfer of ownership and/or registration of all Intellectual Property Rights in all Work Product to Customer to the fullest extent possible, including but not limited to the execution, acknowledgement and delivery of such further documents in a form determined by Customer. In the event Customer shall be unable to obtain Vendor’s signature due to the dissolution of Vendor or Vendor’s unreasonable failure to respond to Customer’s repeated requests for such signature on any document reasonably necessary for any purpose set forth in the foregoing sentence, Vendor hereby irrevocably designates and appoints Customer and its duly authorized officers and agents as Vendor’s agent and Vendor’s attorney-in-fact to act for and in Vendor’s behalf and stead to execute and file any such document and to do all other lawfully permitted acts to further any such purpose with the same force and effect as if executed and delivered by Vendor, provided however that no such grant of right to Customer is applicable if Vendor fails to execute any document due to a good faith dispute by Vendor with respect to such document. It is understood that such power is coupled with an interest and is therefore irrevocable. Customer shall have the full and sole power to prosecute such applications and to take all other action concerning the Work Product, and Vendor shall cooperate, at Customer’s sole expense, in the preparation and prosecution of all such applications and in any legal actions and proceedings concerning the Work Product.

  • Contractor If COUNTY elects to renegotiate this Agreement due to reduced or terminated 20 funding, CONTRACTOR shall not be obligated to accept the renegotiated terms.

  • Other Contractors District reserves the right to enter into other agreements for work additional or related to the subject matter of this Contract, and Contractor agrees to cooperate fully with these other contractors and with the District. When requested by District, Contractor shall coordinate its performance under this Contract with such additional or related work. Contractor shall not interfere with the work performance of any other contractor or District employees.

  • Third Party Contractors Tenant shall obtain and deliver to Landlord, Third Party Contractor’s certificates of insurance and applicable endorsements at least seven (7) business days prior to the commencement of work in or about the Premises by any vendor or any other third-party contractor (collectively, a “Third Party Contractor”). All such insurance shall (a) name Landlord as an additional insured under such party’s liability policies as required by Section 10.3.1 above and this Section 10.6, (b) provide a waiver of subrogation in favor of Landlord under such Third Party Contractor’s commercial general liability insurance, (c) be primary and any insurance carried by Landlord shall be excess and non-contributing, and (d) comply with Landlord’s minimum insurance requirements.