Section 4.9 Sample Clauses

Section 4.9. 39 KAEOP may use the District’s internal mail distribution system and e-mail system for the following 40 purposes:
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Section 4.9. 26 The Association shall furnish the District Payroll Office with a list of union members as of the date of 27 execution and with the names of all new members within five (5) days after they become affiliated 28 with the Association. The District Payroll Office will provide the Association with a list of all 29 bargaining unit employees semi-annually with notations as to who the District is deducting dues from. 32 When reductions in the bargaining unit work force are being contemplated, the District shall first meet 33 and confer with the Association as to the necessity for and the manner of any reductions in the work 34 force.
Section 4.9. 2 The District will provide the Association reasonable access to new employees of the bargaining unit 3 for the purposes of presenting information about their exclusive bargaining representative to the new 5 at another time mutually agreed to by the District and the Association. No employee may be mandated 6 to attend the meetings or presentations by the Association. “Reasonable access” for the purposes of 7 this section means: (a) The access to the new employee occurs within ninety (90) days of the 8 employee’s start date within the bargaining unit; (b) The access is for no less than thirty (30) minutes; 9 and (c) The access occurs during the new employee’s regular work hours at the employee’s regular 10 worksite, or at a location mutually agreed to by the District and Association. Bargaining unit 12 working hours. 16 A R T I C L E V 17 18 APPROPRIATE MATTERS FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION
Section 4.9. 45 The Association will be granted use of employee mailboxes for communication. An Association 46 representative may place notices in the individual mailboxes and may use District email to distribute 47 general notices. The Association accepts legal and fiscal responsibility for all contents. 1 ARTICLE V 3 APPROPRIATE MATTERS FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION
Section 4.9. 12 The President of the Association and his/her designated representative will be provided time off 13 without loss of pay to a maximum of six (6) days per year to attend regional or state meetings with the 14 purpose of these meetings is in the best interest of the District as determined by the District 15 Administration and the Association. The Association will pay for a substitute if a substitute is hired.
Section 4.9. 44 The Association will designate a conference committee of up to five (5) members who will meet with 45 the superintendent and/or designee on a mutually agreeable regular basis to discuss appropriate 46 matters. 1 ARTICLE V 3 APPROPRIATE MATTERS FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION
Section 4.9. Section 4.9 (Annual Budget) of the Partnership Agreement is hereby amended as follows:
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Section 4.9. 20 The District shall provide the President a current seniority list by November 1st of each year. The 21 Association shall have the opportunity to address any errors. 24 25 ARTICLE V 26 27 APPROPRIATE MATTERS FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION 28
Section 4.9. 42 Employees acting as Association representatives and conducting Association business shall do so only during 43 non-work time, (such as break time/lunch), except during grievance procedures as provided in Article XVII 44 herein. 47 48 1 ARTICLE V 2 3 APPROPRIATE MATTERS FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION
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