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To market means to sell or other- wise dispose of mushrooms in any channel of commerce.§ 1209.11 Mushrooms.Mushrooms means all varieties of cul- tivated mushrooms grown within the United States and marketed for the fresh market, or imported into the United States and marketed for the fresh market, except such term shall not include mushrooms that are com- mercially marinated, canned, frozen, cooked, blanched, dried, packaged in brine, or otherwise processed in such manner as the Council, with the ap- proval of the Secretary, may deter- mine.§ 1209.12 On average.On average means a rolling average of production or imports during the last two fiscal years, or such other period as may be determined by the Sec- retary.§ 1209.13 Part and subpart.Part means this mushroom pro- motion and research order and all rules and regulations and supplemental or- ders issued thereunder, and the term subpart means the mushroom pro- motion and research order.§ 1209.14 Person.Person means any individual, group of individuals, partnership, corpora- tion, association, cooperative, or any other legal entity.§ 1209.15 Producer.Producer means any person engaged in the production of mushrooms who owns or shares the ownership and risk of loss of such mushrooms and who pro- duces, on average, over 500,000 pounds of mushrooms per year. § 1209.16 Programs, plans, and projects.Programs, plans, and projects means promotion, research, consumer infor- mation, and industry information § 1209.17plans, studies, projects, or programs conducted pursuant to this part.§ 1209.17 Promotion.Promotion means any action deter- mined by the Secretary to enhance the image or desirability of mushrooms, including paid advertising.§ 1209.18 Region.Region means one of the described ge- ographic subdivisions of the production areas described in § 1209.30 (b) or as later realigned or reapportioned pursu- ant thereto, or the import region de- scribed in § 1209.30(c).§ 1209.19 Research.Research means any type of study to advance the image, desirability, safety, marketability, production, product de- velopment, quality, or nutritional value of mushrooms.§ 1209.20 Secretary.Secretary means the Secretary of Ag- riculture of the United States or any officer or employee of the Department to whom authority has heretofore been delegated, or to whom authority may hereafter be delegated, to act in the Secretary’s stead.§ 1209.21 State and United States.(a) State means any of the several States, the District of Columbia, and the Comm...
To market means to promote, distribute, sell,
To market means that the primary mission of marketing is taking things to market, “market(ing) to” means that the primary mission of marketing is identifying customers and marketing to them, and “market(ing) with” means that the primary mission of marketing is collaborating with customers to cocreate value.”

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  • To market price jobs, HRMD uses the most current approved job description in the HRMD files and other information obtained through appropriate job analysis.

  • To market a Human Pharmaceutical Products in Egypt, applicants must provide adequate information provided in each section to the Egyptian Drug Authority demonstrating that the product is safe and effective for the conditions prescribed, recommended, or suggested in the proposed labeling for the product.

  • To market and sell Distributor’s Restricted Keyways only to those sub-distributors and/ or locksmith customers who have been informed of and agree to be bound to Distributor’s Territory restrictions in Section 1 and Distributor’s obligations and liabilities under this section 3.

  • To market and promote the Services to you, including to communicate with you about products, services, special offers, evaluations, surveys, newsletters, invitations for conferences, events, and seminars, and promotions offered by iGrafx and others.

  • To market the property, including (i) organising a photographer to take pictures of the land and/or property; (ii) advertising the land and/or property on our website and on third party websites and social media; and (a) Identity (b) Contact Performance of our contract with you.

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To market means to consign or to sell or in any other manner transfer or convey title to, or any interest in, serum and/or virus in interstate or foreign commerce or so as to directly burden, obstruct, or affect interstate or foreign commerce, or to enter into any contract or arrange­ ment to do or have done any of the said acts.

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  • Flea market means a market place, other than a dealer's location licensed under this chapter, where a space or location is provided for a fee or compensation to a seller to exhibit and offer for sale or trade, motor vehicles to the general public.

  • Market means in any part of the world:

  • Small group market means the health insurance market under which individuals obtain health

  • Relevant Market means either the Upper Peninsula or the Lower Peninsula of this state.

  • OTC Market means any over-the-counter market or over-the-telephone market in any country in any part of the world, and in relation to any particular Authorised Investment shall be deemed to include any responsible firm, corporation or association in any country in any part of the world dealing in the Authorised Investment which the Manager may from time to time elect.

  • published market means, for a class of securities, a marketplace on which the securities have traded that discloses, regularly in a publication of general and regular paid circulation or in a form that is broadly distributed by electronic means, the prices at which those securities have traded;

  • Large group market means the health insurance market under which individuals obtain health

  • Farmers market means a marketplace which operates seasonally, principally as a common market for Iowa-produced farm products on a retail basis for consumption elsewhere.

  • Principal Trading Market means the Trading Market on which the Common Stock is primarily listed on and quoted for trading, which, as of the date of this Agreement and the Closing Date, shall be the Nasdaq Capital Market.

  • Margin Trading for CFD trading shall mean Leverage trading when the Client may make Transactions having less funds on the Client Account in comparison with the Transaction Size.

  • Target Market “Investment Areas”; and “Targeted Populations” have the meanings ascribed to such terms in 12 C.F.R. 1805.104.

  • Main Market means the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, which is part

  • OTC Markets means either OTC QX or OTC QB of the OTC Markets Group, Inc.

  • Regulated Market means any regulated market (as defined in Directive 2004/39/EC on markets in financial instruments).

  • Underlying Market means the relevant market where the Underlying Asset of a CFD is traded.

  • Trading Market means any of the following markets or exchanges on which the Common Stock is listed or quoted for trading on the date in question: the NYSE American, the Nasdaq Capital Market, the Nasdaq Global Market, the Nasdaq Global Select Market or the New York Stock Exchange (or any successors to any of the foregoing).

  • Primary Market means on any of (a) the American Stock Exchange, (b) New York Stock Exchange, (c) the Nasdaq Global Select Market, (d) the Nasdaq Global Market, (e) the Nasdaq Capital Market, or (e) the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (“OTCBB”)

  • Trading means and includes subscribing, buying, selling, dealing, or agreeing to subscribe, buy, sell, deal in any securities, and "trade" shall be construed accordingly.

  • OTC means Over-the-Counter.

  • Pink OTC Markets means the OTC Markets Group Inc. electronic inter-dealer quotation system, including OTCQX, OTCQB and OTC Pink.

  • Principal Market means the Nasdaq National Market, the Nasdaq SmallCap Market, the American Stock Exchange, the OTC Bulletin Board or the New York Stock Exchange, whichever is at the time the principal trading exchange or market for the Common Stock.

  • Marketplace means an online directory, catalog or marketplace of applications that interoperate with the Services, including, for example, the AppExchange located at xxxx://, the Heroku add-ons catalog located at xxxxx://, and any successor websites.