By Telephone Sample Clauses

By Telephone. When you trade by telephone your instructions to open or close a Position must be given to our trader during the same telephone conversation in which the quote was given. We have no liability to you if this telephone conversation is interrupted before we receive an instruction from you to trade on that quote; nor are we under any obligation to repeat the quote in a subsequent conversation.
By Telephone. Payments may be made by calling us at the customer service number located on the front of your monthly statement or by visiting the website specified on the front of your monthly statement. These payments will be credited as of the date received if we receive it by 5 p.m. Eastern Time and the payment is in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. financial institution. Payments received after 5 p.m. Eastern Time but that otherwise meet these requirements will be credited as of the next Business Day.
By Telephone. The Support Centre will endeavour to provide a solution by telephone. Where an Incident requires further investigation, the Support Centre may request copies of data, configuration files, screen shots of errors, database backups and other information to enable the Incident to be replicated, so that a solution may be found.
By Telephone. The Customer may call our Contact Centre on (+230) 202 9200 anytime as from 08:45 to 16:30 hrs. Bank One has a dedicated line (+230) 2029203 to take any feedback, complaints or suggestions, operational as from 08:45 to 16:30 hrs.
By Telephone. Toll-Free Hotline for Air Travelers with Disabilities 1-800-778-4838 (voice) 1-800-455-9880 (TTY)
By Telephone. Aviation Consumer Protection Division 202-366-2220 (voice) 202-366-0511 (TTY)
By Telephone. The Support Centre will endeavour to provide a solution by telephone. Where an Incident requires further investigation Clause 4.4.3 shall apply.
By Telephone if made on the telephone, upon being made. In the case of (a) above, any such notice or communication which would otherwise take effect after 4:00 p.m. in the place of the addressee on any particular day shall not take effect until 10:00 a.m. on the immediately succeeding business day in the place of the addressee.
By Telephone. Do not continue to use the Vehicle if (i) you believe, (ii) 833-787-7385 Ex.3 advises you, or (iii) the Vehicle owner’s manual states, that the Vehicle is no longer safe to drive. Unless you are expressly advised by us otherwise as a result of the condition of the Vehicle, you must return the Vehicle to the location at which you picked up the Vehicle. Subject to the foregoing, you can only end your trip in the exact same location where you picked up the Vehicle. Failure to end your trip in the pickup location without our consent may result in additional fees and/or fines due to towing and ticketing. For a list of associated fees due to unauthorized parking, please see the Rate Schedule. Where can I park during my trip? Any legal parking spot. Note, if you park in a paid parking location (including meters), you will be responsible for parking fees. Rental Rates Sedan 15 Min Hour Day Public $3.75 $15.00 $100 SUV 15 Min Hour Day Public $4.48 $17.95 $135 Registration Fees Registration 1 Time Fee Public $15/User Misconduct and Penalty Fees Unauthorized Driver Fee. In the event that you allow an unauthorized driver to operate an StratosShare Vehicle during any reservation period, you will be charged an “unauthorized driver fee” of $500 at StratosShare’s sole discretion plus any additional costs for repair and/or damages resulting from the breach of this Agreement. Payment of the unauthorized driver fee does not imply StratosShare’s Membership or insurance coverage for the unauthorized driver. An unauthorized driver shall mean any driver that is operating a vehicle under another user’s account, false credentials, false username and/or false legal name, with invalid or expired driver’s license.” Tow Fee and Out-of-Bounds Returns. If you park, abandon, or leave an StratosShare Vehicle without any battery charge or outside of our service area, thus requiring StratosShare to intervene on your behalf, you will be charged for the cost of towing the StratosShare Vehicle and any other costs associated with StratosShare’s intervention if . Such return fees may be applied if the StratosShare Vehicle is returned at the incorrect parking space within a garage or lot, a parking card is lost or a garage ticket improperly pulled, lights are left on resulting in a dead battery, or any other instance where a Member returns an StratosShare Vehicle negligently or improperly.” Misconduct Penalty Unauthorized Driver: Permitting anyone other than yourself to drive the StratosShare Veh...
By Telephone. 0800 389 8636 – giving details of the issue to a Simpson Associates support consultant. By email: – emails should contain all relevant contact information together with a detailed description of the issue. SCHEDULE 5‌ Data Protection