The Contractor shall Sample Clauses

The Contractor shall a) When requested by DNR, promptly provide the requested personnel and equipment for fire suppression operations or to be on standby for such operations.
The Contractor shall a. not use confidential information and documentation for any purpose other than fulfilling its obligations under the contract without prior written agreement of the contracting authority;
The Contractor shall. In respect of service from the Employee Transfer Date and at a date not later than one month prior to the Employee Transfer Date;
The Contractor shall. (a) process the Personal Data only in accordance with instructions from the Authority (which may be specific instructions or instructions of a general nature as set out in this Contract or as otherwise notified by the Authority to the Contractor during the Contract Period);
The Contractor shall. (a) keep a record of all Notifiable Events for at least 5 years from the date on which notice of the relevant event is given to the HSWA Regulator;
The Contractor shall. .1 Keep and maintain public records required by the school district to perform the service;
The Contractor shall. 4.1.1 at its sole expense supply and maintain in good working order all labour, equipment and other facilities necessary for the proper and timeous performance of the FEL Operation function on ArcelorMittal’s imports;
The Contractor shall. (a) notify the District promptly of any unauthorized possession, use or knowledge, or attempt thereof, of the District’s information in the possession of the Contractor, including but not limited to data processing files, transmission messages or other confidential information by any person or entity which may become known to the Contractor;
The Contractor shall. 1. Abide with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement by:
The Contractor shall. 1. Notify the Department of all job openings that exist or result from the Procurement Contract.