BACKGROUND Sample Clauses

BACKGROUND. 1.1. The “Work” is the research article, review article, letter, clinical trial study, report, article, or other copyright work, as identified in the Copyright Letter and further detailed in Schedule 1: Details of the Work (including such form of the copyright work submitted to Xxxxxxx Science for publication pursuant to clause 4, below), but excluding (except where context otherwise requires) any diagrams, figures or illustration specifically identified to Xxxxxxx Science pursuant to clause 3.2, below.
BACKGROUND. This document contains final regulations regarding the proposed amendments to 26 CFR part 1 under section 860E of the Internal Revenue Code (Code). The regulations provide the circumstances under which a transferor of a noneconomic REMIC residual interest meeting the investigation and representation requirements may avail itself of the safe harbor by satisfying either the formula test or the asset test. Final regulations governing REMICs, issued in 1992, contain rules governing the transfer of noneconomic REMIC residual interests. In general, a transfer of a noneconomic residual interest is disregarded for all tax purposes if a significant purpose of the transfer is to enable the transferor to impede the assessment or collection of tax. A purpose to impede the assessment or collection of tax (a wrongful purpose) exists if the transferor, at the time of the transfer, either knew or should have known that the transferee would be unwilling or unable to pay taxes due on its share of the REMIC's taxable income. Under a safe harbor, the transferor of a REMIC noneconomic residual interest is presumed not to have a wrongful purpose if two requirements are satisfied: (1) the transferor conducts a reasonable investigation of the transferee's financial condition (the investigation requirement); and (2) the transferor secures a representation from the transferee to the effect that the transferee understands the tax obligations associated with holding a residual interest and intends to pay those taxes (the representation requirement).
BACKGROUND. OIDF facilitates developing technical specifications and other documents related to digital identity. Contributor wants to participate in developing these technical specifications and documents under the terms of this Agreement.
BACKGROUND. Purchaser wishes to purchase a Revenue Sharing Note issued by the Company through (the “Site”).
BACKGROUND. The Local Health System Integration Act, 2006 requires that the LHIN and the HSP enter into a service accountability agreement. The service accountability agreement supports a collaborative relationship between the LHIN and the HSP to improve the health of Ontarians through better access to high quality health services, to co-ordinate health care in local health systems and to manage the health system at the local level effectively and efficiently. In this context, the HSP and the LHIN agree that the LHIN will provide funding to the HSP on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement to enable the provision of services to the local health system by the HSP. In consideration of their respective agreements set out below, the LHIN and the HSP covenant and agree as follows:
BACKGROUND. The Commonwealth has agreed to enter this Agreement under which the Commonwealth will provide the Grantee with a Grant for the purpose of assisting the Grantee to undertake the associated Activity. The Grantee agrees to use the Grant and undertake the Activity in accordance with this Agreement and the relevant Grant Details. Scope of this Agreement‌ This Agreement comprises:
BACKGROUND. The executed Board of Supervisors approved contract is the authorization for all aspects of payment, including the maximum amount to be paid, the payee, and the scope of services and work. Payments are made in strict accordance with the contract terms. Allowable costs are identified in referenced Uniform Guidance and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). ATTACHMENTS: Reimbursement Policy Status Form (RPS-1) POLICY: Contractor is responsible for the submission of accurate claims. This reimbursement policy is intended to ensure that the Contractor is reimbursed based on the code or codes that correctly describe the services provided. This information is intended to serve only as a general reference resource regarding OC Community Services’ and Housing & Community Development and Homeless Prevention reimbursement policy for the services described and is not intended to address every aspect of a reimbursement situation. Accordingly, OC Community Services and Housing & Community Development and Homeless Prevention may use reasonable discretion in interpreting and applying this policy to services provided in a particular case. Other factors affecting reimbursement may supplement, modify or, in some cases, supersede this policy. These factors may include, but are not limited to: legislative mandates and County directives. OC Community Services and Housing & Community Development and Homeless Prevention may modify this reimbursement policy at any time by publishing a new version of the policy. However, the information presented in this policy is accurate and current as of the date of publication. Cost incurred by Contractor must be substantiated and incurred during the contract period. Total of all reimbursements cannot exceed the amount of the contract. Cost must be allowable under applicable Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) or Uniform Guidance. All supporting documentation for reimbursement must be submitted with demand letter or invoice. If contract requires matching contribution, documentation substantiating contribution match must be submitted with demand letter or invoice. At any time, based on County’s business needs and/or Contractor’s performance, the County may designate Contractor to submit abbreviated or comprehensive documentation, as identified in the respective sections. Upon designation, Contractor will be notified, in writing via Reimbursement Policy Status Form, of which requirements are in full force. When Contractor is required to submit comprehe...
BACKGROUND. A. The Client is of the opinion that the Contractor has the necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide services to the Client.
BACKGROUND. In the normal course of its business, Ford Credit purchases retail installment sale contracts secured by new and used cars, light trucks and utility vehicles from motor vehicle dealers. In connection with a securitization transaction sponsored by Ford Credit in which the Issuer will issue Notes secured by a pool of Receivables consisting of retail installment sale contracts, Ford Credit has sold the pool of Receivables to the Depositor, who will sell it to the Issuer. The Issuer will engage the Servicer to service the Receivables. The parties agree as follows: