State Government definition

State Government means the Government of West Bengal;
State Government means the Government of the State of Punjab;
State Government means the Government of Maharashtra.

Examples of State Government in a sentence

  • Employment, currently or in the previous 3 years, as or by any registered lobbyist of the State government.

  • Let me acknowledge the Herculean task that Washington State government has presented to this Environmental Justice (EJ) Council.For decades Washington government has ignored complaints from minority communities who suffer from air and water pollution.

  • Continue to conduct national annual monitoring of wetlands and waterbirds through the Asian Waterbird Census (Malaysia) using a network of MNS volunteers and Federal and State government agencies.

  • Akwa Ibom State government should establish a single framework of action for a clear understanding of the purpose, direction and priorities of state-owned enterprises, which will enhance the coming together of private sectors, transnational agencies, and civil society groups that will work together to expand the industrial base of Greenwell Technology for higher productivity and service delivery.

  • In the event that CDA is informed of an audit by an outside federal or State government entity affecting the Contractor, CDA will provide timely notice to Contractor.

More Definitions of State Government

State Government means the Government of Himachal Pradesh.
State Government means “Government of Haryana”.
State Government means the Government of Uttar Pradesh;
State Government means the government of that State;
State Government means any government of a state of the Union of India, which has control over the Contract Area for the purpose of grant of Licenses/ Leases. In case the Contract Area covers more than one state, the State Government shall include all such governments of those states.
State Government means the Government of Bihar.
State Government means the Government of Assam;