State Government definition

State Government means “Government of Haryana”.
State Government means the Government of Maharashtra.
State Government means the Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Examples of State Government in a sentence

  • The existing mechanism of State Government portal for citizen’s grievances and enquires will also cover the Project.

  • The Order of the State Government dated 1.6.2014 has directed M/s V.

  • However, before the hotel could be handed over under Management Contract, instructions were received from the Ministry of Civil Aviation as per the Committee of Secretaries , Government of India, that the J&K State Government had indicated that since the land was leased to the Company by J&K Government, the Management Contract was not feasible.

  • Any entity which has been barred by the Central Government, any State Government, a statutory authority or a public sector undertaking, as the case may be, from participating in any project, and the bar subsists as on the date of the Proposal, would not be eligible to submit a Proposal either by itself or through its Associate.

  • The State Government shall lay the same before both the Houses of the State legislature at their next sessions.

More Definitions of State Government

State Government means Government of West Bengal.
State Government means the Government of Uttar Pradesh;
State Government means any government of a state of the Union of India, which has control over the Contract Area for the purpose of grant of Licenses/ Leases. In case the Contract Area covers more than one state, the State Government shall include all such governments of those states.
State Government means the Government of the State of Punjab;
State Government means the Government of West Bengal;
State Government means the Government of Madhya Pradesh.
State Government means the government of that State;