Other Communications Sample Clauses

Other Communications. Notwithstanding Section 26.01, the Parties agree that communications in the course of the routine administration of this Agreement may be sent to the specific contact(s) identified by the receiving Party from time to time. Xxxxxxx Resolution Life Insurance Company and TR Re, Ltd. Annuity Reinsurance Agreement
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Other Communications. Nothing in this Article shall preclude the parties from discussing issues of mutual concern outside the context of the Joint Labor-Management Committee.
Other Communications. An insured depository institution or affiliate is deemed to have knowledge of
Other Communications. You agree not to defame, or make any disparaging or untrue statements that are intended to cause harm to Symetra or any of its shareholders, directors or officers in any medium to any person or entity without limitation in time. Symetra shall control the timing, content and manner of any internal, external and media communication concerning the termination of your employment with Symetra.
Other Communications. In addition to the methods set out in Clause 16.1, any other communications between the Parties may be made by telephone or by email.
Other Communications. All communications given under this Agreement other than those Notices governed by Section 15.1 shall be given in a manner such that the communication is likely to be received in a timely manner by a responsible representative of the receiving Party.
Other Communications. Kohl’s shall have the exclusive right to communicate with Cardholders through direct mail (including through books, invitations, newsletters and postcards), e-mail, telephone messaging, text messaging and any other communication channel that Kohl’s deems appropriate. Kohl’s may communicate with Cardholders through these channels about any aspect of the Program, including the Value Proposition, and any other subject matter, in Kohl’s discretion, subject to Applicable Law. Notwithstanding the first sentence of this Section 5.3(c), Bank may communicate with Cardholders through any of the foregoing communication channels to carry out its obligations as may be required by Applicable Law. Bank shall give Kohl’s reasonable advance notice of any such communication required by Applicable Law. Bank shall consider in good faith the suggestions and concerns of Kohl’s regarding any such communication required by Applicable Law. In addition, the parties agree as set forth on Schedule 5.3(c) with respect to other cardholder communications.
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Other Communications. All other communications will be sent to the contact either (a) provided by the receiving Party or (b) identified in the course of the routine administration of this Agreement. Principal First Reinsurance Agreement Between Hartford Life Insurance Company and Swiss Re Life & Health America Inc. Effective July 24, 2008 <Page> Executed in duplicate by Executed in duplicate by HARTFORD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY SWISS RE LIFE & HEALTH AMERICA INC. on July 24, 2008. on July 24, 2008. BY: /s/ Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx BY: -------------------------------------- -------------------- NAME: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx NAME: TITLE: Senior Vice President & Chief Risk TITLE: Officer BY: /s/ Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx BY: -------------------------------------- -------------------- NAME: Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx NAME: TITLE: Assistant Vice President & Actuary TITLE: Principal First Reinsurance Agreement Between Hartford Life Insurance Company and Swiss Re Life & Health America Inc. Effective July 24, 2008 <Page> SCHEDULE A BUSINESS REINSURED FORM NUMBERS Guaranteed Income Benefit (GIB) rider forms: HL-VA02GLBR LA-VA02GLBR HL-VA04PF LA-VA04PF (and state variations thereto) Issued with Variable Annuity Contracts on the following contract forms: HL-VA99 LA-VA99 HL-VA00 LA-VA00 XX-XXXXXX00 XX-XXXXXX00 XX-XXXXXX00XX XX-XXXXXX00XX HL-NCDSC98 LA-NCDSC98 HL-NCDSC99PS LA-NCDSC99PS HL-NCDSC98DW LA-NCDSC98DW HL-VAXC99 LA-VAXC99 HL-ASHARE03 LA-ASHARE03 HL-NCDSC03 LA-NCDSC03 HL-VA03 LA-VA03 HL-VAXC03 LA-VAXC03 (and state variations thereto) Principal First Reinsurance Agreement Between Hartford Life Insurance Company and Swiss Re Life & Health America Inc. Effective July 24, 2008 <Page> SCHEDULE B DAILY REPORTING DATA REQUIREMENTS
Other Communications. Notwithstanding anything in this Section 9.2 or elsewhere in this Agreement to the contrary, the Borrowers agree that the Administrative Agent may make any material delivered by the Borrowers or on their behalf to the Administrative Agent, as well as any amendments, waivers, consents, and other written information, documents, instruments and other materials relating to the Company, any of its Subsidiaries or other Affiliates, or any other materials or matters relating to this Agreement, the Notes or any of the transactions contemplated hereby (collectively, the “Communications”) available to the Lenders by posting such notices on an electronic delivery system (which may be provided by the Administrative Agent, an Affiliate of the Administrative Agent, or any Person that is not an Affiliate of the Administrative Agent), such as IntraLinks, or a substantially similar electronic system (the “Platform”). The Borrowers acknowledge that (i) the distribution of material through an electronic medium is not necessarily secure and that there are confidentiality and other risks associated with such distribution, (ii) the Platform is provided “as is” and “as available” and (iii) neither the Administrative Agent nor any of its Affiliates warrants the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, sufficiency, or sequencing of the Communications posted on the Platform. The Administrative Agent and its Affiliates expressly disclaim with respect to the Platform any liability for errors in transmission, incorrect or incomplete downloading, delays in posting or delivery, or problems accessing the Communications posted on the Platform and any liability for any losses, costs, expenses or liabilities that may be suffered or incurred in connection with the Platform. No warranty of any kind, express, implied or statutory, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of third party rights or freedom from viruses or other code defects, is made by the Administrative Agent or any of its Affiliates in connection with the Platform. Each Lender agrees that notice to it (as provided in the next sentence) (a “Notice”) specifying that any Communication has been posted to the Platform shall for purposes of this Agreement constitute effective delivery to such Lender of such information, documents or other materials comprising such Communication. Each Lender agrees (i) to notify, on or before the date such Lender becomes a party to t...
Other Communications. The Union is permitted to use the Employers' intra-office mail for the purpose of providing information pertaining to Union business to bargaining unit employees. The Union's use of the Employer's facilities will be reasonable and limited to providing information that is necessary for the normal conduct of Union business.
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