Refer to Sample Clauses

Refer to. Where there is not a certified Hospice program available, regular Home Health Care Services benefits will apply. Refer to the Home Health Care Services/Home Intravenous Services and Supplies Section of this Agreement. Exclusion  Clinical Preventive Health Services This benefit has one or more exclusions as specified in the Exclusions section. We will provide Coverage for Clinical Preventive Health Services without any Cost Sharing at an age and frequency as determined by your In-network Practitioner/Provider. Clinical Preventive Health categories: Services Coverage is provided for services under four broadScreening and Counseling ServicesRoutine ImmunizationsAdult Preventive Services  Childhood Preventive Services  Preventive S rvices for Women
Refer to. What is Prior Authorization? Prior Authorization is a clinical evaluation process to determine if the requested Health Care Service is Medically Necessary, a Covered Benefit, and if it is being delivered in the most appropriate health care setting. Our Medical Director or other clinical professional will review the requested Health Care Service and, if it meets our requirements for Coverage and Medical Necessity, it is Authorized (approved) before those services are provided. The Prior Authorization process and requirements are regularly reviewed and updated based on various factors including evidence-based practice guidelines, medical trends, Practitioner/Provider participation, state and federal regulations, and our policies and procedures. A Prior Authorization will specify the length of time for which the Authorization is valid, which in no event shall be for more than twenty-four (24) months. You may revoke an Authorization at any time. A consumer or customer who is the subject of nonpublic personal information may revoke an authorization provided pursuant to this rule at any time, subject to the rights of an individual who acted in reliance on the authorization prior to notice of the revocation. Prior Authorization Is Required Certain services and supplies are Covered Benefits only if we Authorize them prior to the actual service or delivery of supplies. This does not apply to Benefits mandated by law. Authorization means our decision that a Health Care Service requested by your Practitioner/Provider or by you has been reviewed and, based upon information available, meets our requirements for Coverage and Medical Necessity, and the requested Health Care Service is therefore approved. If a required Prior Authorization is not obtained for services by Out-of-Network Practitioners/Providers, except for Emergency Care, the Member may be responsible for the resulting charges. Services provided beyond the scope of the Prior Authorization may not be Covered. Prior Authorization when In-network 
Refer to. “LCMs shall be normally closed: Specification for a time-out feature to be added to the CEBus Load Control Module A time-out feature will be added to the CEBus Load Control Module (LCM) such that the LCM will reconnect its shed loads automatically after a time-out period has elapsed, when the load has been shed with a CEBus context 57 “off” command. Specifically the following functions will be implemented in the CEBus Load Control Module.
Refer to. Gateway must communicate and interface with a minimum of two thermostats: Constraints:
Refer to. Anyone who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent claim for payment of a loss, or benefit or knowingly presents false information for services is guilty of a crime and may be subject to civil fines and criminal penalties. We may terminate your Coverage for any type of fraudulent activity. For further information regarding Fraud, refer to the General Provisions Section.
Refer to. If your Short Term Rehabilitation therapy is provided in an Inpatient setting (such as, but not limited to, Rehabilitation Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, intensive day-Hospital programs that are delivered by a Rehabilitation Facility) or through Home Health Care Services, the therapy is not subject to the time limitation requirements of the Outpatient therapies outlined in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage. These Inpatient and Home Health therapies are not included with Outpatient services when calculating the total  Exclusion accumulated benefit usage. Skilled Nursing Facility Care This benefit has one or more exclusions as specified in the Exclusions section.  Room and board and other necessary services furnished by a Skilled Nursing Facility are Covered and require Prior Authorization. Admission must be appropriate for your Refer to  Medically Necessary care and rehabilitation. Refer to your Summary of Benefits and Coverage for your visit limitations. Exclusion  Smoking Cessation Counseling/Program This benefit has one or more exclusions as specified in the Exclusions section.  Coverage is provided for Diagnostic Services, Smoking Cessation Counseling and
Refer to. Specification Section 05 12 23. Remove: references toSSPC-SP-6.” Replace With: “SSPC-SP-3.”
Refer to. Outpatient Medical services include reasonable Hospital services provided on an ambulatory (outpatient) basis, and those preventive, Medically Necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures that are prescribed by your In-network Practitioner/Provider. Authorization Section for services that require Prior Authorization. Refer to the Prior Refer to Outpatient services provided by Out-of-network Providers/Practitioners are not Covered except as provided in How the Plan Works, Eligibility and Enrollment, and Accidental Injury / Urgent Care / Emergency Health Services / Observation / Benefit Sections. Trauma Services Outpatient Medical benefits include, but are not limited to, the following services:  Chemoth rapy and radiation therapy - Chemotherapy is the use of chemical agents in the treatment or control of disease. ImportantInformationHypnotherapy (Limited) - Hypnotherapy is only Covered when performed by an anesthesiologist or psychiatrist, trained in the use of hypnosis when: o Used within two weeks prior to surgery for chronic pain management and o For chronic pain management when part of a coordinated treatment plan. Refer to  DialysisDiagnostic Services – Refer to the Diagnostic Services Section  Acute Medical Detoxification: detoxification Medically Necessary Services for Substance Abuse  Medical Drugs (Medications obtained through the medical benefit). Medical Drugs are defined as medications administered in the office or facility that require a Health Care Professional to administer. These medications include, all drugs and routes of Prior Auth Required administration provided or administered in an out-patient setting . They may involve unique distribution and may be required to be obtained from our specialty pharmacy
Refer to the telemetry radio’s manual for full compatibility details. The Pixhawk should now be connected to an external power source and wired to the telemetry radio. Connect the telemetry receiver to the computer and verify it is connected and that MAVLink 2 is still enabled. The telemetry radio requires changing the Baud Rate from the standard 115,200 to 57,600. To enable telemetry, navigate to “Config/Tuning (Software Config)” and “Full Parameter List”. There set “SERIAL1_PROTOCOL” to “2”. This will enable telemetry use by MAVLink 2. Refer to Ardupilot’s SiK documentation for trouble shooting setup information. Viewing Live Telemetry The Pixhawk will now send CAN bus messages. If it is not doing so, go back through the steps and verify all settings and parameters have been implemented. The Pixhawk initially looks for ESCs on the network before MAVLink 2 can connect. Allow up to 20 seconds for this process to complete. While connected to MAVLink 2 via the telemetry COM port, the ESCs’ live telemetry via “Flight Data” -> “Status” can be viewed numerically. Each ESC has numerous fields marked (escX_volt, escX_curr, etc) with X indicating the ESC’s ID. The fields indicate the ESCs’ voltage, current, rpm, and temperature. To view the telemetry graphically, click the “Tuning” checkbox, double click the empty graph, and then select up to ten parameters to populate the graph.