Small Businesses Sample Clauses

Small Businesses. Assistance to small businesses, including loans, grants, in-kind assistance, technical assistance or other services, that responds to the negative economic impacts of the COVID–19 public health emergency.
Small Businesses. Owner is an equal opportunity institution and as such, encourages the use of small businesses including women and minority-owned small businesses in the provision of construction related services. Small businesses should have a fair and equal opportunity to compete for dollars spent by Owner to procure construction-related services. Competition ensures that prices are competitive and a broad vendor base is available. Professional shall use good faith efforts to ensure opportunities are available to small businesses, including women and minority-owned businesses, on the Project.
Small Businesses. This chapter shall not be applied to any employer which is a business entity organized for profit, including but not limited to any individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture, association or cooperative, which entity:
Small Businesses. Comprising of businesses with an annual turnover (sales) of up to 50.000.000 ALL and up to 50 employees. The legal status of these businesses in general is Natural Person, “limited liability companies” (LTD). These companies have in general a simple organisational structure, a main director, who is normally also the owner of the company.
Small Businesses. For model years 2013 through 2020, vehicles and engines produced by small business manufac- turers meeting the criteria in 13 CFR 121.201 are exempted from the require- ments of this part. Qualifying small business manufacturers must notify EPA and NHTSA Administrators be- fore importing or introducing into U.S. commerce exempted vehicles or en- xxxxx. This notification must include a description of the manufacturer’s qual- ification as a small business under 13 CFR 121.201. Manufacturers must sub- mit this notification to EPA, and EPA will provide the notification to NHTSA. The agencies may review a manufacturer’s qualification as a small business manufacturer under 13 CFR 121.201.
Small Businesses. CONTRACTOR shall award grants to eligible businesses for eligible uses. Applications will be accepted by CONTRACTOR during a three-week period. After the three-week application period, businesses will be chosen to receive the grant funds on a lottery basis. Grants will be limited to one grant per business entity. Awardee must certify that grant funds received will only be used for eligible expenses connected to the COVID-19 emergency and not be spent on an expense that has been funded by any other funder. Awardee must also provide an IRS form W-9.
Small Businesses. There are no unique impacts to small businesses involved.
Small Businesses. At least * of the total amount paid by StarTek to suppliers of Third. Party Products and/or Services shall be attributable to Third Party Products and/or Services obtained from Small Businesses. For purposes of this section, "Small Businesses" shall mean those businesses that are classified as small businesses by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
Small Businesses i. Small businesses using the Center shall provide proof of business residency within the County by a verifiable business license issued by the County or a City within the County. In addition, small businesses must be qualified as a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (“CESQG”) according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. According to the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR 261.5), a CESQG is a generator (business owner) that meets the following criteria:
Small Businesses. Program Administrator shall approve grants to small businesses meeting the following Eligibility Criteria: