Main Sample Clauses

Main. As we agreed, this letter serves to clarify formally that Ciba no longer has rights to the listed cases, and, therefore, is no longer responsible for associated patent costs incurred after November 3, 1995. Thanks again. With best regards, /s/ XXXXXX X. XXXXX Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx, Ph.D. Director, Licensing cc: A. Main X. Xxxxx (with duplicate original) [UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LETTERHEAD] May 14, 1996 IN DUPLICATE Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Ph.D. Director of Licensing Ciba-Geigy Corporation 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Summit, NJ 07901 Re: Xxxxxx Portfolio Dear Xxxxxx: The purpose of this letter is to clarify that Ciba has no further rights in the following cases and will no longer be responsible for patent costs incurred after November 3, 1995. Upon request of The Regents, Ciba-Geigy Corporation will assign its interest in the co-owned case UC 92-383. Patent costs for UC 93-268 will be governed by our option agreement. XX Xxxx 00-000 Xxxxxx for Selected Methionine Starvation of Malignant Cells in Mammals UC Case 00-000 Xxxxxx for Detection of Methylthioadenosine Phosphorylase Deficiency in Mammalian Cells UC Case 92-296 Allergy Gene Immunotherapy and Cancer Gene Immunotherapy Projects UC Case 00-000 Xxxxxx for Reduction of Endotoxin Contamination of Plasmid Derived DNA UC Case 94-029 Compounds for Inhibition of Inflammation and Fibrosis UC Case 00-000 Xxxxx Suppressor Gene and Methods for Detection of Cancer, Monitoring of Tumor Progression and Cancer Treatment UC Case 96-114 Non-coding Regions of DNA Expression Vectors Necessary for Gene Immunization Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx, Ph.D. May 14, 1996 Please indicate your agreement with this by countersigning one original of this letter and returning it to me at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, /s/ XXXXX X. ASTON Xxxxx X. Aston Associate Director AGREED TO: CIBA-GEIGY CORPORATION /s/ XXXX MAIN /MJM Name: Xxxx Main Title: Senior Vice President, Research Date: 5/29/96 EXHIBIT B U.S. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS AND THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA COOPERATIVE TECHNOLOGY ADMINISTRATION AGREEMENT This Cooperative Technology Administration Agreement (“Agreement”) is made as of this 19th day of May, 2000, by and between the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (hereinafter referred to as “VA”), as represented by the Technology Transfer Program, Office of Research and Development, having an address at 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx X. X., Xxxxxxxxxx, D. C. 20420, and The Regents of the University of California, as represented by the Office of Technology T...
Main. For generating capacity that is located within the MAIN region and is part of the resources proposed to be used to meet an Annual Load Plan, Genco shall, to the extent it has the right to do so, require the operator(s) of such capacity to comply with all MAIN Guides and policies.
Main. The Hospital agrees to provide two (2) bulletin boards in mutually satisfactory locations for posting notices of Association activities. Such notices shall not be removed by unauthorized personnel. One such bulletin board shall be glass enclosed and provided by the Association local. The Hospital agrees to install the bulletin board at the Pharmacy location. Keys to the bulletin board will be kept with the President, and the Secretary. Such notices shall be submitted by the representative to the Office of the Vice-president Human resources or Vice- President Nursing for approval. There shall be no distribution or posting by nurses of pamphlets, advertising or political matter, cards, notices or any other literature on the property, except as herein provided. Care Centre The Hospital will provide at least one (1) bulletin board for the use of the Association.
Main. The Village has provided specific instruction for an open cut installation throughout the project route, with the exception of Harbour Way, which must be installed utilizing trenchless technologies. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx & Associates (CGA) shall serve at the Village’s Engineer of Record (EOR) for this project and shall certify the water main upon completion of construction. CMA shall provide Design, Construction Documents (Plans and Construction Cost Estimate), Permitting Support Services, Bid Assistance Services and very Limited Assistance During Construction, as follows: Project Limits: Park Drive from 00xx Xxxxxx to Xxxxxxx Avenue (approximately 5,000 LF) Project Description: • Abandon and grout fill the existing 16” water main in place and replace with approximately 5,000 LF of new 20” DIP (wrapped) water main along the project limits indicated above (and as per the attached Exhibit “B” – as provided by the Village) • Identify areas for pavement and driveway restoration and/or replacement • Address any required ADA ramp improvements and pavement signage/striping associated with the work as may be required by M-D PWD 0000 Xxxxx Xxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxx XX 00000 Phone: (000) 000-0000 Fax: (000) 000-0000 • Interconnection to the existing gate valve on the north side of 00xx Xxxxxx xx Xxxx Xxxxx. • Connection to the existing master water meter at the intersection of Park Drive and Xxxxxxx Avenue.
Main. Party A and Party B jointly establish an exclusive store in ----- city All merchandized products are of “XFL” series, varieties and prices of products are determined separately and outsourcing products must be determined by mutual consent.
Main. The only item of interest here is the proximity number this can be made large or small depending on the density or coarseness of the nodal points The resulting mesh is shown in Figure An important point to note about the mesh le is how the through the use of the tags the identity of the individual sub structure meshes is retained This is re ected in the di erent colors used in PlotMesh Mesh Smoothing An obvious feature of Figure is that the elements are not in a smooth proportion This is noticeable in the transition from the coarse rectangular mesh as well as in the transition of the radial mesh to the rectangular outer boundary This is a common occurrence in mesh generation however some of the obvious irregularities can and should be removed and GenMesh has a menu option that does that Note however that this will work only for D plane meshes in other words this would be useful before assemblage to the D structure Figure Compound mesh with smoothing Initiate GenMesh and choose the Re Map option C genmesh Chapter Model Building with GenMesh MAIN
Main. This is scaled to size Use PlotMesh to view this mesh it is the same as in the center section of Figure but is horizontal We will go through the mesh with a hole a little more in detail Initiate the program as usual and select the circular hole option C genmesh MAIN m
Main java To license an instance of the workbook, add the license key when an instance of workbook is created. Add the following code: var workbook = new Workbook("Your License Key");
Main differences between SEEA 2003 and SEEA 2012 The boundary between cultivated and non-cultivated timber resources in SEEA 2003 was based on the forest classes as defined by FAO. Hence, timber in primary forest was classified as natural or non-cultivated resources, while timber resources from other naturally regenerated areas and plantations were classified as cultivated. However, the rules by which different areas of forest land are differentiated may not align neatly with the production boundary of the SEEA or SNA. As an example, SEEA mentions some countries where large areas of planted forests that are not managed directly or where trees are left to grow until ready to harvest. These forests would be considered natural timber resources if following the SEEA production boundary; even though the term “planted forests” may immediately suggest a high level of economic activity. Furthermore, this approach cannot be used in the case of timber resources outside of forests, for example in orchards or in other wooded land (OWL). SEEA 2012 recognizes that the treatment of timber resources as either cultivated or natural depends on the applied management practices. The key consideration is that the processes involved in cultivation must constitute a process of economic production. Thus, given the potential for forestry management practices to vary considerably across countries, SEEA recommends that countries determine the status of their timber resources as being either natural or cultivated, based on application of the production boundary considerations. This change to a more flexible system allows accounting for timber coming from areas different from forests. Furthermore, it also gives countries the possibility to define a forest as cultivated/- non- cultivated, which better accounts for diverse management situation and reduces misinterpretations. SEEA 2012 removes the classification of forest land in cultivated/non-cultivated and also the division into available/not available for wood supply, which were included in the SEEA 2003. This change is aimed to clearly distinguish the timber account from that regarding land accounting. To clarify these aspects, SEEA 2012 includes some paragraphs to better explain the distinctions between these two accounts. The reason for removing these categories is to make a clear distinction between forest land and timber resources, emphasizing that forest land is not only a source of timber (and hence shouldn’t be classified only acc...
Main. The OR units shall be considered closed for temporary reassignment. Only trauma certified nurses will be assigned to trauma cases.