Construction Documents definition

Construction Documents means, collectively, the Uniform General and Supplementary Conditions; Owner’s Special Conditions and Specifications; and the Drawings, Specifications, details, Change Orders and other documents prepared by A/E, its consultants, and by Owner’s consultants, that describe the scope and quality of the Project and the materials, supplies, equipment, systems and other elements that are required for construction of the Project that are accepted by Owner.
Construction Documents means the plans, specifications, approved change orders, revisions, addenda and other information approved by the City, which set forth in detail the Work to be performed for a construction Project.
Construction Documents means the contract documents between the Owner and the Construction Lender pertaining to construction of the Apartment Housing.

Examples of Construction Documents in a sentence

  • All changes in the Work shall be performed under applicable conditions of the Construction Documents.

  • The General Contractor shall resolve all questions concerning the Construction Documents with the Professional who has prepared the documents.

  • If the designated portion of the Work was covered prior to a specific request by the City or the Professional that it remain uncovered, the General Contractor shall receive additional compensation for the costs of uncovering and replacement or modification of the Construction Schedule(s) only if the designated portion of the Work was in conformance with the Construction Documents.

  • The City hereby grants to the General Contractor a limited license to use and reproduce applicable portions of the Construction Documents necessary for execution of the Scope of Work.

  • Should the General Contractor furnish any approved goods, products, materials, equipment or systems different from or in addition to those required by the Construction Documents, which require supplemental materials or installation procedures different from or in addition to those required for specified items, the General Contractor shall provide such goods, products, materials, equipment or systems at no increase in the Construction Contract Price.

More Definitions of Construction Documents

Construction Documents has the same meaning as identified in UGC, Section 1.17.
Construction Documents means and includes all drawings, calculations, computer application software (programs), samples, patterns, models, operation and maintenance manuals, and other manuals and information of a similar nature prepared in relation to the Project.
Construction Documents means those deliverables to be provided by the Trade Contractor, which are necessary to complete the Trade Contractor’s Work, including, but not limited to, the Drawings and Specifications.
Construction Documents mean the Drawings, Specifications, and other documents issued to build the Project. Construction Documents become part of the Contract Documents when listed in the Contract or any Change Order.
Construction Documents means drawings, specifications and other documents setting forth in detail the requirements for construction of the Project, as well as the documents pertaining to bidding and contracting for the construction of the Project
Construction Documents means the final working drawings and specifications that set forth in detail the design and all of the requirements for construction of the entire Project, and must be approved by the Criteria Architect, the Judicial Council, and the DBE, if applicable. The Construction Documents provide the basis upon which the DBE shall bid the Project and are part of the design-build contract with the DBE.
Construction Documents are the plans and specifications prepared by the DP for each Project Scope, approved by the Owner, and incorporated into the Agreement by reference after such approval, to be used to construct each Project Scope. All amendments and modifications to the Construction Documents must be approved by the Owner prior to incorporation into the Agreement.