Basement Sample Clauses

Basement bulkhead doors. Replacement or repair of basement bulkhead doors and installation of basement bulkhead doors not on the front elevation.
Basement. Seller will remedy conditions of water actually trickling through walls or seeping through the floors for one (1) year. Should a water trickling or seepage problem occur, Seller shall correct the problem in whatever manner it deems appropriate in its sole discretion including, but not limited to, the installation of a sump pump. It is not possible to keep concrete from cracking, due to the nature of the material. Shrinkage cracks are not unusual and are inherent in the curing process. Seller shall not be required to repair any cracks in foundation walls, unless they are greater than ¼” in width or they are actually allowing water to leak into the basement. In such even Seller shall repair such non-structural cracks that are not leaking by surface patching. Seller shall repair cracks that are leaking by injecting a water-proofing material into the crack. Damp basement walls or floors in a new Unit is common and is typically caused by condensation. Seller shall not be responsible for the installation of a dehumidifier that may be necessary to reduce such condensation. Seller shall not be responsible for leaks caused by improper landscaping installed by Buyer and/or the Wenham Pines Condominium Trust (the “Trust”) or by the failure of the Buyer and/or the Trust to maintain positive drainage away from the foundation. Leaking caused by rainfall greater than three inches in one occurrence, or by the equivalent in melting snow is excluded from the provisions of this Limited Warranty.
Basement. The Purchaser acknowledges that the basement of the Dwelling unit will undergo an initialdrying outperiod. The Purchaser covenants and agrees to defer finishing all or any part of the basement until at least one (1) year after the Closing Date.
Basement. 1. Close open-air louvres and make weather-tight @ alley side of plan.
Basement. The basement floor has two smaller rooms, the Library and the Meditation room, suitable for small groups or counselling; and one large training room which is approximately 420sqft.
Basement. In view of the above assignment of the lease, the first partyXXXXX XXXXXINTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME AND COMPANY O.E.”, as the sublessor, and the third party “VELTI SOFTWARE & SIMILAR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME”, as the “sublessee” of the above horizontal properties, which shall be referred to hereinafter as “the leased property”, namely the horizontal properties of the Second (B) floor of the Second Building, as shown on the attached ground plan of the Second floor, and the aforementioned thirty (30) passenger car parking spaces in the Third (C) basement of the Second Building, as shown under the above numbers on the attached ground plan of the Third (C) basement of the Second Building, hereby codify the terms and conditions of the sublease agreement dated 20/10/2004, as it has been amended and is in force, which shall govern their relationship from now on, as follows:
Basement. Installation or repair of concrete basement floor in an existing basement provided no historic materials are damaged.
Basement. Concrete formed brick Painted to match siding (except if siding is brick)
Basement. Any leaks or evidence of moisture?  Yes  No  Unknown  Does Not Apply Comments: