AT&T Sample Clauses

AT&T. 22STATE shall not be liable to CLEC, its End User or any other Person for any Loss alleged to arise out of the provision of access to 911 service or any errors, interruptions, defects, failures or malfunctions of 911 service.
AT&T. 22STATE shall not be liable to CLEC for any fraud associated with CLEC’s End User account, including 1+ IntraLATA toll, ported numbers, and ABT.
AT&T. 22STATE shall not compensate any Third Party Local Exchange Carrier and/or Telecommunications Carrier for any traffic that is inappropriately routed to AT&T-22STATE (as reflected in the LERG). The obligation to correctly route traffic also includes traffic that is destined to End Offices that do not subtend an AT&T-22STATE Tandem. Any compensation due AT&T-22STATE for such misrouted traffic shall be paid by OE-LEC. AT&T-22STATE shall provide notice to OE-LEC pursuant to the Notices provisions of this Agreement that such misrouting has occurred. In the notice, OE-LEC shall be given thirty (30) calendar days to cure such misrouting.
AT&T. 22STATE shall have no obligation to attempt to obtain for CLEC any Intellectual Property right(s) that would permit CLEC to use any 251(c)(3) UNE in a different manner than used by AT&T-22STATE.
AT&T. 22STATE will file a copy of the fully executed Amendment with the FCC under 47 U.S.C. § 211.
AT&T. 22STATE will provide message detail to CLEC in data files, (a File Transfer Protocol or Connect:DirectNDM”), or any other mutually agreed upon process to receive and deliver messages using software and hardware acceptable to both Parties. In order for the CLEC to receive End User billable Records, the CLEC may be required to obtain CMDS Hosting service from AT&T or another CMDS Hosting service provider.