Submitted By Sample Clauses

Submitted By. Xxxxx Xxxxx General Manager Public Works Department PREPARED BY: Xx XxXxxxx (000) 000-0000, Ext. 4819 Xxx XxXxxx General Manager Planning and Economic Development Department Xxxx Xxxxxxxx (000) 000-0000, Ext. 7045 SIGNATURE: RECOMMENDATION
Submitted By. Board of Selectmen Commentary: This article will fix the annual compensation for elected Town Clerk, while the actual funding takes place in omnibus budget funding to follow.
Submitted By. Xxx-Xxxx Xxxxx General Manager, Community Services Department PREPARED BY: Xxxx X. Xxxxxxxx 905.546.2424, ext. 3967 SIGNATURE: RECOMMENDATION
Submitted By. Signature of Submitter: was signed on IEEE Member No: 05572953 Date: _18 July 97 Name: Xxx Xxxxx Title: IEEE 802 LMSC Spon Chair Company: Texas Instruments 0000 Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Dallas TX 76243 - 6332 USA Telephone: +0 000-000-0000 FAX: +0 000-000-0000 email: DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE Signature IEEE Officer: was signed by Xxx Xxxxxxx on Date:16 Sept. 1997 Title: V.P. Standards Revised: Supplement to a High Speed Wireless LAN PHY PAR
Submitted By. Name: ----------------------------- Title: ---------------------------- Date: ----------------------------- -------- 1 Insert amount equal to sum of (i) $22,500,000, plus (ii) seventy-five percent (75%) of all cumulative consolidated Net Income of the Company after December 31, 1997, PROVIDED, that for purposes of this clause (ii) only positive consolidated Net Income shall be included and any net losses shall be disregarded, plus (iii) seventy-five percent (75%) of the net proceeds of any public offering or private placement by the Company of shares of capital stock of the Company. Such amount may be adjusted pursuant to terms of the Credit Agreement with the written approval of the Agent.
Submitted By. OPTIONEE: ----------------------------------- Name: Address:
Submitted By. Any party. When Submitted: When the parties have agreed to settle prospective vocational rehabilitation services.
Submitted By. Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Name (printed) Signature 2/23/2021 Managing Member Date Title
Submitted By. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Acting Associate Director, Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research Office of Science, DOE 1/) ) )~I) Date Concurred by: Donmd((/~.O=- Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs National Nuclear Security Administratiot{J' ~~~ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx Director, Office of Science U.S. Department of Energy APf£j5,bt) Xxxxxx X. X' Xxxxxxxx \ Under Secreta " for Nuclear Security & . - Administra r National N clear Security Administration ~;" , S en X. Xxxxxx Under Secretary for Science U.S. Department of Energy Date Date Date Date