Associate Director definition

Associate Director means the Associate Director of the Plant Services Division.
Associate Director means the associate director of the
Associate Director means any asso- ciate director of the Division of Super- vision and Consumer Protection (DSC) or, in the event such title become obso- lete, any official of equivalent author- ity within the division.

Examples of Associate Director in a sentence

  • The proposed risk management results may not be edited unless prior communication has taken place with the Western ERME Center and approval has been received from the Center’s Director or Associate Director.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxx Associate Director, HFSB Program The University of Texas MD Xxxxxxxx Cancer Center XX Xxx 000000 Xxxx 000 Xxxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 Re: Historically Underutilized Business Plan for (Project Title) Project Number: Dear Xxx.

  • If you have questions regarding the crimes covered by this disclosure requirement, you may refer to the definition of sex crimes included in ORS 163A.005 or contact the Associate Director, Residence Life, Systems and Services.

  • Connor, Associate Director for Policy and Analysis, Office of Secondary Market Oversight, Farm Credit Administration, McLean, VA 22102–5090, (703) 883–4280, TTY(703) 883–4056; orRebecca S.

  • Johnson Director Associate Director and Senior Vice President - Fidelity Management & Research Company George A.

More Definitions of Associate Director

Associate Director means a person appointed to perform specific statutory and non-statutory duties which have been delegated by the Trust Board for them to perform and these duties have been recorded in an appropriate Trust Board minute or other suitable record.
Associate Director means a Director invited each year by the Directors and approved by the Members to serve the common interests of the industry.
Associate Director means an employee of the Corporation holding the position of associate director;
Associate Director or "Director" or "Division Xxxx" or "Regional Manager" denotes the administrator directly responsible for the management of a faculty employee's division.
Associate Director means anyone employed by the Company who performs the duties set forth in Section B. of Article 2 hereof in connection with television programs as defined in Paragraph 6. hereof, or in connection with any closed circuit specified in Paragraph 6. hereof, or in connection with any commercial, and same may be referred to herein as "Employee."
Associate Director means a person appointed as an associate director under rule 21; “Auditor” means the auditor of the Company from time to time;
Associate Director means any associate director of the Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection (DSC) or, in the event such title become obsolete, any official of equivalent authority within the division.