MASONRY Sample Clauses

MASONRY. 4.1 Storm Shelter Area/Tornado Protection: In new building construction, provide lateral and vertical bracing in the walls around the employee toilet rooms. DIVISION 5 – METALS
MASONRY. Includes such testing as prism tests, mortar cube, grout tests, water infiltration.
MASONRY. Amount Walls in two skins described as "bagged and sealed" shall be deemed to include having the outer face of the inner skin bagged with 1:6 cement and sand mixture and sealed with two coats "Brixeal" bitumen emulsion waterproofing coating.
MASONRY. A. Area of Concern: Cracks in mortar joints between brick and stone. Standard: Cracks that do not exceed an average of 1/8 inch in width are to be expected due to normal expansion and contraction of the materials, provided that such cracks should not result in bricks or stones coming loose.
MASONRY. Cement Masonry shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following work procedures and installation of the following materials:
MASONRY. 04000 - General Contractor shall provide labour and materials pertaining to masonry work as required and as specified herein, while complying with all applicable building codes. 04100 – Walls All cracks or defects should be repaired and sealed leaving all ready to receive paintwork. The edges of the repair must be cut square. Cut out all cracks to a minimum depth of ¼ inch. Brush off all dust with clean water and thereafter apply mortar repair to all defective masonry areas including for reforming joints to match existing profile. DIVISION 07. ROOFING 07000 - General Contractor shall provide labor and materials pertaining to thermal and moisture protection work as specified herein, while complying with all applicable building codes.
MASONRY. Stone used in masonry shall be regular field, river or quarry stone of approved quality, free from seams and other defect. All masonry stone shall be kept slightly moist at the time of use. Stone used for masonry shall be two-thirds of the wall thickness. Round stone will be permitted only in limited amount in combination with angular stone and shall not be used in walls having a thickness less than forty (40) cm.
MASONRY. For preambles see "Model Preambles for Trades (2008 Edition)" and Supplementary preambles as specified in the Trades. Quantity Rate
MASONRY. Broker(s) make no representations as to the stability and/or structural conditions of fireplace(s), fireplace chimneys, and/or block walls, on or adjacent to, the subject property. Buyer is advised to conduct their own physical inspection to determine exact condition of same.
MASONRY. Seller will repair cracks in mortar joints more than 3/8". Pointing or patching is acceptable, and color variation in new mortar might occur, due to no fault of Seller.