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TO NOTE. Unless and until a NASF is signed by a Framework Client and the Framework Member, all discussions between a Framework Client and the Framework Member, regarding the provision of the Services by the Framework Member shall be treated as non-contractual and shall not create binding obligations on the parties. Once the NASF has been signed, by both parties (Framework Client and the Framework Member), this constitutes the contract and no further contract documentation is required. The Framework Member shall comply with all obligations under this Framework Agreement and the Confidentiality Agreement, which is available to download from the How does the Pricing work? Pricing has been established with the Framework RFT Competition for the Technical Services Framework for Open Data and Data Management. The prices are fixed for the duration of the Framework. The pricing provided by the Framework Members is commercially sensitive. However, in order to provide you with an overview of the pricing, a pricing document is available in the Buyer Zone within the Pricing Details section The purpose of this pricing information is to provide Framework Clients with a summary of the pricing that was tendered for entry to the Framework and to allow Framework Clients the opportunity to budget accordingly. Frequently Asked Questions
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TO NOTE. 1. Payable in one payment of all outstanding principal plus all accrued unpaid interest on August 13, 1997. In addition, Borrower will pay regular monthly payments of all accrued unpaid interest due as of each payment date beginning September 13, 1996, and all subsequent interest payments are due on the same day of each month thereafter.
TO NOTE. With regards to the 'Static strength test' and 'Thermal test', the laboratory used the 'usable volume' of the BBT, as defined in point 5.11.1 of EN 12221-2, that is, the BBT was filled with water to 10 mm from the lowest point of the rim and not the whole volume of the BBT.
TO NOTE. This Amendment No. 1 to Second Amended and Restated Specialized Equipment Export Facility Master Revolving Note (“Amendment”), is made, delivered, and effective as of June 30, 2015 (the “Effective Date”) by and between MANITEX LIFTKING, ULC, an Alberta corporation (“Borrower”) and Comerica Bank, a Texas banking association (“Bank”) in order to amend the US$3,000,000 Second Amended and Restated Specialized Equipment Export Facility Master Revolving Note (Multi-Currency) dated November 13, 2013, made by Borrower to Bank (“Note”). For valuable consideration, Borrower and Bank agree as follows:
TO NOTE. This Amendment to Note (“Amendment”), made, delivered, and effective as of October 18, 2007, by and between MANITEX LIFTKING, ULC (“Borrower”) and COMERICA BANK (“Bank”).
TO NOTE. The stars placed in the timeline indicate when a final, physical deliverable is due to Fort Bend County Public Transportation. * VRA has estimated a one (1) week (five [5] business days) review period for Fort Bend County Public Transportation to review the draft deliverable and make any necessary / preferred changes. ** Depending on the severity of requested changes, VRA’s editing period could last from 3-5 business days. VRA has assumed a five (5) business day period for this timeline. *** Once the brand audit has been completed: If a rebranding is suggested, and should Fort Bend County Public Transportation agree to move forward with that task, the timeline is unpredictable. The three (3) months shown above references VRA’s timeframe for creating three (3) logo designs, allowing for a two (2) week client review period, and a one (1) week edit for the final logo. However, due to the number of approvals a public agency would need to finalize a new brand, this task could extend out to last upwards to six (6) months.
TO NOTE. It should be noted, these particulars are for guidance purposes only and are only intended to give a summary of the opportunity at Chepstow and does not constitute part of an offer or contract. All persons view the property entirely at their own risk and Cadw will accept no liability for loss, damage or injury howsoever caused. All descriptions, dimensions, images etc. contained in this document and/or given through discussions with Cadw are given as indications without responsibility and any interested parties should not rely on them as statements or representations of fact but must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of each of them. Cadw reserves the right not to accept any expression of interest received and does not bind itself to accepting the highest financial offer. Prospective Operators are encouraged to make their own enquiries in respect of any necessary planning requirements for the intended use. Cadw reserves the right of not having to accept any offer received for Chepstow mobile catering unit. All expressions of interest must be sent to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xxxxx to be received not later than 26th February, 2023. Also, please visit our website xxxxx://
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TO NOTE. Direct charges to the CCT’s customers by the service provider shall not be permitted. ANNEXURE A – VALIDATION OF MUNICIPAL ACCOUNT NUMBER NOTE: Should this validation change during th tenure of the contract it will be for the cost of the Service Provider. The City of Cape Town’s 3rd party receiver account number, as listed on the municipal account (and imbedded in the barcode), is made up of a leading “9” (could change in future), a 4-digit receiver ID (1555-this might change) which is unique to, and identifies the City, a nine-digit Customer account number (has its own CDV as shown below for information purposes) and a CDV in the 15th character. AN EXAMPLE OF THE MUNICIPAL NINE DIGIT ACCOUNT NUMBER: 209200641 Adding the current prefix of 91555, which could change, and the Check Digit Validation at the end makes it a 15-digit number. CDV for municipal account number DRAFT Given the 15-digit number drop the first and the last digits (1555209200641) and starting from the last digit and working to the first, multiply each digit in an odd number position by 2, subtracting 9 if the product is larger than
TO NOTE. The Service Provider and its Collectors must ensure the validation of the full 15-digit number or the embedded 9 digit number at point of transaction. ANNEXURE B Payment transaction file format and Transmission is outlined below. NOTE: Should the file format change during th tenure of the contract it will be for the cost of the Service Provider. This file format has a fixed record length. Each file starts with a header record and ends with a trailer record. Between the header and trailer there are any number of transaction records, each of which is followed by a payment record and any number of tender records. Each record starts on a new line. The header contains a file generation number which will start at 1 and be incremented by 1 for each file generated. The purpose of this number is to prevent files from being processed more than once, or out of sequence. The trailer is used to determine whether the file is complete. DRAFT Each record contains a record byte check which is the sum of the ASCII values of each of the first 74 bytes multiplied by the character position in the record. This serves to prevent modification of any one record. The record byte checks are used to detect tampering and/or transmission errors. Negative payments should never be included in the file. In the layout below the record type is indicated as follows: N = numeric X = alphanumeric Fixed values are marked with an asterix (*). Where a specific justification (left-/right-) and/or padding with 0’s is necessary, this is explicitly stated. File naming convention: Each payment transaction file should be named as follows: POSmmm.nnn where mmm is a Point of Sale number supplied by CCT, and nnn is a sequence number corresponding to the last 3 digits of the file generation number in the file header. This sequence number must increment by 1 per file generated and clock round at 999. Header record (01) The CCT is a receiver of payment files – Its Receiver Identifier appears in the header record and currently have a value of 1555, which might change. Other information required is described in the table below. Field Name Type Size Description/Value Record Identifier N 2 01* Date Processed N 8 yyyymmdd File Generation Number N 6 Increment by 1 per file generated; right-justified; left padded with 0’s Receiver Identifier N 4 1555* (This might change) File Version Number N 2 04* Deposit Slip Number N 12 Determined according to formula in Annexure C.1 Filler X 40 blank Record Byte Check N 6 Calcu...
TO NOTE. This Amendment No. 1 to Note (“Amendment”), is made, delivered, and effective as of July 1, 2010 by and between Nexx Systems, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Borrower”) and Comerica Bank, a Texas banking association (“Bank”) in order to amend the $5,000,000 Term Note dated June 25, 2010, made by Borrower to Bank (“Note”). For valuable consideration, Borrower and Bank agree as follows:
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