Medical Treatment definition

Medical Treatment means examination and treatment by a Legally Qualified Physician for a condition which first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment.
Medical Treatment means treatment advice or consultation by a Legally Qualified Physician.
Medical Treatment means the application or prescribing of any therapeutic agent or remedy for the relief of foot ailments, except the medical treatment of any systemic disease causing manifestations in the foot.

Examples of Medical Treatment in a sentence

  • Medical treatment and good compliance were associated with a statistically better prognosis.

  • Medical treatment in a case where no medical treatment was need- ed for the injury or illness before the event or exposure, or a change in the course of medical treatment that was being provided before the event or ex- posure.(2) With respect to a railroad em- ployee, one or more days away from work, or days of restricted work, or days of job transfer that otherwise would not have occurred but for the event or exposure.

  • Medical treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder is a Covered Health Care Service for which Benefits are available under the applicable medical Covered Health Care Services categories in this Certificate.Benefits for outpatient services at an Emergency room are provided as described above under Emergency Health Services.

  • Medical treatment accidents as mentioned in the first subsection, litera c, means personal injury requiring treatment or examination by a doctor, or where treatment is provided under the guidance of a doctor, for example minor surgery, stitches or use of prescription medicines.

  • X (7) Installation service facilities: “Use of Motor Pool and Agency Consolidated End-user Services (ACES)” X (8) Medical treatment of a first-aid nature for Contractor personnel injuries or illnesses sustained during on-site duty.

More Definitions of Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment means examination and treatment by a Physician.
Medical Treatment means the management and care of a patient for the purpose of combating disease, injury, or disorder. Restrictions on activities are not considered treatment unless the primary purpose of the restrictions is to improve the worker’s condition through conservative care.
Medical Treatment means that term as defined in section 5653 of the public health code, 1978 PA 368, MCL 333.5653.
Medical Treatment means and include all emer- gency medical treatment, medical procedures, hospitalization or other care rendered to PARTICIPANT in connection with or resulting from his/her participation in EVENT.
Medical Treatment means treatment, other than first aid, administered by a physician or registered professional personnel under standing orders from a physician.
Medical Treatment means medical, surgical or rehabilitative treatment (including any course or diet or other regimen), and references to a person receiving or submitting to medical treatment are to be construed accordingly;