Same Rights Sample Clauses

Same Rights. Any Subsidiary of Energizer shall have the same right to use and exploit the Licensed Trademarks as Energizer. Each such Subsidiary that exercises such right shall be bound by, and shall comply with all of the terms and conditions of, this Agreement as though it were “Energizer”, hereunder, but Energizer, as applicable, shall at all times remain responsible for all use or other exploitation of the Licensed Trademarks, under this Agreement by such Subsidiary.
Same Rights. Any Affiliate of CRC shall have the same right to exploit the Oxy Owned Software, Oxy Owned Operations IP, Supply Chain Documentation, and Licensed Patents as CRC. Any Affiliate of OPC shall have the same right to exploit the CRC Owned Data and Documentation as OPC. Each Affiliate that exercises such right shall be bound by, and shall comply with all of the terms and conditions of, this License Agreement as though it were “CRC” or “OPC,” as applicable, hereunder, but CRC or OPC, as applicable, shall at all times remain responsible for all Use or other exploitation of the Oxy Owned Software, Oxy Owned Operations IP, Supply Chain Documentation, Licensed Patents or CRC Owned Data and Documentation, as applicable, under this License Agreement by such Affiliate.
Same Rights. Upon conversion of this Note into Interests, the Partnership shall ensure that the Holder is given the same rights with respect to such Interests as those granted to the similarly situated purchasers of Interests in the Qualified Financing.

Related to Same Rights

  • Use Rights The Use Rights in effect when Customer orders Software will apply to Customer’s use of the version of the Software that is current at the time. For future versions and new Software, the Use Rights in effect when those versions and Software are first released will apply. Changes Microsoft makes to the Use Rights for a particular version will not apply unless Customer chooses to have those changes apply.

  • License Rights The rights granted herein in favor of each Service Recipient are in the nature of a license and shall not create any leasehold or other estate or possessory rights in Shared Real Property, and if the license granted under this Article III expires or is terminated, the Service Recipient shall vacate the Shared Real Property, and any occupancy or activity of the Service Recipient thereafter in the Shared Real Property shall be considered a trespass.

  • Exclusive Rights Enter into or amend any agreements pursuant to which any other party is granted exclusive marketing or other exclusive rights of any type or scope with respect to any of its products or technology;

  • Rights Granted The Author hereby grants to the Publisher the perpetual, sole and exclusive, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable and unlimited right to publish, produce, copy, distribute, communicate, display publicly, sell, rent and/or otherwise make available the Contribution in any language, in any versions or editions in any and all forms and/or media of expression (including without limitation in connection with any and all end-user devices), whether now known or developed in the future, in each case with the right to grant further time-limited or permanent rights. The above rights are granted in relation to the Contribution as a whole or any part and with or in relation to any other works. Without limitation, the above grant includes: (a) the right to edit, alter, adapt, adjust and prepare derivative works; (b) all advertising and marketing rights including without limitation in relation to social media; (c) rights for any training, educational and/or instructional purposes; and (d) the right to add and/or remove links or combinations with other media/works. The Author hereby grants to the Publisher the right to create, use and/or license and/or sub-license content data or metadata of any kind in relation to the Contribution or parts thereof (including abstracts and summaries) without restriction. The Publisher also has the right to commission completion of the Contribution in accordance with the Clause "Author’s Responsibilities – Delivery and Acceptance of the Manuscript" and of an updated version of the Contribution for new editions of the Work in accordance with the Clause "New Editions". The copyright in the Contribution shall be vested in the name of the Author. The Author has asserted their right(s) to be identified as the originator of the Contribution in all editions and versions, published in all forms and media. The Author agrees that all editing, alterations or amendments to the Contribution made by or on behalf of the Publisher or its licensees for the purpose of fulfilling this Agreement or as otherwise allowed by the above rights shall not require the approval of the Author and will not infringe the Author's "moral rights" (or any equivalent rights). This includes changes made in the course of dealing with retractions or other legal issues.

  • Sublicense Rights Wherever in this Agreement either Party is granted the right to grant sublicenses (including granting to sublicensees the right to grant further sublicenses for the purposes of having Licensed Compounds or Abandoned Profile Licensed Compounds made) which is subject to this Section 4.3, then, in the case of Novartis, Novartis may exercise such right without obtaining the prior approval of Infinity and, in the case of Infinity, Infinity must obtain the prior approval of Novartis with respect to any sublicense pursuant to (a) Section 4.2.1, and (b) Section 4.2.3 other than any sublicense to (i) a Controlled Contractor or (ii) any Affiliate or Third Party if Novartis does not exercise its opt-in rights pursuant to Section 2.3 on or before the end of the relevant Pivotal Opt-In Period, and otherwise need not obtain Novartis’ prior written approval; provided that any sublicense granted under this Agreement occurs pursuant to a written agreement that subjects such sublicensee to all relevant restrictions and limitations in this Agreement. Except as otherwise agreed to by the Parties in writing, each Party shall be jointly and severally responsible with its sublicensees to the other Party for failure by its sublicensees to comply with, and each Party guarantees the compliance by each of its sublicensees with, all such applicable restrictions and limitations in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • Veto rights A Member which can show that its own work, time for performance, costs, liabilities, intellectual property rights or other legitimate interests would be severely affected by a decision of a Consortium Body may exercise a veto with respect to the corresponding decision or relevant part of the decision.

  • USAGE RIGHTS 3.1 The Licensee, subject to clause 6 below, may:

  • Registration Rights; Rights of Participation Except as described on Schedule 2.1(r) hereto, (i) the Company has not granted or agreed to grant to any Person any rights (including "piggy-back" registration rights) to have any securities of the Company registered with the Commission or any other governmental authority which has not been satisfied and (ii) no Person, including, but not limited to, current or former stockholders of the Company, underwriters, brokers or agents, has any right of first refusal, preemptive right, right of participation, or any similar right to participate in the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or any Transaction Document.

  • Exclusive Right Recognizing that the Union is required by the provisions of the State of Minnesota Labor Relations Act to be the sole bargaining representative of all the employees within the coverage of this Agreement, without regard to membership in the Union, the District hereby agrees that it will not recognize nor negotiate with any other person, association group, committee or entity other than the Union with respect to such matters and will deal solely through the agency of and with the Union.

  • Trade Rights Schedule 5.15 of the Disclosure Schedule lists all Trade Rights of the type described in Section 1.2(d) which are or were used, held for use, or acquired or developed for use in the Business, or developed in the course of conducting the Business or by persons employed in the Business, specifying whether such Trade Rights are owned, controlled, used or held (under license or otherwise) by Company, and also indicating which of such Trade Rights are registered. All Trade Rights shown as registered in Schedule 5.15 of the Disclosure Schedule have been properly registered, all pending registrations and applications have been properly made and filed and all annuity, maintenance, renewal and other fees relating to registrations or applications are current. To our knowledge, the Purchased Trade Rights and the rights acquired by Buyer pursuant to the Patent Assignment and Cross-License and Trademark License Agreement provide Buyer with all of the Trade Rights necessary in order to conduct the Business as such is currently being conducted. To our knowledge, Company is not infringing and has not infringed any Trade Rights of another in the operation of the Business, nor is any other person infringing the Trade Rights of Company. Company has not granted any license or made any assignment of any Trade Right listed on Schedule 5.15 of the Disclosure Schedule, nor does Company pay any royalties or other consideration for the right to use any Trade Rights of others. There are no inquiries, investigations or claims or litigation challenging or threatening to challenge Company’s right, title and interest with respect to its continued use and right to preclude others from using any Trade Rights of Company. To the best of the Company’s knowledge, all Trade Rights of Company, with the exception of patent and trademark applications, are valid, enforceable and in good standing, and there are no equitable defenses to enforcement based on any act or omission of Company. With respect to patent and trademark applications, all such applications are in good standing.