Work Sample Clauses

Work. The definition of work, for overtime purposes only, includes:
Work. All labor, materials, and services necessary to produce the construction of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents, including the entire construction or the various separately identifiable parts thereof. Work includes and is the result of performing or providing all labor, services, and documentation necessary to produce such construction, and furnishing, installing, and incorporating all equipment, fixtures, and supplies into such construction, all as required by the Contract Documents.
Work. 1.1 CONTRACTOR shall complete all work as specified or indicated in the Contract Documents. The CONTRACTOR shall furnish all of the material, supplies, tools, equipment, labor and other services necessary for the construction and completion of the WORK as described in the bid documents.
Work. 3.1 Pursuant to the provisions of this Contract, the Contractor shall fully perform, complete and deliver on time, all tasks, deliverables, services and other work as set forth in herein.
Work. Contractor shall provide the Work described in this Agreement, including the Statement of Work and the Specifications. Except as set forth in the Statement of Work, Contractor is responsible for providing all facilities, materials and resources (including personnel, equipment and software) necessary and appropriate for delivery of the Work and to meet Contractor's obligations under this Agreement.
Work. 1.01 Contractor shall complete all Work as specified or indicated in the Contract Documents. The Work is generally described as follows:
Work. The Work shall include, without limitation, all labor, materials, apparatus, supplies, services, facilities, utilities, transportation, manuals, warranties, training, and the like, necessary for the Contractor to faithfully perform and complete all of its obligations under the Contract.
Work. (i) the Work will be rendered with promptness and diligence and will be executed in a workmanlike manner, in accordance with the practices and professional standards used in well-managed operations performing services similar to the Work; (ii) Contractor will use efficiently the resources or services necessary to provide the Work; and provide the Work in the most cost efficient manner consistent with the required level of quality and performance; (iii) the Work will be provided free and clear of all liens, claims, and encumbrances; (iv) all Work will be free from all defects in materials and workmanship, and will be in accordance with Specifications, Documentation, Applicable Laws, and other requirements of this Agreement; and (v) all equipment purchased by the JBE from Contractor will be new. In the event any Work does not conform to the foregoing provisions of this Section 3.12, Contractor shall promptly correct all nonconformities.
Work. All labor, materials, equipment, components, appliances, supervision, coordination, and services required by, or reasonably inferred from, the Contract Documents, that are necessary for the construction and completion of the Project.
Work. Customer hereby engages Flextronics to perform the work (hereinafter “Work”). “Work” shall mean to procure Materials and to manufacture, assemble, and test the TRIA Beauty Laser Hair Removal System and any other products as mutually agreed by the parties in writing (hereinafter “Product(s)”) pursuant to detailed written Specifications. The “Specifications” for each Product or revision of the Product shall include, but are not limited to, xxxx of materials, designs, schematics, assembly drawings, process documentation, test specifications, current revision number, and Approved Supplier List as updated from time to time by the customer in writing. The Specifications as provided by Customer and included in Flextronics’s production document management system and maintained in accordance with the terms of this Agreement are incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit 2.1. This Agreement does not include any new product introduction (NPI) or product prototype services related to the Products. In the event that Customer requires any such services, the parties will enter into a separate agreement. In case of any conflict between the Specifications and this Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail.