Paragraph 2 definition

Paragraph 2. A committee of teachers representing all buildings and curriculum areas and working in cooperation with the district leadership team shall be formed prior to the end of the school each year to plan the in-service activities for the next school year.
Paragraph 2. Meetings to exchange ideas, offer suggestions, discuss policies and other subjects of mutual interest between the Board and/or its representatives and the Association and/or its representatives may be held at mutually agreeable times and places as agreed to by the above named parties.
Paragraph 2. All cases not specifically defined in these regulations shall be subject to a ruling of the Board. Full deduction shall be made for unapproved absences and absences in excess of the accumulated total of sick leave days. Deductions shall be made on the basis of the teacher's daily rate of pay.

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  • Any part or all of a payment by NSAQMD to Participant, which is not utilized for any reason by Participant to pay costs pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement or as detailed in a claim by Participant, shall be refunded to NSAQMD within 30 days after the end of the project term defined in Paragraph 2 above.

  • The obligations of this Agreement, which by their nature would continue beyond the termination on expiration of the Agreement, including without limitation, the obligations regarding Indemnification (Paragraph 2), Ownership of Documents (Paragraph 9), and Conflict of Interest (Paragraph 16), shall survive termination or expiration for two (2) years.

  • Xxxxxxx agrees that it shall expend the funds granted hereunder only for the purposes of continuing the Project authorized in Paragraph 1 above and to perform the Services described in Paragraph 2 above.

  • Within the scope of this Agreement, as defined in Paragraph 2, this Agreement, Exhibit “B” (the Software List), and the Authorized EULAs constitute the entire agreement between the Parties and supersede all other prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, or discussions, whether oral or written.

  • If the survey, which shall be certified by the registered surveyor, shows any gaps, overlaps, encroachments, or other survey related defects on the Property, the same shall be treated as a title defect and handled in accordance with Paragraph 2.

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Paragraph 2. In those instances where a teacher's infraction of rules or delinquency in professional performance is not at that time of such consequence that it may affect the teacher's employment status, the Board, or its administrators, may institute the following informal disciplinary procedure:
Paragraph 2. Many school related activities, by necessity, are carried on outside regular school hours and require staff help in addition to administrators. The supervision and work assignment necessary above supplemental contracts will be worked out cooperatively by administrative staff and the teaching staff. The building administrator will prepare and publish the duty schedule necessary to cover activities. The administrator shall make a good faith effort to fill the supervisory assignments* with competent volunteers from within the building. The administrators shall make a good faith effort to fill the non-supervisory assignments with competent volunteers from the employees of the district and residents of the district. Ticket takers and crowd supervision are positions that are supervisory. When a teacher is scheduled for a duty schedule but cannot fulfill it, then a teacher may ask the administrator for permission to seek a volunteer who will constitute a replacement. The teacher should give the administrator in charge the name of the substitute six hours in advance of the activity scheduled. If such volunteers are not secured, teachers may be assigned to the schedule. *Supervisory assignments are those assignments, which require special skills or supervision of students.
Paragraph 2. New tax-deferred annuity companies must sell at least five new policies in order to be established in Unified School District #261. Paragraph 3: Annuity contracts between the teacher, the Board of Education, and a qualifying annuity company may become effective at any time during the year provided the payroll department is supplied with the necessary and required authorization on or before the payroll cutoff day of the month such contracts are to become effective.
Paragraph 2. New Teacher Contract Days: Teachers new to the district will work two additional contract days and will be compensated at the rate set forth in the salary schedule for the standard contract year.
Paragraph 2. A full semester's experience shall count as one year of experience. Full semesters taught in two different years shall be combined for one-year credit. Paragraph 3: A certified teacher must be employed five-tenths contract or more to qualify for longevity pay credit. Paragraph 4: Longevity Pay: After three (3) consecutive years with U.S.D. 261 a teacher will be eligible to receive longevity pay of $500, to increase by $25 per year for each year of service thereafter.
Paragraph 2. A teacher who desires a change in grade or subject assignment for the following year within his or her building should file a written statement of such desire with the building principal.
Paragraph 2. A contract addendum shall provide for compensating the teach- er in an amount equal to his/her daily rate for each full day. Partial days shall be compensated by a prorated amount.